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Islamiyat compulsory css 2013

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1 Islamiyat compulsory css 2013
An out line

2 Why Islamyiat CSS and Islamyiat Islam and Islamyiat
Muslims and Islamyiat We and Islamyiat And Yours ????????


4 Prescribed Books

5 Course Four Parts Weightage Part 1 Basic Concepts 1
Part 2 Aqaid and Ebadat 1 or 2 Part 3 Islamic way of Life/Systems 2 Part 4 Contemporary Affairs of Islam 3 Weightage Objectives 10 or 20 Translations 10 or Zero 5 Questions 80 = 16 x 5

6 6 Basic Characteristics
Option of language 6 Questions to Solve

7 Part- 1 Basic Problems of Human Life and their Solutions
Various sources of knowledge-revelation (Wahy) as a source of knowledge and solution to human problem. Divinity and Supremacy of Wahy. Need of Religion and its role in Human Life ,Islam and other religions, Islam ,Its concept and meanings Deen and Muzhab, Place of Humanity in Islam, Man as Vicegerent of Allah Chief Characteristics of Islamic Ideology

8 Part 2-Fundamental Beliefs and Practices of Islam
Aqaid-Faiths Tauheed (Unity of Allah), Risalat (Finality of the Prophet hood) Akhirat (Day of Judgment) Ebadat/Rituals Salat, Soum Zakat, Hajj Jehad

9 Part 3-Islamic Way of Life
Sources of Shariah: The Qu'ran, Sunnah, Ijma (Consensus), Qiyas and Ijtihad (reasoning). Islamic Systems Social system in Islam, Morality in Islam Concept of morality Islamic Political System Judicial System

10 Part-4 Contemporary Islamic Affairs
Muslim Ummuh Role and objectives of Muslim Ummah Compilation of Quran Jihad and Terrorism Concept of World, Quran and Science HR Women Rights Rights of Minorities General HR

11 Quranic Ayat and their Translation

12 CSS 2012 Paper عقیدہ آخرت سے کیا مراد ہے ؟ انسانی زندگی پر اس کےاثرات
ان صلاۃ تنھی عن الفحشاء ولمنکر کی روشنی میں نماز کے فوائد اور اثرات بیان کیجیۓ اسلام کا سیاسی نظام فلاحی ریاست کی ضمانت دیتا ہے ۔وضاحت کیجیۓ جدید تہذیب و تمدن کا نقطہ نظر بیان کرتے ہوۓ مسلم امہ پر اس کے اثرات بیان کیجیۓ

13 اسلام ایک مکمل ضابطہ حیات ہے ۔ بحث کیجیۓ خطبہ حجتہ الوداع کی روشنی میں اسلام میں انسانی حقوق واضح کریں اسلام کے اقتصادی قوانین کی وضاحت اجتماعی عدل کی روشنی میں بیان کیجۓ انسان کے لیۓ مذہب کی ضرورت اور اہمیت کو بیان کرتے ہوۓ انسانی زندگی پر اس کے اثرات واضح کریں شریعت سے کیا مراد ہے ؟ شریعت کے مختلف ماخذ بیان کریں قرآن کی جمع و تدوین پر تفصیلاً بحث کیجیۓ

14 CSS Paper 2011 Q.2 To follow an ideal is very necessary for the progress of nation. In your view what are basic characteristic of ideal and how Islamic ideology of life affects the individual and communal life with reference to basic characteristic of Islamic ideology? Elucidate. Q.3 what is meant by civilization and culture and how it effects collective life and also analyzes the foundation of modern civilization and highlights the problems caused by it?

15 Cont… Q.4 Discuss the concept of veil and freedom of woman from Islamic point of view while analyzing the law against veil in France Q.5 it is necessary to establish priority of law for the development of society. What is your point of view that today Islamic punishments are regarded as Savagery? While discussing the Islamic philosophy of the reward and punishment also describe the basic characteristic of Islamic concept of punishments

16 Cont… Q.6 it is the period of basic human rights. What is meant by human rights and what is a western concept of human right, discuss human rights of Islam in the light of the sermon of Hajjatul Widah. Q.7 In the present period the Muslim Ummah is facing different problems and for the solution of these problem “ijtehad” is necessary, so point out such an institution that can offer solution of the new problems with the help of Ijtehad

17 Cont… Q.8 Discuss in detail the importance of Akle-Halal form Islamic pint of view and explain how unfair resources can be checked in the light of Islamic teachings? Q.9 In the present era, Muslim Ummah has all the resources, but it is the victim of disunity, while analysis the reasons of disunity, suggest measures to maintain unity amount the Muslim Ummah

18 Role and Need for Deen (Mazhab ki Zaroorat)
By: Muhammad Ali Khan

19 Difference b/w Deen and Mazhab
Concept Frame of Reference Canvas In religious connotation (Al-Kafiroon, Ale-Imran 19, Al-Maida 30) Nature (Individual and Collective)

20 Two Theories of Evolution of Religion
Islamic Point of View 7 Stages _Evolution of Religion Atheism Worshiping the Nature Fear and Greed Totoism Worshiping the Elders (Past) Idolatry Monotheism Of Future

21 Concept Religion as a “binding together” (Latin, religio, from the verb religare = “to bind together” Religion is a relationship between the religious devotee and that which is the object of religious devotion (the gods, God)a relationship that binds the two together. Binding together of all those who share the same or similar religious attitudes Bound together with the object of its devotion the gods, etc

22 Religion is all about rituals and Faiths
Gods Allah Shiva Budhh Zeus Aherman Yazdan Experiences Love/Ecstasy Nothingness Hell/Heaven Sacrifice Beliefs Death Immortality Atonement Fate Prayer Practices (rituals) Prayers Meditation Fasting Alms Youga Spirits : Demons, Ancestors, Ghosts

23 DEEN Lots of Ins and Outs and What-Have-Yours
Deen is neither a single phenomenon, nor a “thing” rather, it is a divine and dynamic collection of institutions, practices, beliefs and social order What's our Religion ?

