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2 Photo:

3 The Beginning Jean Nicollet was a famous explorer Looking to claim land for France Traveled on Lake Michigan Landed in Green Bay in 1634 Photo:

4 Fur Trade Develops 1630s furs were regularly leaving the area Most furs were supplied by Native American traders –Ottawa -Sauk –Ojibwe -Huron –Potawatomi -Fox Fur traders were using the Fox River Photo:

5 Marquette and Joliet 1673 –Marquette and Joliet used Fox and Wisconsin rivers to reach the Mississippi – Fox and Wisconsin Rivers became major transportation routes –Port of Green Bay starts to boom Photo:

6 What first came into the Port? 1806: 1816: 1835: 1892: Turn of the century even more begins to change

7 Products change Amount of materials increases Port becomes essential (very important) to Green Bay

8 Why use ships and the Port? Better air quality Fewer emissions Fewer accidents and highway congestion Less fuel consumption

9 692 Large Semi trucks 18,000 tons 110,000 gallons of fuel 16 tons of emissions 180 Railway Cars 18,000 tons 11 tons emissions 36,360 gallons of fuel One Coal Vessel 18,000 tons material 7,116 gallons of fuel 1 ton of emissions* *particles put into the air by cars, smokestacks = Transportation Efficiency (Usefulness) Water vs. Land

10 Some of the Companies Using the Port Today

11 How does the port affect the economy? Family Wage Jobs $565 million Income from Jobs $21 million Value of cargo $315 million State/local taxes $4 million

12 Look at the beauty of the Port today! Photo:

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