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Unit 8 Holidays Lesson 30. Sally: I m _____ _____ ___ the holiday. What ___ we ____ ___ ____? Annie: We _____ go to the _______. Sally: No, let s go to.

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Presentation on theme: "Unit 8 Holidays Lesson 30. Sally: I m _____ _____ ___ the holiday. What ___ we ____ ___ ____? Annie: We _____ go to the _______. Sally: No, let s go to."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit 8 Holidays Lesson 30

2 Sally: I m _____ _____ ___ the holiday. What ___ we ____ ___ ____? Annie: We _____ go to the _______. Sally: No, let s go to the hills. I ___ ____ __ climb up to the clouds. Meihua: ____ we ___ go to the Baiyun Hills. Sally: ____? Xiaoling: The Baiyun Hills. Sally: Oh, yes. I ___ ____ ____ go. Annie: Good, you ___ ____ it. But you _____ ____ ____ ___ the clouds!

3 Xiaoling: Let s _____ ____ ____. Sally: That s ____ ____ _____.What ____ we take ___ us? Annie: Who ____ _____ a camera? I ____ _____ some photographs. Xiaoling: I ll ______ my camera. I ___ _____ a new _____ in it. Who ____ _____ the food? Sally: I ____. I ll ask my mum. She ll ____ us some food ____ our picnic. Annie: _____ I bring some _____? Meihua: yes, ____ _____.Now what ____ I ______?

4 Rewrite the following sentences with will 1. It is snowy in Harbin today. (this weekend) It will be snowy in Harbin this weekend. 2. There is a heavy rain today. (this Sunday) There will be a heavy rain this Sunday. 3. The temperature falls to 5 today. (the day after tomorrow) The temperature will fall to 5 the day after tomorrow. 4. The weather is fine today. (this afternoon) The weather will be fine this afternoon. 5. She goes skiing every day. (next week) She will go skiing next week.

5 Turn into question sentences: 1.I will go home tomorrow. Will you go home tomorrow? Yes, I will. / No, I won t. 2. They will go shopping this weekend. When will they go shopping? 3. We will have a three-day holiday soon. What will you have soon? 4. He will have three hamburgers for supper. How many hamburgers will he have for supper?

6 Turn into question sentences: 5. Sally will go sightseeing by train next year. How will Sally go sightseeing next year? 6. The boy will see a film this weekend. What will the boy do this weekend? 7. They will have a picnic near the river. Where will they have a picnic? 8. There will be about 30 students in the room. How many students will there be in the room? 9. He will go to the countryside with Ben. Who will he go to the countryside with?

7 Pronouns ( pron. ) A pronoun is a word in place of a noun. Singular ( ) Plural ( ) he, she, it you them your mineours Iyou me my wethey you him,her,it usyou his,her,its yours his, hers, its our yourtheir yours theirs

8 Fill in the blanks with proper pronouns 1. --Whos that boy? -- __ is my brother, Jim. 2. Mothers Day is coming. Ill buy some presents for ___ mother. 3. Their classroom is the same as ____. 4. Tom and Jim are classmates. ____ usually go to school together. 5. --Whats wrong with Lucy? -- ___ is OK. 6. The girls are in trouble. Can the boys help ____ ? 7. –Is this pen _____? –No, it isnt. Its Jacks. ____ is here in my bag. He my ours They She them yours Mine

9 What special day is coming? What are you going to do on New Year s Day? Where will you go if you have a picnic? Countryside, hills, sea, or park? What will you bring to eat / drink? Who will bring the food or drinks? Part 2: Make a conversation in pairs: A: What are we going to do on … ? B: We could go to … A: No, let s go to … B: What will we bring? A: I ll bring … …

10 Part 3 Listen and answer: 1. He doesnt know. 2. She wants him to go to the Baiyun Hills with her and her friends. 3.He is not sure. 4. Hes going to ask his mother if he can go. Maybe he wont go.

11 Listen and answer the questions 1. What is Wang Xin listening to on the radio? She is listening to tomorrows weather report. 2. What will the weather be like tomorrow? Itll be windy in Guangzhou. There will be heavy cloud on the hills near Guangzhou and it will rain. The temperature will be between 15 and 20. 3. Will Wang Xin go to the Baiyun Hills? No, he wont. 4. What will he do? Hell go swimming with Lingshi and the boys.

12 Tomorrows weather in Guangzhou Fill in the missing words and try to recite. In Guangdong, it will be _______. There will be ________ ________ on the __________near Guangzhou and it will begin to _________. The temperature will be _____________________. windy hills rain between 15 and 20 heavy clouds

13 Complete the dialogue Wang: Listen! Tomorrows __ __ is __ __ __. Weatherman: In Guangdong, it will __ __. There __ __ __ __ on the hills near Guangzhou and it will __ __ __. The temperature will be __ __ __ __. Wang: The weather is __ __ __ __ tomorrow. We cant __ __ __ __ __. Ill go and tell Sally. Mrs: __ __ __! Wang: Thats all right. Ill __ __ with Lingshi and the boys. The weather __ __ __.

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