24 Attempts at a Definition
Edward Tylor “The belief in spiritual beings.” Clifford Geertz “A religion is a system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods and motivations with such an aura of factuality that the moods and motivations seem uniquely realistic.” Emile Durkheim “A religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things”

25 Attempts at a Definition
Melford Spiro “Religion is an institution consisting of culturally patterned interaction with culturally postulated superhuman beings.” Peter Berger “Religion is the human attitude towards a sacred order that includes within it all being—human or Max Weber Refused to attempt a definition of religion. [Smart Man?]

26 Concept Spirituality- Emotion Ethics
EB Taylor ( Social) Emotion Ethics Mathew Arnold (Literature) Emotional Appeal to accept Almighty Freud (Psychology) Only Rituals ? Humanity

27 Need of Religion/Deen Pascal Boyer’s Religion Explained (2001)
Religion Provides Explanations People created religion to explain puzzling natural phenomena Religion explains puzzling experiences: dreams, forethought, etc Religion explains the origins of things Religion explains why there is evil and suffering

28 Need of Religion/Deen Religion provides comfort
Religious explanations make mortality less unbearable Religion allays anxiety and makes for a comfortable world

29 Need of Religion/Deen Religion provides social order
Religion holds society together Religion perpetuates a particular social order Religion supports morality

30 Cont… Religion is a cognitive approach
People are superstitious; they will believe anything Religious concepts are irrefutable and Refutation is more difficult than belief

31 Need of Religion All civilizations have its Religions
Great civilizations are not died, they attempt suicide All social system requires religion Religion and Science Good & Bad given by Religion Guidance to Wisdom Religion as Change Agent for Natural, Spiritual, social needs

32 Cont… Universal peace v/s materialistic development (survival of the fittest is questioned) Life after death – possibility only in religion Accountability here and in life after death Religion for Social Correction , Reformist movements Religion as Panacea

33 Liberal Arguments for need of Deen /Religion
August Comte Theological (Religion) Metaphysical (Philosophy and Psychology) Positive Stage (Science) Napoleon says “It has kept the poor murdering the rich” Supernatural hope in dooms hopes (Imam Jaffar RA) When humans are unknowing and confused they make theories in order to solve things. theories are usually proven false and it takes generations to believe the proof Heaven and utopia are buckets in a well if one goes up other goes down Religion Rich in Miracle system and myths is needed

34 Epilogue Even rationalism w/o religion will be blunder
As long as there is poverty these will be gods Evolution. Nature -law of nature First force. If events are due to natural cause then what is super natural cause God is a beautiful manifestation of human wishes

35 An other view The process of modernization and change Modern thought
The attitude of scientific reason The doctrine of philosophical naturalism The philosophy of secular humanism Science and technology in the modern world The problem of meaning in modern culture

36 Insan ka Mansb-e-Khilafat
Status of Man Insan ka Mansb-e-Khilafat

37 Concept Five Dimensions of Status Human_Insan
Fit of The Fittest-Ashraf-ul-Makhloqat Vicegerent -(Socio-Religious) Khalifa (Political) Only of Adam (Baqra-30) To Messangers /Daud ( Suaad 26) Nation by Nation ( Noor-55) All Human beings (Ibn-Kaser+Moudodi) Aadmi (Biological)

38 Status of man (Insan ka Maqam)
Establishment of status before creation Intension of Creation by Allah High Ranke given after Creation Advocacy of Human by Allah Distinction in Creation_Created by Hands of Allah (Suaad-75) Created as Fit of the Fitness/Ahsan-e-Taqweem Superiority of Knowledge Prostration of Angels but Iblees

39 Cont…. Creation of Iblees when he disobey to prostrate Adam
Heaven ,first Residence /Dwelling Place Everything is created for him Everything created is given in man’s ownership Created man with Choices (Aaraf 10) Respect given to man by Allah (Maaida 32) Due respect ought to be paid to humanity Tauheed, to avoid any negativity Equality- if its there ?

40 Rationales of Khalafat/Naib/Vicegerent
Sovereignty lies with Allah and all Powers are trust Quran as Supreme Law Accountable to Allah for the Powers given on Earth No Absolute Rule Rule given for limited time span

41 A thought ! “Mein ny apny Khuda ko apny eradon k totny sy pahchana”
Is religion possible without GOD ? Is religion a cause to recognize the GOD Will religion end when human beings will reach at Heaven or Hell ? Hazrat Ali (RA) said “Mein ny apny Khuda ko apny eradon k totny sy pahchana” ( I recognized my God , when my intentions doomed)


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