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ScanBay II Application Training

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1 ScanBay II Application Training
Version: 6.40 December 2006

2 Back ground information
Two systems in use DSS, three versions for: US / Canada dealer channel UK dealer channel Australian dealer channel ScanBay II: Used for all distributors Germany / Austria Snap-on Benelux dealer channel Some other tools divisions as Eurotools, Japan and Mexico

3 ScanBay II Principles ScanBay II is a medium that gives the possibilities to purchase the latest software for the Scanner anywhere at any time.

4 ScanBay II Concept Web based ScanBay II Software application on PC
ScanBay Interface to program the cartridges

5 ScanBay II Web Server Latest ScanBay II application including:
USB ScanBay drivers System files for Cartridges Master.ini (Euro, US and Australian) Menu structure All available modules (P/N and Description) Latest software modules VCS (Vehicle Communication Software) TS (Trouble Shooter)

6 ScanBay II Web Server Invoice interface
The web sends the following info to the AS 400 for invoicing: Customer account no ScanBay User ID Part Numbers Net Prices Sends confirmation of each purchase

7 ScanBay II Web Server Databases Pricing database Product database
Bundles and other configurations all have a P/N that is invoiced Users Discount, user ID, Password, Business unit, etc. Cartridge Licensed modules and demo status Sales history

8 ScanBay II Web Server Business units Each business unit has:
Each user is linked to a business unit in the Each user is linked to a Kings Lynn Account number Each business unit has: His own products / bundles His own pricing

9 ScanBay II Software: The ScanBay II application software comes on a CD for initial installation, all updates, ScanBay II application and Software modules for VCS and TS are automatically available via the internet. All the software is installed on the C drive in the program folder including the Downloaded Software modules.

10 ScanBay II software: Instantaneous updates via internet for:
ScanBay II Program VCS / TS modules Multiply users on one Kings Lynn account number Convenient billing: Customer order number reference Price confirmation confirmation of order Flexible Pricing structure

11 The installation CD has to be ordered separately:
ScanBay Hardware ScanBay hardware is the module that can program the Scanner cartridges (EMB, PVCI and TSI) and is connected to a PC via the USB interface EAK0253B31A SCANBAY USB KIT The installation CD has to be ordered separately: 3-1332H10K1 ScanBay II CD V8.1

12 ScanBay II Capabilities
Programs VCS modules to PVCI and EMB cartridges Enable / disable VCS modules on preloaded PVCI cartridges Program TS modules on to a TSI and EMB Cartridge ScanBay II application software is available in English, Spanish and German language

13 Hardware Recognition ScanBay II will automatically recognize hardware (PVCI/TSI/EMB) and the software modules that are available for these cartridges. EMB cartridge with EMB VCS and TS modules PVCI cartridge with PVCI VCS modules TSI cartridge with TSI TS modules

14 PVCI / TSI Size 1 MB = 8 Mb 64 MB 48 MB
The size of the:* PVCI is 512 Mb, 64 slots TSI is 384 Mb, 48 slots Mb is Mega bits MB is Mega Bytes *There are no smaller sizes available as with the EMB 64 MB 48 MB 1 MB = 8 Mb The EMB was available in 32 Mb, 128 Mb and 256 Mb 4 MB MB MB

15 PVCI / TSI Serial numbers
Each cartridge has a S/N on the outside of the cartridge. But ScanBay II works with a internal electronic ID For TSI For PVCI

“Empty” PVCI’s are available from the factory pre-programmed with all modules,in a single language These modules are disabled. So they are not visible in the Scanner.* These PVCI’s are used for the repair procedure *When no module is activated on the PVCI the scanner gives error “ini file missing or corrupt!”

17 ScanBay II system requirements
Windows 1998, 2000 or XP CD-ROM and USB port Internet explore 5 or higher Minimum 250 Mb hard drive space Internet connection from starting the program until purchasing the software.

18 USB ScanBay Installation
First install the software. After the software installation is completed the USB ScanBay can be connected to the PC. Ignore the Windows message new hardware found!

19 ScanBay II installation
See also operators manual The CD is autorun If not start setup.exe on CD-ROM It will first install (This program runs in the background) ScanBay II software installation.

20 ScanBay II installation
Always log on as an administrator! Other ways it gives problems when logging on as an other user.

