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2 THIS WORKSHOP COVERS…  “Tell me about Yourself”  Elevator Pitches  Posture  Clothing  Handshakes  Eye Contact  Speech  Enthusiasm  Courtesy  What NOT to do

3 “TELL ME A ABOUT YOURSELF”  Don’t got into details that are on the resume  Do stress your passion for the job  Do explain briefly why you love your job  Video Video

4 MAKE AN “ELEVATOR PITCH”  You and the CEO of your dream company are in an elevator going up 8 flights, what do you do?  Talk to them! Make a point why they should hire you!  “Hi! My name is BLANK, I’m here for an interview for X position. I would make a really good addition to your team because…”

5 POSTURE  Sit up straight  Stand to greet others  Don’t fidget

6 CLOTHING  Professional, conservative clothing is always the best choice!  Dress to Impress

7 HANDSHAKE  Have a firm handshake  Don’t extend the length of the shake- up, down, up-done!

8 EYE CONTACT  Look the employer in the eye  Eye contact is very important!  Don’t look at the floor

9 TONE OF VOICE, SPEED OF SPEECH  Add a touch of energy and passion to your voice  Watch how fast or slow you are speaking  Are you on the phone? Add a little extra voice inflection to convey that you are very interested!

10 ENTHUSIASM!  Enthusiasm and passion are what employers are looking for. They want to know you are excited about being a part of the company and would be happy with your job.

11 PROFESSIONALISM AND COURTESY  Always be polite, professional, and courteous.  Say “Yes Sir or Yes Ma'am” unless they tell you otherwise.  Do not say “yeah” or “sure”  Try to watch how many Um’s you say, keep it minimal  Don’t forget to say “Thank you”

12 ALWAYS FOLLOW UP  Send a ‘Thank you’ email or note.  Be patient- send a thank you the day of the interview, or the next day  Wait a week to hear back-THEN follow up with the employer to let them know you are still interested.  Wrap it up: VideoVideo

13 WHAT NOT TO DO…  Do not bring a coffee with you  Do not chew gum  Do not have bad breath  Do not use too much cologne or perfume  Do not have food in your teeth  Do not pick at your teeth around the employer/building  Do not call or email 100 times a day  Do not forget a thank you note  Do not slouch  Do not complain about your previous boss or position


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