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Profile CV How to complete your CV section. You Home Page Where is my CV page? Your profile CV section can be found by clicking on the icon next to the.

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1 Profile CV How to complete your CV section

2 You Home Page Where is my CV page? Your profile CV section can be found by clicking on the icon next to the Profile Title or by clicking on the Profile Tab

3 Profile CV Overview Page Here is an overview of your blank CV page We will run through each field one by one with an explanation Click the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of the CV summary page to display the CV edit page

4 Profile CV Objectives and Professional Qualifications The objectives box is a free text box for you to enter a few words describing your career objectives Start by entering letters or words in the professional qualifications predictive text box For example entering ‘EAS’ will display a list of professional qualifications to choose from. Click the Add button to add another to the list If you don not find a match in the dropdown, complete the field using your own words and it will now operate as a free text search Clicking on the question marks will reveal a help text

5 Profile CV Academic Qualifications The academic qualifications can be filled out in the same way as the professional qualifications If your academic qualification is not listed in the predictive text drop down menu, enter the details as text The equivalent column is provided if you feel the need to describe your qualification in terms of its nearest equivalent. For example, some associate degrees are considered to be full degrees and some are not, depending on which institution it bas been issued by

6 Profile CV Current Job and Work Experience Current Job and work experience is a combined table to display your present work status and your history Enter the name of the company and your work position or role By entering the ‘from date’ only, signifies that your are still working or currently employed in this position Adding a ‘from date’ and a ‘to date’ in the same line, describes your past work experience and previous companies

7 Profile CV Current Job and Work Experience The Job category keywords provide the precise category and job description for your searchable CV It is a predictive text drop down selection Start by typing ‘Flight’, ‘Ground’ or ‘Support’ and a list of categories and job descriptions are displayed for you to select one

8 Profile CV Aircraft Experience Filling in the aircraft experience will ensure your profile is searched if you have had any aircraft working experience at all From an aircraft interiors fitter to an airline pilot, use this section if you have ever worked on an aircraft and consider it to be an essential part of your CV Start by typing in the aircraft model or manufacturer. The predictive text will display a drop down menu of aircraft types on the data base for you to choose from Then type in the name of the company where you gained this working experience

9 Profile CV Aircraft Experience Add several aircraft types by using the add button and start another line This field is a popular search by our registered companies and should be completed if you are seeking more profile views If the aircraft you require does not appear on the dropdown, try entering it in a different format. For example use 757 instead of B757 If your aircraft still does not appear, contact admin and we will add it to the database at the next update

10 Profile CV Airside Access Start by entering the IATA 3 letter code or ICAO 4-letter code in the blue predictive text field Choose from the displayed dropdown menu of airports on our database

11 Profile CV Human Factors and Spoken Languages Human factors course is a simple yes /no button. This is for those who are required to complete human factors courses Companies may search for those required to have it, generally those whose careers depend on safety issues There is a field to enter one or multiple languages. Select from the dropdown and add another when required

12 Profile CV Special Skills and References The special skills field is a free text box to describe any special skills you wish to add to stand out Be careful of spelling and variations of industry used names. This is a free text search field and some companies may search for ‘boroscope’ as well as ‘borescope’ The references field has space to add phone numbers, email addresses and notes Remember to get permission from your referee before you add their email or telephone number

13 Profile CV Additional Information This is a free text box for you to add more information in plain text format in greater detail For example detailed work experience, actual specific tasks performed, special projects etc This box should not be used for personal information like contact details, phone numbers or e-mail addresses This field together with the objective section at the top is where you can really personalise your profile All the free text sections are searchable by the companies using keywords too The more you have in your free text fields, the more chance you will have of appearing in company search results DONT FORGET TO PRESS SAVE

14 Thank You for viewing our presentation. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact admin through our In-Mail or

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