21 First start up 1 Activation code a standard code: D72J-DS92-VBG2

22 First start up 2 User ID is locked to Kings Lynn account no.
Each purchase is registered in ScanBay II database with user ID User ID is on invoice address will be used for order confirmation . You can add 2 address. The should be separated by ; for example:

23 ScanBay II administrator
Has access to the ScanBay II Data bases on the web. For user accounts administration: User ID’s with password. Demo cartridge registration Order history. Use:

24 First start up 3 Leave proxy server always off, only in a very view cases it is necessary. Can always be changed later in the settings.

25 Start-Up Always make sure you have internet connection
See separate document for Proxi server users First thing ScanBay II is checking is Business unit the user belongs too and status (Release or Beta).

26 ScanBay II software updates
During each time running ScanBay II the program looks for new ScanBay II application software on the internet. An update could be mandatory.

27 ScanBay II info update During the second stage of ScanBay II start up it is downloading information from the internet needed to run ScanBay II correctly.

28 ScanBay II main screen Available Bundles / modules Cartridge contents
Web pages Four buttons to run the complete program. Make purchase Program Cartridge Home key for web pages Toolbox / options Advised Street price indication

29 Toolbox / options When no cartridge is in ScanBay II then some menu points are not selectable. User manual: PDF file from the operators manual Not updated with latest changes see for this separate released Service Bulletins Cartridge details list.

30 Toolbox / options Register new purchase is not used only when an not known cartridge is added. (See next slight) Enter a new license key, (Not used) in this a license key can be entered that is given by the administrator in case of no internet connection.

31 Unrecognized cartridge
When inserting an Cartridge a pop up screen “Unrecognised Cartridge” comes up then it is never been registered ScanBay II. Don’t fill something in and press continue, the cartridge will be added into the ScanBay II database. When there was software modules loaded on the cartridge they will not be known in the ScanBay II database. See Service Bulletin 1079 for more details

32 Toolbox / options Update Cartridge system files
This menu is to do a manual update of the cartridge system files. This is automatically done: when inserting a cartridge is this feature is switched on in the options. (Don’t use this option to save time.) done during programming a PVCI for the modules that are updated! done after formatting a Cartridge

33 Toolbox / options This menu option enables you to format a cartridge.
This option should only be used when you want to remove unrecognised modules from the cartridge or when the cartridge is not working correctly inside the Scanner.

34 Toolbox / options About screen shows you the versions of the ScanBay II software installed on your PC

35 Toolbox / options In the Option screens you can change the ScanBay configuration. In the first tap the user details can be changed

36 Toolbox / options In the Application settings you can change:
Pages to be skipped can be set Languages to show in module available window

37 New Settings After Upgrade
Network Settings Don’t use Language Settings Select the preferred ScanBay II application language Programmer Settings Not used anymore Always Apply First And Then Ok.

38 Available bundles / Modules
There are two taps: Bundles Individual modules Default you see the latest versions. You can also select all versions

39 Available bundles / Modules
Dark Green are the VCS Bundles / Modules Light Green are the TS Bundles / Modules Shopping trolley: Ghosted if no modules are selected for purchasing

40 Available bundles / Modules
Language flag Availability Hard drive Internet Licensed (yes / no) Slots required

41 Web Database What is licensed on a cartridge is info from the Web database ScanBay II doesn’t look to what is on the cartridge. So Upgrades Updates info is done via Web database When data is lost then ScanBay II doesn’t know it anymore. Factory synchronisation Lost data from repair centre See SB-1079

42 Bundles: A method of selecting and programming multiple modules at one time is done via the Bundles. The Bundles tap shows the available bundles. It is the default page shown at start-up. The Modules tab is the page where the individual modules are displayed. The purchase criteria for Bundles are the same as for modules and the Bundle will take into account purchased licenses for each individual module.

43 Bundles / Modules The particular Bundles / Modules that are displayed depend on business unit settings on the ScanBay II Web server and language settings within ScanBay II application.

44 Available modules Trouble Shooters, US and Australian Modules are only available via Bundles so they will not be displayed as individual modules.

45 Split Modules Some of the brands are split in model year coverage for example Mercedes: This is done because of different program languages. The old model years are programmed in the an old language (Legacy) and the new model years are programmed in a new language (VAT) which will be used in the future. Old modules will be moved to the new programming language so that they will be one file for each brand in the future.

