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Wildlife Lighting Certification Program

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1 Wildlife Lighting Certification Program
Lucas Davis Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Imperiled Species Management

2 Light Pollution The majority of Florida’s human population resides along its sandy coastlines. Lights from coastal homes, condominiums, hotels, restaurants and other business kill tens of thousands of threaten and endangered sea turtles each year. There is not substitute for a naturally dark habitat. Where artificial lighting is absolutely required for safety and security it is imperative that the appropriate lighting fixtures, shields and lamps are used. The Wildlife Lighting Certification Program which began around 7 years ago, is a cooperative effort between the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designed to educate the members of the public, the building industry, and government officials how to minimize adverse impacts to wildlife by using proper lighting methods. 

3 Status of Program 120 certified fixtures and bulbs prior to 2012
150 fixtures and bulbs tested in 2012 Tested products from over 30 different companies 70 certified fixtures and bulbs from 2012 testing

4 Certification Process
So how do we know which fixtures and lamps to use to benefit people AND nesting sea turtles – FWS and FWC have developed the Wildlife Friendly Lighting Certification Process which certifies appropriate fixtures and authorizes the use of The Wildlife Lighting Logo. Keep it Low Fixtures must be able to be mounted as low as possible and still be appropriate for the needed purpose Keep it Shielded Fixture must meet or exceed full cut-off Fixture must be able to shield bulb, lamp, or glowing lens from the beach, wildlife corridor, or protected natural area when mounted appropriately Keep it Long Bulb must produce only long wavelength light (560 nm or longer) In order to meet the criteria for Wildlife Lighting, a fixture, lamp, or community lighting must be able to satisfy all three of the conditions Submit – Test – Work with manufacturers to meet criteria – Certify

5 Certification Process

6 General Use Requirements
Step Light would have a maximum mounting height of 24 inches for the ground floor only. Bollard would have a maximum mounting height of 42” and equiped with a 180 to 270 degree beach side shield.

7 Obstacles Increased reliance on certified fixtures
Changes to lighting industry Improper use of Wildlife Lighting Logo Increased reliance on certified fixtures by federal, state and local governments. Leads to an increased interest in getting “Certified” for a wide variety of projects. Industry is changing everyday and we need to be educated and aware of these changes in order to ensure our criteria for approval is current with today's technology.

8 Changes to Lighting Industry
LED improvements High intensity applications Thermal management Color characteristics

9 Changes to Lighting Industry
Expiration date for certified products

10 Meeting Wavelength Criteria

11 Meeting Wavelength Criteria
560 (mW/nm) LEDs are high-brightness and available across the visible, ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. Wavelength (nm)

12 Improper use of the Wildlife Lighting Logo
Request a copy of certification letter or certification number Contact FWC Unfortunately this logo was not copyrighted and has been used on inappropriately with approved and unapproved fixtures. Approved fixtures webpage and cut sheets are required to only show the special options (i.e., shielding and lamping options) that meet the Wildlife Lighting criteria in order to display the Wildlife Lighting logo. We are in the process of updating and copyrighting a new logo.

13 Moving Forward Improving the testing procedures for meeting wavelength criteria Formalize technical criteria Explore alternative testing avenues Depth of recess, wall wash, horizontal/vertical photometrics to assess glow

14 For more information, please email us at:
Lucas Davis Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Imperiled Species Management Phone:

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