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Annual Title I Program Overview at Williston Sherry Veasey, Principal September, 2011 Parent/Teacher Meeting.

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1 Annual Title I Program Overview at Williston Sherry Veasey, Principal September, 2011 Parent/Teacher Meeting

2 Title I Program What is “Title I”?  Federal funding provided under No Child Left Behind  Schools receive Title I funds if they have 40% or more of their children identified as low income (students that receive free or reduced lunch)  At the end of last year Williston had 75% of children receiving F/R lunch

3 Title I $$$$$$$$  Money given to schools to provide support to help children who are struggling in reading and math.  Extra help may be provided in small groups or individually by the teacher, teacher assistant, or specialist Type of Program:  Williston is a School wide Title I program – all students may receive extra help as needed

4 Parent Input  Parents are involved with deciding how funds are spent by participating in our School Improvement Team planning  2011 – 2012 Parent Representatives are: Tanita Wallace Mary Jones

5 NC Accountability Progress: ABC Growth ABC’s: Accountability, Basics, and Local Control Follows the same student over time and looks at growth and performance Growth ABC’s – Reading and Math: grades 6-8 Overall- Met Expected Growth ABC’s - 8th Grade Science Not calculated in growth

6 Federal Accountability Progress AYP: Adequate Yearly Progress Federal Accountability under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) AYP is measured by groups of students meeting set target goals each year Only looks at proficiency If just one student in a subgroup does not meet state target goals in reading or math, the school does not meet AYP AYP target goals increase every three years until 2014 when 100% proficiency is expected

7 School Improvement Strategies Students participate in setting personal goals and monitoring progress Integrating technology in instruction Using strategies in the classroom to differentiate instruction Involving families with progress monitoring

8 Parent Involvement Requirements Title I School Level Parent Policy – explains how the school supports the role of parents in education (provided by teacher and posted at Title I School/Parent Contracts – Agreement between teachers, students, and parents to work together (provided by teacher and on website)

9 Title I Assessments Assessments are used to help teachers determine if a student is understanding the content presented in the classroom. We use the following assessments for all of our students:  Language Arts: ClassScapes 6-8  Math: NHC Local Assessments ClassScapes 6-8  Discovery Education (DE)

10 Proficiency Levels If a child does not reach a certain proficiency level when they take an assessment, they will receive additional help in the classroom through small group instruction and one on one interventions. Each grade level has proficiency levels for each assessment. Your child’s teacher should share that information with you.

11 NC EOG Proficiency Levels Children in grades 6-8 will be taking the North Carolina End of Grade tests in reading, math and science(8).  Four Proficiency Levels Level 4 – above expectations Level 3 – Proficient Level 2 – below expectations (inconsistent mastery) Level 1 – below expectations (does not have mastery)  Our goal along with the state of NC is for your student to reach “Proficient – Level 3 or Above Proficient – Level 4”

12 Assessment Results You will be notified of your child’s progress and assessment results during the year. Interim Reports (4.5 weeks) and Report Cards:  Quarter 1Nov. 7  Quarter 2Jan. 30  Quarter 3April 16  Quarter 4 June 12 (mail)  EOG Tests – May - June 2012

13 Process for Contacting Staff If you have questions or concerns relating to your child’s performance in school or other issues, please contact the school.  Classroom Teacher  Specialists who work with your child  Principal

14 Parent’s Rights under NCLB Williston’s Teachers are 100% Highly Qualified! Receive notice if Non-Highly Qualified Teacher for four or more weeks Request opportunities to meet regularly with staff for parent involvement Participate in decisions affecting your child Review Title I plan and make suggestions during School Improvement Team meetings

15 Thank You for Coming!

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