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Partner for Hydraulic - Presses

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1 Partner for Hydraulic - Presses

2 Partner for Hydraulic - Presses
Company profile Traditional German company, founded in 1879 with long term experience in press manufacturing. Standard-Presses specialized for wood manufacturing industry Special-Presses für Automotive, aerospace, plastic manufacturing industry Employee: approx. 50 Location: Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany Sales: Worldwide Manufacturing: vertical range of manufacture

3 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
2002 New development of the array heating platen 1999 Confirmation of the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 1998 Development of a fully automated throughfeed press-line, OK Series 1998 Foundation of Sales office North as well as Joos USA in Roselle, NJ 1996 Company certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 1995 Development of the Joos Quality press „Öko System 2000“ 1993 Development of the Joos „Junior Press“ 1991 Production of more than presses until year end 1991 1991 Development of the Joos Throughfeed-press DLP „Economic System 2000“ 1990 Second Reward of the Bavarian state award incl. gold medal 1976 Rewarded by the Bavarian state award incl. gold medal 1969 Production of special presses für die plastic -Industrie 1952 Integration of electrical heated platen into hydraulik presses 1949 Development of the first hydraulic veneer press 1946 Production restart after the war 1919 Manufacturing of equipment for wood manufacturing industry 1879 Foundation of agriculture equipment sales & service Company History by Innovation & Tradition

4 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
These icons indicate our profession Challenge us Pressing Experience Forming Innovation Punching Reliability Tempering Service

5 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Products in all industry sectors Woodworking Handcraft Woodworking Industry Glas, Leather, Rubber, Paper Industry Foam manufacturing Industry Plastic Industry Automotive Industry Aerospace Industry Joos solutions for various branches

6 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Product portfolio Hydraulic-Presses Throughfeed-Presses Forming-Presses Special-Presses Pneumatic Presses Press-Service Gluespreader Handling-Equipment Products covering the subject pressing

7 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Standard Product Portfolio Joos Quality-Presses HP Joos Throughfeed-Presses DLP Joos Basic-Presses Joos Junior-Presses Joos Lab-Presses Joos Laminating-Presses Joos Forming-Presses Joos Gluespreader Joos Handling-systems, units Volume Production

8 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Quality-Press HP Standard plus option capability on customer request Qualität in the final product requires quality in the process

9 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Quality-Press HP Rewarded by Bavarian state award Quality of the manufacturing process Extended lifetime Ease of operation Well engineered technique Economical operation Joos Quality as Benchmark

10 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Details for the expert Dynamic piston support Table guidance at the columns Synchronised movement via precision toothed rack parallel guidance Low pitch of the multiple treated T-supports Uniform pressure distribution on the complete table Open table design Reliability starts with the detail

11 Partner for Hydraulic - Presses
Joos A.B.S. to protect your investment Patented safety-system Detection of incorrect loading or left over parts Automatic release of the press for heating platen as well as press table and cylinder protection Saving money by Joos investment

12 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Comfortable operation Mobile operation unit to keep an eye on your goods Variable stroke limitations Adjustable limit switch to reduce daylight travel Convenient operation

13 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Capacity extension Prepared at the sales decision time for later retrofit Add-on capability of multiple stories in advance at low cost Capacity on request

14 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Tempeature control Options of various heating platen, temperature units and temperature controls For reliable process results Components Tested components Components according to the relevant safety regulations

15 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Heating-cooling platen Composite heating platen, electrical powered Ökotherm-heating platen Deep-hole-drilled steel heating platen Spezial Joos-array heating platen for fast heat- cool cycles at optimum Temp. uniformity Product specific temperature control

16 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Electrical powered heating-platten Combi-heating platen For temperatures, typical 100°C Gold anodized surface Heating power 2,8-3,3 KW/m2 Warm-up time approx min. up to 100 °C Compression strength max. 60 kp/cm2 Current consumption approx. 1,4KWh/m2 at continues operation (average experienced value) Flexible without additional heat source

17 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Electric heating platen Short cycle heating platen For temperature, typical 110°C Gold anodized surface Heating power 3,5 KW/m2 and higher Compression strength max. 60 kp/m2 Current consumption approx. 1,4KWh/m2 at 4 min press-time Current consumption approx. 2,6KWh/m2 at 1 min press-time Progress in veneer output

18 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Fluid heating platen Ökotherm Basic-heating platen For temperaturen up to 90 Grad C Heated by liquid media, either water, Thermal oil, steam Gold anodized surface Energy saving Optimized and fast temperature uniformity Wear- and corrosion less Potential saving for continues operation

19 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Fluid heating platen Ökotherm Plus-heating platen Similar to Ökotherm Basic-heating platen however for advanced requests Compression strength 60 kp/cm2 Real alternative to deep-hole drilled steel-heating platen Elkom technology especially for Joos Quality-Presses Elkom & Joos

20 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Fluid heating platen Deep-hole drilled steel-heating platen For temperature up to 250°C based on used temperature unit Solid steel-heating platen Deep-hole drilled

21 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Temperature units For temperature up to 85 °C/ 18 KW (open system) For temperaturen up tp 110 / 130°C in 12, 18 und 24 KW Model according to the used heating platen (closed system) Temperature as requested

22 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Throughfeed press DLP „Economic System“ Typical models DLP 100, Press-area 2550 x 1350 mm DLP 115, Press-area 3000 x 1350 mm Functional system including: Loading table, veneer carriage, throughfeed press and output roller conveyor

23 Partner for Hydraulic - Presses
Joos Throughfeed press DLP „Economic System“ Stationary hydraulic press-system including automated press loading and unloading A.B.S.- Safety protection system Optional loading lengthwise or crosswise Temperature control via hot water or thermal oil by using the relevant temperature unit Automation

