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Employee Service Awards February 12, 2013 Board of County Commissioners Employee Service Awards Todays honorees are recognized for outstanding service.

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2 Employee Service Awards February 12, 2013

3 Board of County Commissioners Employee Service Awards Todays honorees are recognized for outstanding service and dedication

4 Office of Accountability Information Systems and Services

5 Dave was born at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. He came to Orlando in 1959 and graduated from Oak Ridge High School, Florida Technological University, and Clark College. David M. Johnston 25 Years Dave was hired in 1988 to work with Information Systems as an IBM Systems Programmer to support the IBM mainframes. One of his first jobs was to build a customer information and control system to support our financial systems.

6 David M. Johnston - 25 Years David worked on a number of projects including applications to support Human Resources, Zoning, Permitting, Building and payment processing. He was also responsible for security standards through the life of the IBM mainframe into the Windows environment we use today. Dave was both the Systems Programmer and Database Administrator from 1990 to 1994. In 1995, he moved to Public Works to analyze business processes and information sharing. He was instrumental in the acquisition of Kronos, our time and attendance system, as well as the ArcGIS system for info mapping. David returned to ISS in 2001 as the Wide Area Network Administrator, where he now supports servers and shared data for most departments.

7 David M. Johnston - 25 Years David brokered the first anti-virus licensing agreement that significantly reduced the cost of protecting our computers. He has been married to Lisa for 31 years and they have three children: Michael, 25, Amanda, 23, and Raychel, 21. In his spare time, David enjoys peace and quiet: walks in the woods or on the beach, reading, remodeling projects at home, restoring old cars, fishing and refinishing antique furniture. He also is a member of his homeowners association board of directors and Seminole County Schools Dividend volunteer program. *

8 Community, Environmental & Development Services Parks and Recreation

9 Daniel was born in Berrien Springs, MI and moved to Florida when he was 3. He graduated from Eustis High School and attended Lake County Vo-Tech. Daniel Paul Milliken 25 Years Daniel completed the irrigation technician course with Rain Bird Academy. He was hired as a Park Technician to work at Trimble Park in 1988 where he worked for 7 years. He was promoted to Mechanic and transferred to the Parks Division Support Shop.

10 Dan Milliken – 25 Years Dan worked as a mechanic for eight years and then returned to Trimble Park to work with the irrigation section. In 2005, he was nominated for Employee of the Year for the Parks and Recreation Division. He has worked on several projects, including: Renovation of the fountains at Magnolia Street Complex and the Cracker Christmas at Ft. Christmas Park. He has one son: Tyler, 19. In his spare time, he enjoys riding motorcycles and taking his bike to the mountains at least once a year. Dan is huge Miami Dolphins fan. *

11 Corrections Security Operations Detention

12 Angie was born in New Bern, North Carolina. Shes a graduate of Lanphier High School and Springfield (IL) Area Vocational School. Angie is a Licensed Practical Nurse. Angela E. Jackson 25 Years She was hired in 1987 to work in the Medical Department at Corrections. She has worked at the Female Detention Center, the Main Facility, Horizon, Phoenix and the Juvenile Center. In 1992, Angie became a floor officer.She was promoted to Corporal in 2003.

13 Angela E. Jackson – 25 Years In 2005, she was promoted to Sergeant, where she worked with youth offenders and in the Main Facility. Angie has received several Teamwork and Orange Awards for her outstanding performance. She was instrumental in assisting with the opening of the Juvenile Residential Secure School, a level 6 program. Angie was one of the officers involved in the opening of the new Booking/Release Center. Angie has two children: Enisha and Lindsay, three grandchildren: Sanae, Titiana and Israel. In her spare time, she enjoys growing herbs, holistic medicine and she hopes to become a licensed massage therapist and holistic nurse assisting terminally ill patients. *

14 Rick was born in Deland, raised in Orange City and graduated from Deland High School. He moved to Longwood in 1988. Rick was hired to work at the Main Facility of Corrections, where he spent 17 years. Rick E. Hall - 25 Years He was then transferred to the Juvenile Assessment Center for one year, before being assigned to the road crew and then the perimeter team where hes worked for the past six years.

15 Rick Hall – 25 Years Rick has been a training officer for 20 years with Corrections. He has been married to Kim for 24 years and they have two children: Jonathan, 22, who is in his final year at UCF before heading off to the police academy and Ashley, a sophomore at Seminole State College studying to be a dentist. In his spare time, Rick enjoys fishing, and working on small engines. *

16 John was born and raised in Orlando, graduated from Apopka Memorial High School and served in the Army for 2 years during the Vietnam War. John Davis 25 Years He attended Valencia College and graduated from UCF with a degree in Criminal Justice. John joined Orange County in 1988 as a Corrections Officer. He has worked in the hospital, on perimeter and as an investigator with Inmate Affairs.