46 Split Modules ScanBay II Application recognizes these brands and handles them accordingly: Includes the lower version automatically by new purchases Updates the lower version by upgrading to the new version if applicable Programs both versions Purchases of upgrades and new split modules are seen as one module.

47 Split Modules You can recognize these new split modules in the ScanBay II application on the orange colour of these modules.

48 Split Modules In the confirmation the lower versions that are included are mentioned as included. ScanBay II Transaction Details: Customer Order Number: Account Number: User ID: arnold Comment: Test12 Cartridge ID: ED A ED Product Description: X2 VCS S/W LICENSE Module Part Number: G10B0 Includes Module Part Number: F20B0 Module Part Number: E10B0 Includes Module Part Number: D50B0 End of mail.

49 TSI programming TSI programming :
When programming a TSI you have to read and understand the following warning: In order for a TSI Troubleshooter module to operate correctly , a corresponding VCS(vehicle communication software) module (of the same language) is required.

50 TSI programming

51 TSI programming Corresponding means: Same language Same brand
And the VCS version must be equal or higher in version as the TS version

52 Cartridge contents window
Memory slot status Shows direct if new modules are available Programming button: Ghosted when there is nothing to program The displayed order doesn’t reflect the order on the cartridge, it is displayed in Alfa numeric order. See cartridge details list in the tools menu for more info.

53 memory status bar It is always the same length, the light green bar gives the percentage that is used When adding more modules than that can fit at the end of the bar there will be a flashing white spot.

54 non-activated modules
non-activated modules are visible in grey. These modules can be moved from the cartridge in the same way you add modules to the cartridge. By selecting the grey non-activated modules in the cartridge contents window and move them to the left with the left arrow.

55 Other Cartridge Details Screen Statuses
ScanBay not connected Insert cartridge

56 Web pages Business info page: Home Button: Module info pages
Administrator can give info and links to ScanBay users Module info pages Home Button: To get back to Business info page.

57 New / Upgrade / Update ScanBay II can recognize the difference: New:
An new sales is when a module is never purchased before for this Cartridge. New price will be charged Upgrade: An Upgrade is when we have added new models or systems. The version numbers changes according to the whole number before the decimal point. E.g. 5.2 to 6.1. Upgrade price will be charged.

58 New / Upgrade / Update Update:
An Update is software in which we repaired bugs. The version is recognizable by a change of version number after the decimal point. E.g. 5.5 to 5.6. With this new SCANBAY II™ software this is free of charge. Note: US versions number are different and are these rules not applicable

59 Pricing ScanBay II has flexible price structures. Pricing can be defined by business unit and the system has been configured to offer attractive prices when purchasing or upgrading to product bundles. A number of “price points” have been set up, so if the customer is ordering 3 makes, 5 makes or All Makes, they will get more attractive pricing than if they were ordering singles. The greatest value price is the All Makes Bundle. An upgrade price will be offered even if just one module exists on the cartridge.

60 Inserting a Cartridge ScanBay II will check the cartridge details in the ScanBay II server on. Demo status Licensed modules Eventually Available pop up screens Not recognised Cartridge Invalid cartridge

61 Recognition of corrupted PVCI’s
A PVCI can be corrupted if it is removed from the ScanBay programmer during programming. A PVCI can also be corrupted in the Scanner itself. When a PVCI is corrupted it seems as if the PVCI is empty and it has a different, wrong Electronic ID. We have now devolved a system that recognizes corrupted PVCI’s. This system will prevent you from buying licenses and carrying out any further programming. The warning you get is:

62 Recognition of corrupted PVCI’s
In some cases you can repair a corrupted PVCI in ScanBay II. Select “Update Cartridge System Files” from the toolbox menu. After updating these files you must remove the PVCI from the ScanBay programmer and reinsert it again. Wait long enough that ScanBay II can recognise that you removed the PVCI. When it is repaired ScanBay II will now recognise the cartridge again. It could be that all modules are deactivated, grey. If this is the case, they need to be reprogrammed. The licences should still be there for this PVCI. If this procedure does not work, then the cartridge needs to be repaired in our repair centre. See Service Bulletin SB 1086 for detailed information about this repair procedure.

