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A.I. in the Real World Ian Ozsvald

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1 A.I. in the Real World Ian Ozsvald

2 War Stories - 1 SearchSpace (now, late 90s to date, ex-London Unis "Searchspace is the market leader in intelligent systems for Enterprise Automation" 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

3 War Stories - 2 Mathématiques Appliquées SA (, late 90s to date, ex-French Unis Planning (Oil, ADP, RM, Onyx) Pilots, Robots (Gizmo!), Financial Forecastin, Game A.I. NLP for Sentiment & Burst 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

4 War Stories - 3 Mor Consulting (4 years old), HVB Bank, PANalytical Code Farm, Jeremy Mabbit ex- Informatics, early 2000s to date, acquired Autonomy (Dr. Michael Lynch and Richard Gaunt), late 90s to date, ex- Cambridge Unis, IDOL, $500mil rev. 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

5 Big Projects DARPA Grand Challenge - 3 events Netflix Prize - $1 million prize money if you beat Cinematch by 10% Wolfram Alpha - answer engine, calculates from structured data Cyc - assembling common sense knowledge, 20 yrs old Big Dog - Biologically inspired walker 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

6 Some Things to Solve Video Scene Search - License or rent it to Amazon, Google, Netflix CAPTCHAs - re-use spammer's techniques, iPhone Translator? Speaker-agnostic voice-recognition system for mobiles? Mobile co.+MS Biometric identification - we share PCs, they don't know who we are. MS 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

7 How to Start - 1 Be passionate, make a demo Find free users, find paying users Don't get hung-up about IP, Patents or Funding Money is available if you have customers Do you really have customers? - Construction+Weather, Tesco+RFID 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

8 How to Start - 2 Tech - AWS S3 + EC2 Mobile Devices - more bandwidth, location + angle Flickr, Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Streetmap GOFAI/NEWFAI - Don't get hung-up Agile languages - prefer Python/Ruby/PHP over C++/Java! 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

9 How to Start - 3 - boot-strapped, <£10k start-up, with Kyran Dale Running cost £200/month, >1Tb data served, 100k+ monthly users Learn Python Here! On MIT's radar 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

10 How to Start - 4 Talk to those that have done it already! £5 App event ( Flash Brighton (Seb - augmented reality) LikeMind + OpenCoffeeSussex 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

11 How to Start - 5 Just Get On With It! 5/16/2009Knowledge Representation

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