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Managing the digital market in two shores of the ocean The Spanish case 16th February 2011.

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1 Managing the digital market in two shores of the ocean The Spanish case 16th February 2011

2 Overview Development of the digital market accross regions: Europe and South America. Status Rollout of the digital offer for the Spanish market and the roadmap ahead Publishing and managing global and local digital titles in 22 countries. Common challenges for the publishing industry when managing the catalogue Key problems, issues to solve and opportunties for big and small publishers The value chain in digital publishing and evolving roles in the business Big actors in the ebook market and their approach to the Spanish and the European markets.

3 Briefly: about us PRISA is the worlds leading Spanish and Portuguese-language Media group in the fields of education, information and entertainment. Present in 22 countries, it reaches more than 50 million users through its global brands El País, 40 Principales, Santillana and Alfaguara. Areas in Publishing at Grupo Santillana Education Trade Language Teaching

4 Some books you might have heard of Locally published in the US in Spanish by Santillana USA Already in ebook format in Spanish Briefly: about us

5 Joe Hill Guillermo del Toro Some of your authors are also our authors Briefly: about us

6 Development status of market. Some figures

7 Ebook market sales US Market In 2011 some publishing US publishing groups expect that 10% of their income will come from e-book/digital sales. In 2010 it was already a 9%. In 2015: the business case of some US publishing groups is that t 50% of their revenue will be digital by then. Source: idpf 2011 Europe 2010: In UK it represented aproximately 3% of the publishers revenue, yet for the new releases and bestselling titles, the digital sales are up to 8% already. In Germany, average 1% of the market, and rapidly growing since the launch of Ipad.

8 The Spanish Market. We do not know where we are in this curve and the speed of growth that the market will take. Key factors: number of devices and rate of adoption. Growth of catalogue available. Accomodate offer tov the demand. Levels of e-commerce for books and digital content. Piracy Ebook market sales

9 Most of the relevant studies have been made for the US Market. Some people miss the unexpected: Ipad, Nook colour and other tablets. Ebook market sales. Forecasts

10 Libranda is distributing the digitaL catalogue of 99 imprints of more than 10 publishing groups and independent publishers. And counting Meeting de demand. Distribution as a facilitator in the kickoff of the market

11 4 Big book retailers adn new major actors Online ebook stores Libranda is distributing the digital catalogue available in 40 online ebook stores in Spain. And counting Independent bookshops want to sell ebooks online 15 independent bookshops in Spain are already selling ebooks Meeting de demand. Distribution as a facilitator in the kickoff of the market

12 Building the offer: The roadmap ahead Brasil México Argentina Colombia USA from 2010 But the Spanish language catalogue could be in more retail stores in Europe and in other type or retailers. 2010 2011

13 Building the market. The roadmap ahead

14 Key issues when your market goes global Territorial rights and negotiation of digital rights Pricing tiers/local currencies Publishing schedule of new releases in different markets Local legal regulations for the market of books. Ratios of e-commerce adoption and quality of the ecommerce experience EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION among all the imprints and local operations to run centralized management of the catalogue but also at a global level. EXCHANGE OF OPERATIONS BETWEEN DEPARMENTS. Legal, Rights management, Admin., Accounting, IT. EXCHANGE OF THE UNEXPECTED.

15 Key issues in the value chain: evolving roles in the business The moving landscape The prices of ebooks is 20% 30% cheaper than the print version of books. The legal and operational framework for the book will need to change to accomodate current and foreseable issues Book market laws and procedures: ISBN regulations E-commerce laws: VAT issues, type of access Intellectual property laws and procedures DESINTERMIDIATION can happen, but needs investement, extra work and it might be not that profitable AuthorEditorDistrib. Sales channels Device Reader

16 Key oportunities when your market goes global Comply with one of the key roles of an Editor: to make public more books to the widest audience as possible. You do not need to be a big publisher to do that. You need to know how. You can make make more efficient your digital investments and costs. Reuse not only of the content, but also the procedures and successful formulas. The editor can also proactively participate in the creation of the digital market.

17 THANKS! Matilde Sanz

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