17 John Davis – 25 Years John was recognized with the 110% Corrections Award in 1993 for providing CPR to an inmate. He was promoted to Corporal in 2009. John served on the Corrections Emergency Management Team. He will be celebrating 20 years of marriage with his wife Rose this May. John has helped several political campaigns and ran for County Commissioner in 1994. In his spare time, he enjoys shooting, hunting, surf fishing and reading history. *

18 Corrections Security Operations Support

19 Robert was born on Long Island, NY and moved to Central Florida in 1987. He graduated from West Babylon High School. Robert J. Maggi 25 Years Robert started his career with Orange County in1988 as a Corrections Officer in the Main Facility. He transferred in to the transportation section in 1995, where he transported inmates to court, doctors appointments and state prison.

20 Robert Maggi – 25 Years Robert received a Meritorious Service Award for apprehending an inmate trying to escape and an Outstanding Service Award for assisting a disoriented senior citizen walking along an I-4 exit ramp. Robert has served as a Field Training Officer providing training on fire evacuation, air pack and key control. He met his wife of 15 years, Tambra while they both worked at Corrections. She too is receiving a service award today. They have five children: Jennifer, Daniel, Angela, Kyle, and Jessica. In his spare time, Robert enjoys vacations, especially cruising, working out and spending time with his family. *

21 John was born and raised in Orlando, graduated from Evans High School and he received a bachelors degree from Columbia College. John A. Thompson 25 Years He was hired by Orange County while still in the Army in 1988. After receiving an honorable discharge, John started his career as a Floor Officer at Building F. In 1990, John was assigned as an Orientation Officer and his duties included providing inmates with an orientation to the jail system.

22 John Thompson – 25 Years In 2000, John was assigned to the Juvenile Assessment Center where he served as the Recreational Officer, before serving a tour in the Army. Upon his return, John was assigned to Phoenix as a Booking Release and Court Officer. He earned a Team Award as a member of the Special Response Team for preventing an escape and for his work as a member of the Honor Guard. John has been married to Cathy for 26 ½ years and they have three sons: John Jr., Joshua, and Jonah. John is still an active reservist in the Army. *

23 Family Services Head Start

24 Charlene was born and raised in Orlando and graduated from Jones High School. Charlene U. Register 25 Years She joined Orange County in 1983 as a volunteer at Head Start and was hired in 1988. Her first job was as a Bus Chaperone. She got promoted to Teachers Assistant and shes currently a Head Start Teacher. Charlene has worked at 12 different Head Start Centers during her career.

25 Charlene Register – 25 Years Charlene helped write the Head Start Curriculum Guide for the 2010-2011 School Year. She is currently working towards her bachelors degree in elementary education at UCF. She has six children: Shaana, 27, Correy, 25, Khadija, 23, Ashanti, 19, DMya, 9 and Robert 6. In her spare time, Charlene likes to collect coupons and watch old westerns and action movies. *

26 Loretta was born and raised in Orlando. She graduated from Jones High School and Columbia College. She started her professional career as a civil service worker at Ft. Bragg, NC. Loretta Alexis 30 Years Loretta joined Orange County as a Head Start home based parent, volunteering throughout the program. She was hired in 1983 as a Teachers Assistant.

27 Loretta Alexis – 30 Years Lorettas first assignment was at a center in Osceola County and then later assigned to the Taft Center. She has been promoted to Teacher and Center Supervisor. Loretta has worked at the Eatonville and Callahan Head Start Centers and she retired just last month after 30 years of service to the children and families of Orange County. She volunteers with the AFC Praise Ministry Church, the Womens Ministry, a nursing home and shes a Sunday School Superintendent. She has been married to William for 24 years and they have 4 children: Lovetta, Lisha, Ralphael and Latoya, 9 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Loretta loves to shop and travel. *

28 Gwen was born in Ashburn, GA and moved to Orlando at age of 7. She graduated from Orlando Vo-Tech and attended Valencia College. Gwendolyn Sibert 35 Years She received an associates degree in child development along with certificates for child care director and child care management from Palm Beach University. Gwen was hired in 1977 with the CETA program, and became a regular full time Teachers Aide at St. Marks Head Start Center in 1978.

29 Gwen Sibert – 35 Years Gwen was promoted to Teacher and is now a Center Supervisor. After serving Orange County for 35 years, Gwen will retire at the end of this month and begin a new life adventure while volunteering every chance she gets to serve the residents of Orange County. She has been married to George for 25 years and they have 4 children: Romayne, Oriana, Taakella, and Chrissy and three grandchildren. In her spare time, which she will soon have plenty of, Gwen enjoys spending time with her family, shopping and traveling. *

30 Family Services Mental Health & Homelessness

31 Jennifer was born in Jamaica, moved to New York and graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in early childhood education. Jennifer received her masters degree from Bernard Baruch College in education, administration and supervision. Jennifer M. Tulloch - 20 Years Her first job was working with special needs children a pre- school in New York. She moved to Orlando in 1989 and went to work for Orange County Public Schools. Jennifer joined Head Start in 1993 as a Center Supervisor. She got promoted to Education Coordinator/Home Base Supervisor and Field Operations Supervisor.

