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Management & Marketing Careers in the Offices. Non-Profit Theatre Mission Statement –Work must fit within mission Tax Exempt Status (fed then state) Board.

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1 Management & Marketing Careers in the Offices

2 Non-Profit Theatre Mission Statement –Work must fit within mission Tax Exempt Status (fed then state) Board Does not mean no profit Fundraising includes individual, corporate, grants, government, crowdsourcing Charitable Status

3 Non-Profit Theatre Jobs Managing Director/General Manager Company Manager Education Marketing Fundraising/Development Box Office House Management Board of Trustees

4 For Profit Theatre Goal is to make money Does not preclude artistic integrity Sometimes non-profits and for profits work together. For profits contribute money to non-profit productions with the hopes they will move. Difference isnt always cut and dry

5 For Profit Theatre Jobs Producer General Manager Company Manager House Manager Ushers, Doormen Box Office Marketingincluding press and advertising

6 Management in Theater Management Marketing Development Finance, Budget, Accounting Education Box Office/House Management, Front of House Operations Facility/Operations Management

7 Levels of Management Managing Director General Manager Company Manager *in larger organizations all three may exist, each with different levels of responsibility

8 Managing Director Holds position of authority and responsibility equal to the Artistic Director, directly reports to the Board of Trustees Shares in creation and determination of programming, scheduling, funding, hiring of artistic and production staff Oversees long-term goals of organization: planning of new facilities, capital campaigns, strategic initiatives Supervise General and Company managers; in the absence of General Manager and Company Manager, performs those tasks too Managing directors tend to exist at the regional non- profit theatre level

9 General Manager Create contracts and agreements Secure rights & negotiates royalties Interview and hire staff positions Supervise company manager, production manager, business manager/accountant, marketing director, house manager, development director, box office Creates annual budgets

10 General Manager Perform various Human Resource duties Provide a safe work environment for the staff and audience Maintain theatre facility In the absence of a Company Manager, perform all of those duties as well Reports to the Managing Director

11 Company Manager Manage the company: actors, technicians, crew, musicians Work with support agencies: press agent, publicist, advertising agency Provide information about housing, transportation, medical resources Do payroll, accounts payable (bills), arrange tickets (company seats)

12 Company Manager Comply with various theatrical unions work rules and guidelines In resident companies, may also serve other functions, like act as a house mgr On the road (on tour), CMs work with the box office of theatre they are playing and do weekly settlements Compute and pay royalties to the creative team (author, director, designers) Company managers report typically to General Managers Charged with fulfilling the contracts that General Manager has executed

13 Development Solicit funding from: Individuals (memberships, legacy planning) Corporations (money, sponsorship) Foundations Government Grants (National Endowment for the Arts, e.g.) In-kind donations (services or goods in lieu of monetary payment)

14 Finance, Budget, Accounting Maintain accounts and cash flow Accounts payable (bills), accounts receivable (people who owe you money) Manages debt and debt structure Payroll, reporting, tax payments, etc. Adhere to established budget numbers Complies with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), prepares for annual audit

15 Education Community outreach Subsidized ticket programs Ancillary programming (post-show discussions, lectures, forums) Youth programs/theater education classes or master classes In-school programs

16 Box Office & Front of House Single ticket sales, group sales, subscriptions and renewals Report of sales figures to management Reconcile and deposit money to accounts House management: insure public safety, compliance with building codes, problem- solving at a performance, troubleshoot, crisis management

17 Facility/Operations Management Maintain facility on a daily basis: cleaning, repairs, trash removal, safety aspects, HVAC, etc. Identify long-term needs for the facility Supervise vendors who support facility (concessions, cleaning companies for example) Create strategy to rent/fill the facility

18 Types of Marketing Institutional –Helps brand a company –Helps company stand out –Creates a level of expectation –Fundraising tools Production –Show specific –Works with institutional marketing –Goalaudiences for a specific run

19 Marketing 4 Ps of Marketing –Product, Price, Placement, Promotion 4 Cs of Marketing (more niche, consumer oriented) –Consumer, Cost, Communication, Convienence

20 Marketing –Everything you do to make people aware of your company and/or show –Advertising Posters, Newspapers, Radio, TB, Billboards, T placards, Flyers, Cars with tutus –Press & Media Relations –Sponsorship –Audience Development –Promotions –Market Research –Social Media (more than marketing)

21 Marketing Responsible for selling the organization and or product (show) Create a brand that distinguishes the organization from others. –Creating a consistent look to all marketing materials including logo, brochures, web sites, advertisements, posters, billboards –Ensure that the organizations message is consistent and adheres to the core values established

22 Marketing on a Budget Posters –Include Dates, Times, Venue, Ticket information, websites. Do not hide the information! Social Media –One voice, positive. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Box office –Front line, representing the organization. Gathers information (how did you hear?, price resistance) –More than ticket sellers Web sitekeep current

23 Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn Show Up Be careful about your message: –If you wouldnt say it on a loudspeaker, dont write it down –Tone doesnt read –Remember, this is how people may know you Be your best you

24 Resources American Theatre Wing – Are you a fan of Emerson Stage? Are you a fan of StageSource?



27 David Colfer Emerson Stage@EmersonStage Julie Hennrikus @JulieHennrikus StageSource@StageSourceBos or

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