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Synopsis: Theology of the Body Sixth and Ninth Commandments.

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1 Synopsis: Theology of the Body Sixth and Ninth Commandments

2 Goodness Sexuality is not a casual act because it is a good gift from God to be respected

3 Goodness 1. God created the body to be good 2. Sex is created to be good 3. Children are good, and deserve to be loved and nurtured

4 Goodness 4. Therefore we should choose a good spouse to insure this. We are created good and are deserving of respect and dignity. Know when to say I dont. Will he be a good, supportive, loving husband and father?

5 Marriage B. Marriage is a place of permanence, stability, mutual love and support.

6 C. Love of spouses: 1. Meant to mirror the love of the Trinity a. Father-Son-Holy Spirit b. Husband-Wife-Child

7 Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II 2. Sex as an expression of this love: is meant to be: Free Faithful Total Fruitful

8 Free Nobody is forcing me No one is pressuring me

9 Faithful Fidelity Chastity We have sex with each other only No cheating

10 Total We give ourselves to each other physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, legally, etc. Without reservation Now and Forever In good times and in bad times

11 Fruitful We are open to new life in this relationship We are open to children as gifts from God

12 3. Two equal and inseparable aspects of sex in marriage: a. unitive: sharing of love between spouses, bonding b. procreative: openness to new life, babies

13 4. Remove any part and sex is removed from this love and marriage context and it can become: a. lust b. selfish, using, sterile, insecure, risky, possibly abusive c. may create an insecure future for me and any resulting children

14 5. Natural Family Planning a. a way to keep the unitive and procreative aspects together b. a means to be responsible parents by spacing children according to our ability to lovingly take care of them c. uses awareness of cycle, ovulation, and abstinence


16 Examples that do not meet the standards of fruitful, free, total and faithful: recreational sex: just pleasure; Children? Contraception? Heartbreak? Not fruitful, not faithful, not total

17 Not free, faithful, total, fruitful relationship sex: We love each other Children? Contraception? Security? Not fruitful, not total, faithful?

18 Not f, f, t, f almost committed sex: living together, engaged; Children? Contraception? Not total, one of us could still walk away, fruitful?

19 Not f, f, t, f Artificial contraception: not fruitful, tries to prevent openness to new life or procreation

20 Not... Some artificial fertility technologies: not open to love or unity of the couple; not total, faithful, or free

21 Not... Pressure to have sex or to get married, or rape: not free, not total, not faithful, fruitful?


23 Sex Sells If you buy this product, you will be attractive and therefore happy

24 Sexualization of our culture Younger and younger children are being dressed in sexy clothes Younger and younger children are engaging in sex acts

25 It is everywhere Music Movies T.V. Advertising Conversation Language Peer Pressure


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