24 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Throughfeed press DLP „Economic System“ Innovative table-conveyor belt design Short press table-conveyor belt Conveyor belt extension eliminated No displacement of goods during transportation Easy belt exchange Ergonomic operation at ideal operation height, mm by system base plate design for the lower heating platen Patented table design

25 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Throughfeed press DLP „Economic Line“ Options: Optical loading monitoring to eliminate damage to the press and the goods Disengageable Cylinder to reduce press surface area Stretched foil clamped to the upper table to protect the heating platen Soft start of the loading tape feed Center smesh guard swivel mounted and safety switch controlled Operation unit mounted on flexible swivel arm

26 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Layout variation Joos-Throughfeed press Right-angled Layout In-line Layout Process optimized

27 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Throughfeed-Presses DLP / OK „Industrial Line“

28 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Throughfeed-Press „Industrial Line“ Lift table either with rollers oder flat sheetmetal surface Brushing machine 4-roller glue-spreader Transferstation with crosswise transport on to the loading tape Loading tape Throughfeed press DLP 220/OK De-stacking unit Temperature control via hot water, steam, thermal oil Programmable systems-controller For industrial purpose

29 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Basic-Press Functionality for the handcraft operation Proven technique concentrated to the essential functions Low-cost startup solution Functional and Economical

30 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Basic-Press Stationary hydraulic-press, manual operation Basic-65 und Basic 70, two choices Optional with Elektrical-Combi-heating platen up to 100 °C or Ökotherm Basic-heating platen up to 85 °C with seperate temperature unit 12-18KW Individual temperatur control for upper and lower heating platen Adjustable timer for presstime Automatic pressure switch device Double pull-wire stop control to open the press or to stop the press table movement during closing or opening Low-cost standard for handcraft operation

31 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Junior-Press Mobile pneumatical Press with manual load and unload operation Zwo Alternatives Junior I Press-surface 2200 x 1100mm Junior II Press-surface 2500 x 1100mm Electrical temperature control Designed for the starter

32 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Junior-Press Low investment cost Solid frame design Extendable lower heating platen Access on all sides Gold anodized heating platen Mobile version Daylight 120 mm Spec. pressure max. 2 kp/cm2 Safety according to the Holz-BG/CE

33 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Product Development on Joos laboratory press LAP Lab-press including pressure, temperature and time control Variable closing and working stroke speed Heating platen with individual temperatur control (upper and lower platen) Options: PC-Interface for data monitoring Position control via position measuring system PC Software for data analysis Pressure control Recipe management Temperature control: Resistance temp. control, thermal oil, water, steam

34 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Brushingmachine / Glue-spreader Brushmachine 4-roller Glue-spreader Cutter-disk conveyor (MSRB) Material preperation

35 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Quality 1996 certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and confirmation in 1999 Quality Products Safety Reliability Partner

36 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Service Preventive Maintenance / Maintenance / Reconditioning Modifications / „Upgrades“ Service & Repair Startup Service of competitive products on request Customer Service

37 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Mobil For save arrival of your investment

38 Partner for Hydraulic- Presses
Branch office / Representatives Germany North & Nordic countries Sales USA Roselle, NJ Sales & Service Represented by regional partners Customer support

39 Partner for Special Hydraulic- Presses
Industry Automotive Aerospace Railway Plastic industy System supplier

40 Partner for Special Hydraulic- Presses
Manufacturing of GFK-panels for the plastics industry Minimum panel thickness of 0,2 mm und minimum thickness tolerance Solution with HPS-3300, 6 story press at 3300 to. Press force Solid piling design at minimum deformation, at max. Pressforce Deep-hole drilled heating/cooling platen for heat-cool cycles at temperatur up to 250º C. Systemcontrol via SPS Siemens S7-300 u. grafical touchpanel

41 Partner for Special Hydraulic- Presses
Press operation used on flat as well as on shaped lightweight construction elements (Honeycombs) for the aerospace industry High strength composite material for the interior design of passenger aircrafts (e.g. Airbus A 380 Project) Mission for a HPS-150 press plus automated loading and unloading of the press Use of new developed heat-cooling platen to achieve the very fast hat-cool cycles in this particular process. Extremely reduction of the process time as result.

42 Partner for Special Hydraulic- Presses
Joos Special Array Heating Platen (Steel) New development (for operat.temp. up to 200 Grad C) Suitable for water- and thermal oil Extremely high heating power (1,4 MWatt in 4 min.) - low mass at maximized flow rate Optimized temperature uniformity (+/- 0,5 Grad C) Ideal suited for fast heat-cool cycles Temp. difference of max. 20 Grad C between supply flow and return flow during heat-up cycle Tremendous improvement on heat-cooling cycles compared to the solid, deep-hole drilled steel platen. Customer test successful completed

43 Partner for Special Hydraulic- Presses
Control unit / Automation via Siemens S7-300 and touchpanel Clearly designed, operator friendly and modern control concept Control of load and unload, the press itself as well as the control of the heat and cooling units System status for operator information

44 Partner for Special Hydraulic- Presses
Reference Daimler Chrysler AG BMW AG Aksys (RKT Kunststoffe GmbH) EADS Group (Aircabin, Elbe Flugzeugwerke) Bombardier Tyco Thermal Controls GmbH August Krempl Söhne GmbH & Co. Lufthansa Technik AG Supplier

45 Partner for Special Hydraulic- Presses
Reference (continued) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG Sixt GmbH Hecker Werke GmbH & Co. KG SAI Automotive Sommer Industrie Eismann GmbH Novem Car Interior Design GmbH Supplier

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