32 Jennifer Tulloch – 20 Years In 2010, she moved to the newly formed division of Mental Health and Homelessness as a Project Coordinator helping families and youth with mental health challenges. Jennifer was recognized as Team Player of the Year, Distinguished Service Award for 2004 Hurricane Response, Junior Achievement Volunteer Award, and the National Kidney Foundation Volunteer of Florida. She is the proud mother of Shari-Ann, a graduate of the University of Florida and Rollins College. Jennifers hobbies include: Dancing (Salsa, and Zumba), walking, reading and motivating others to get fit. She is an active member of the Rejoice in the Lord Ministry where she serves as a group leader, usher, and volunteer in the Childrens Ministry Program. *

33 Family Services Youth & Family Services

34 Jimmy was born in Baltimore, MD and came to Orlando in 1968 by Greyhound bus. He recently obtained his GED from Boone High School. Jimmy H. Mitchell - 45 Years Jimmy was hired in 1968 (while Mayor Jacobs was still in elementary school) as a Kitchen Helper at Great Oaks Village, where he has now worked for 14 different Kitchen Managers.

35 Jimmy Mitchell – 45 Years Jimmy is known by his co-workers as a friendly, hard working man willing to help everyone. In his spare time, Jimmy enjoys building model airplanes and watching old TV shows – such as Gunsmoke, Bonanza and the Andy Griffith Show. *

36 Fire Rescue Training

37 Tambra was born and raised in Orlando and graduated from Oak Ridge High School She joined OC Corrections in 1984 as a Control Room Monitor and in 1985 transferred to Warrants. Tambra Sue Maggi - 25 Years Tambra left for six months on maternity leave and returned as a Corrections Officer, where she worked until 1999. She was then promoted to Human Resources Technician and in 2001, she transferred to the Communications Div. as an Administrative Assistant.

38 Tambra Maggi – 25 Years Tambra transferred to Fire Rescue in 2007 where shes currently working with the Training Division. She has been married to Robert for 15 years – who also received his 25 year pin today. They have five children: Jennifer, Daniel, Angela, Kyle, and Jessica. In her spare time, Tambra enjoys vacations, especially cruising, working out and spending time with her family. *

39 Public Works Roads and Drainage

40 Dave was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Florida. He graduated from Colonial High School and attended Seminole Community College studying architectural drafting. David A. McMullen 35 Years Dave joined the Navy in 1971 and worked as an Aviation Ordnance man assigned to attack squadrons during the Vietnam War. He was later assigned to Naval Investigative Services and Naval Security. He was called from the Reserves to serve in Desert Storm, stationed at NAS Lemoore as a Weapons Instructor. He received two Presidential Commendations.

41 Dave McMullen – 35 Years Dave joined Orange County in 1978 as a maintenance person with Water Control. He then transferred to Stormwater Management, the Drainage Section of Roads and Drainage. He has received several promotions: Motor Vehicle Operator I – 4, Foreman I – 3 and hes now a Senior Foreman. Dave has been responsible for maintaining drain wells, pump stations, control structures, retention ponds and primary canal systems. He has been married to Kathy for 33 years and they have two daughters: Yvonne and Vernia and six grandchildren including Kiera, born January 29 th. Dave is a State Certified Bowling Coach/Instructor. He was a Den Leader for Girl Scouts (1982), a Webelo Leader for Scout Pack 134 and he volunteered at Cheney Elementary and Union Park Middle Schools helping with field trips. He loves fishing, NASCAR events and riding go-karts. *

42 County Administration County Administration

43 Jim is a proud native Floridian, born in Melbourne. Hes been an Orange County resident for over 25 years. James Edward Harrison 25 Years Jim graduated from UCF with a degree in engineering, and a masters of applied economics with a focus on public finance. He received his Juris Doctor from Barry University where he was the editor-in-chief of the Barry Law Review an graduated summa cum laude.

44 Jim Harrison – 25 Years Jim joined Orange Countys Information Technology Division after working several years as a private consultant. He reported to his first day of work for Orange County in January 1988 in Ottawa, Canada where he received computer training and the temperature was 20 below zero. Jim has earned several promotions, including: Senior Engineer, Manager of Public Works Engineering, Director of both Growth Management and Regional Mobility and hes currently an Assistant County Administrator. Jim is an active member of the Florida Bar, a licensed Professional Engineer and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. In his spare time, Jim enjoys boating, adventure travel and mountain biking. *

45 Awards Presentation Office of Accountability Information Systems and Services: David Johnston25 Years Community, Environmental & Development Services Parks and Recreation: Daniel Milliken25 Years

46 Awards Presentation Corrections Security Operations-Detention: Angela Jackson25 Years Rick Hall25 Years John Davis25 Years Security Operations-Support Robert Maggi25 Years John Thompson25 Years

47 Awards Presentation Family Services Head Start: Charlene Register 25 Years Loretta Alexis30 Years Gwendolyn Sibert35 Years Mental Health & Homelessness: Jennifer Tulloch20 Years Youth & Family Services: Jimmy Mitchell45 Years

48 Awards Presentation Fire Rescue Training: Tambra Maggi25 Years Public Works Roads & Drainage: David McMullen35 Years County Administration Jim Harrison25 Years

49 Employee Service Awards February 12, 2013

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