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Knights Of Columbus St. Mary’s Council # 4444

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1 Knights Of Columbus St. Mary’s Council # 4444
St. Mary Catholic School Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

2 Questions! Did you know that Catholic Schools save the state of Florida over $600 Million per year? Do you know what it costs to send one child to Catholic School? How about 2 or 3 or 4 children?

3 St. Mary’s School Tuition Fort Walton Beach
St. Mary’s Catholic School Tuition 1 Child: $ 2 Children: $ 3 Children: $ 4 Children: $ Registration $150/Child $275 Max/Family Books: $200 - $220 Per Child

4 TAP Goal #1 Assist eligible Knights in providing a Catholic education for their children His Holiness John Paul II: “Rising costs may call for new approaches, new forms of partnership and sharing, new uses of financial resources, but I am sure that all concerned will face the challenge of Catholic Schools with courage and dedication, and not doubt the value of the sacrifices to be made.”

5 Boost Council Membership
TAP Goal #2 Boost Council Membership 31 Total enrollees – 2009/2010 24 New Members – in two Years 8 transfers or reactivations

6 Boost Council Activity.
TAP Goal #3 Boost Council Activity. Provided over 3000 documented volunteer hours in two Years. Over 230 hours of participation in 2010 Handicapped Citizens Drive. 5 – Members on new 2nd degree team 4 - Council Program Directors 2 – Council Officers – incoming GK and DGK enrolled in program.

7 Inspired by 24 hour Knight Program
Program Requirements Inspired by 24 hour Knight Program Dues must be kept current. Attend 3 General Business Meetings per year. 3 hours participation in the handicapped citizen’s drive. - Required Participation in one service program event. - Flexible

8 Program Requirements (Cont)
Participation in 2 fundraising events per year. – One should be a TAP Event. Requirements are waived for deployed service members Make up requirements at discretion of Committee Chairman and Grand Knight. Requirements should be tailored for your council’s needs.

9 HOW DOES IT WORK? Catholic Fathers with children in Catholic School are invited to join the Knights of Columbus and enroll in the Tuition Assistance Program. Program is also open to any Grandfather or Uncle of child enrolled in Catholic School– Direct marketing. Knights are required to meet a 24 hour per year activity requirement. – Flexible but tailored to council needs.

10 HOW DOES IT WORK? Dedicated fundraising events are held to fund the program, using Knights signed up in the program. – Quality over Quantity Partnered with local businesses. –out-of-the-box approaches. $24K raised and presented to the School in two years. Fundraising efforts away from Church and Hall has helped with membership.

11 HOW DOES IT WORK? Amount of tuition assistance is pro-rated up or down depending on how much money is raised by fundraising events. No financial burden on Council. Program can raise as much money as enrollees need. – Motivation Knights not meeting the requirements will not receive the tuition assistance.

12 Results Helped families who needed help: Provided tuition assistance in the amounts of $332 per family in 1st year and $570 in the 2nd year. Boosted Council Membership and Activity. – Slides 5 and 6. HELPED CHANGE THE PERCEPTION OF WHO THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ARE WITHIN OUR CHURCH PARISH Rev. Msgr Michael Cherup, “We no longer have a Men’s club; the Knights of Columbus are my Men’s club”.

13 Way Forward Find a Champion: Preferably, a Knight with children in Catholic School Form a Committee: Must be diverse. Members with children in Catholic School Members without children in Catholic School Financial Secretary – to discuss viability Grand Knight – Will ultimately be responsible.

14 Way Forward Determine amount of tuition assistance (goal) and activity requirements (tailored to your Council) Contact the School Principal and Parish Priest – Try to get buy-in, but it is not required. Both should have a list of families with children attending Catholic Schools. Tell them the Knights of Columbus would like to help families with the rising cost of Catholic tuition

15 Way Forward Complete Handbook/bylaws
Advertise through Church Parish or directly through the school.

16 Questions/Comments Contact Doug White, TAP Committee Chairman
Or Ed Villarreal, Grand Knight

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