63 Purchasing Wizard The total advised street price (For distributors the IS list price) is shown on the main screen. This is updated automatically each time when changing the configuration on the screen by selecting modules for programming. The advised street price is based on particular business unit set-ups and it differentiates between New Buys and Upgrade prices.

64 Purchasing Wizard 330,00 € Continue shopping, if you want to make changes to the selected modules Go to check out, guides you through the purchase wizard

65 Purchasing Wizard 330,00 € Before confirming the purchase you can check the invoice and add your order number / Customer reference.* *only use ascii characters, others as ß, ü, ä etc. will be replaced by under scores "_"

66 Confirmation Email Customer order number Cartridge ID Date of purchase
Advised street price per product and total Purchased products including description and modules


68 Programming preparation
Move them to the cartridge by: Selecting the arrow Drag and drop Select programming 330,00 €

69 Programming wizard

70 US Domestic and Asian VCS and TS Bundles
You can now upgrade cartridge’s that contain US software. This depends on the business unit settings on ScanBay II server. Please note: Individual modules cannot be programmed: only a full bundle can be installed. Note: Snap-on Diagnostics does not support a mixture of European, US or Australian software modules on one PVCI. A warning message will be displayed if different types of modules are mixed. Snap-on will not provide support for PVCIs that contain mixed modules.

71 US Domestic and Asian VCS and TS Bundles
Note: If you have older cartridges that have mixed modules on them, you should split them into different cartridges and format this cartridge before continuing.

72 WORK-AROUND PVCI’s or TSI’s that contain a black/red label will not be recognised by ScanBay II. To solve this problem see SB 1079 on how to add it to the ScanBay II database and to get an upgrade price invoiced instead of a new buy. Further there will be some unknown modules. To remove them you have to format the cartridge as descript before. Do this only after you saved the cartridge details text file to be able to get an upgrade price!

73 Australian Asian VCS Bundle
You can now upgrade cartridge’s that contain Australian Asian software. This depends on the business unit settings on ScanBay II server. Please note: Individual modules cannot be programmed: only a full bundle can be installed.

74 PVCI Defrag A PVCI Defrag will take automatically place in the Scanner the first time after it is programmed in ScanBay II. This can take up to 5 minutes. The defrag will start automatically when: A legacy module (i.e. EOBD or AFL) is selected for the first time. After a vehicle is selected in a VAT module. A VAT module shown in orange in ScanBay II. During defrag, it looks that the scanner is locked. There fore we advise that you do this before delivering the PVCI to the customer. Note: After programming a cartridge, please check that the cartridge contains the software that is programmed on it by removing it from the ScanBay programmer and re-inserting it. You should also test it in a Scanner.

75 User Notes 1 Never remove the Cartridge when the LED on the ScanBay is on. This can hang-up the ScanBay application When inserting a cartridge it can take a few seconds*, depending on the internet connections to the ScanBay server. *sometimes this can take longer then a view seconds up to 2 minutes.

76 User Notes 2 When programming a PVCI it will always mention slot 1.

77 User Notes 3 When purchasing new modules only select the latest version of each brand / language. When selecting two versions of the same brand / language booth will be charged. 3X new will be invoiced OK

78 Demo Cartridges With ScanBay II we can register Demo EMB, PVCI, TSI Cartridges Everything will be the same as normal in ScanBay II but purchases will not be invoiced.

79 Demo Cartridge rules Demo EMB, PVCI, TSI Cartridge’s must not be sold
Demo cartridge must marked as Demo Demo Cartridges need to be set up in the database by the ScanBay administrator. The ScanBay administrator will evaluate the request and inform you with the out come: Accepted Not accepted

80 Demo Cartridge request
When you request to set-up a Demo EMB, PVCI or TSI Cartridge you should give the following info by Electronic ID of EMB, PVCI, TSI cartridge Hardware S/N of EMB, PVCI, TSI cartridge Distributor / Subsidiary name Salesman / demonstrator name that is using the EMB, PVCI, TSI Cartridge *PVCI ID is characters

81 Tips for Mobile use Use GPRS / UMTS (G3) on data transport is charged
Load at home the large files as ScanBay application program updates 1.8 Mb New software modules VCS 0,5 Mb TS max 3 Mb Each time starting up ScanBay II 310 Kb is downloaded

82 ScanBay II Website See for more info:

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