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PDAs/Smart Phones and Medical Records in Health Care Mary Z. Mays, PhD Associate Dean and Professor Innovation Institute for Health Professions.

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1 PDAs/Smart Phones and Medical Records in Health Care Mary Z. Mays, PhD Associate Dean and Professor Innovation Institute for Health Professions

2 Disclosure I wish… 5/19/20102

3 Objectives Evaluate the merits of currently available PDAs and smartphones suitable for use in clinical settings Evaluate currently available PDA and smartphone applications for clinical logging, electronic medical records, and electronic personal health records 5/19/20103

4 Relationship to Simulation Reality is: mobile devices are everywhere Retrieval of information at point of care Documentation of care Low cost EMR software apps $0 to $10, up to $140 iPad as eClipboard Documentation of simulation 5/19/20104

5 Whats mobile? Not a computer Pocket size Wifi or cellular radio Proprietary USB port Smart Internet browser Calendar, task list, email, text Camera Bluetooth Instant on and fast interaction Touch screen or buttons Enterprise or consumer Apps !!! 5/19/20105

6 Whats available PDAs – iPod Touch – iPad – Palm original – Windows CE – Windows Mobile Smartphones – Android – BlackBerry – iPhone – Treo Palm OS – Palm Pre – Symbian – Windows Mobile 5/19/20106

7 How do you choose? Have one? Use it If not, choose the app then the device Choosing for an organization? $99 Genius 5/19/20107

8 eRecord 5/19/20108

9 eRecord Bogged down in history Hype vs reality Interoperability ( Privacy ( 5/19/20109

10 Medical records on a cell phone? 5/19/201010

11 Fun facts Cell phones are within 6 feet of the owner 24 hours a day Adults more likely to give up sex for a week than cell phone Cell phone more personal than credit card or computer password 5/19/201011

12 I know… 5/19/201012

13 I know… 5/19/201013 Total Apps Approved: 226,600 Total Available Apps: 194,842 as of 5/3/10

14 Theres an App for that! (my favorite) 5/19/201014

15 Evaluate apps Source of the information Longevity of company Free frequent updates (to information) Quick to open Focus on task Uses device features (e.g., spinner, shaker) Layout 5/19/201015

16 Evaluate eRecord apps Encrypted database On the phone On the server Secure transmission Data backup 5/19/201016

17 Provider-managed records No endorsement (random examples) Manufacturer info (no kickbacks) They come and go iPhone/iTouch/iPad 5/19/201017

18 5/19/201018

19 iChart Complete system Write prescriptions – built-in drug reference w/drug interaction checking Track labs and studies Lookup and capture CPT4 and ICD9 codes Write SOAP and Procedure notes w/built-in menus for fast note generation Includes Web-based datacenter application – Clinic and Hospital scheduler – Billing report tool – Prescription manager – Note editor w/templates 5/19/201019

20 iChart EMR 5/19/201020

21 iChart EMR 5/19/201021 $140

22 Mediforms EMR New for iPad; expansion promised Enter and track your patient's medical history. Enter and track each patient visit including Chief Complaint, Review of Symptoms, Physical Exam, and Assessment and Plan. Touch each "code" to add to history or encounter. 5/19/201022

23 5/19/201023

24 Allscripts Remote Enables healthcare providers to remotely control their Allscripts EHR from any location Access to real-time patient summary information Fast communication to local emergency rooms Convenient ePrescribing to the patients pharmacy Medication refill management Allergy lists combined with drug interaction checking Lab results verification Sign chart notes 5/19/201024

25 Curas EMR Mobile Allows access to patient information stored in eClinicalWorks View your schedule View progress notes View and update patient medications Fax prescriptions Order and view labs/imaging tests Create, view and assign telephone encounters Enter Out of Office charges 5/19/201025

26 Care 360 Mobile Mobile companion to Care360 from Quest Diagnostics Access comprehensive patient health record Easily assess patient progress Manage Medications Review lab results ePrescribing system Manage caseload anytime, anywhere Gain insights from practice- wide trends and patterns Reduce repetitive tasks, paperwork and chart pulls 5/19/201026

27 5/19/201027

28 Patient Tracker Patient Tracker is for storing data about patients you are actively following in the hospital Patient Tracker is for personal reference and isn't an EMR app. 5/19/201028

29 Patient Tracker 5/19/201029

30 iCare Tracker iCare Tracker is a simple yet powerful patient tracker for physicians, nurses, therapists, EMS or anyone that interacts with multiple patients. 5/19/201030

31 Patient-managed records health record generated 1000 hits Track personal health records Track family health records Track personal health and fitness 5/19/201031

32 Questions? 5/19/201032

33 School of Nursing and Health Professions 5/19/201033 Web: Email: Phone: 1-800-581-4100 To provide dynamic education that focuses on inquiry and innovative practice relevant to an ever changing health care system

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