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The ABCs (and D) of Writing Prompts

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1 The ABCs (and D) of Writing Prompts

2 WHY is this good to learn? (you don’t have to write this part)
We will be writing reports / papers all year! Let’s start here! The new SAT has a writing section Many employees are now asking for writing samples as part of the interview process If you can write well, you have the keys to let yourself through the doors of many amazing opportunities!

3 What is ABCD? A =Attack the prompt B = Brainstorm possible
C = Choose the order of your response D = Detect errors before turning the draft in

4 Let’s Try this Out!!

5 A = Attack the Prompt 4 Steps:
Cross out the words “Write an essay” or “write a composition”---- you do not need them! Circle any word that asks you to do something Draw an arrow from each circled word to what it is telling you to do Under the prompt, rewrite & number the circled words

6 B = Brainstorm Possible Answers
Just take 1-2 minutes to do this! Brainstorm layer 1 Brainstorm layer 2

7 C = Choose the Order of Your Response
Just like driving somewhere with a map makes the trip easier, so does planning which way your essay should go make your writing better!

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