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Unit 4 A Charity Show Welcome to the unit Whats this? Who may often use it? Microphone. Host.

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2 Unit 4 A Charity Show Welcome to the unit

3 Whats this? Who may often use it? Microphone. Host.

4 hostess host

5 hosts

6 hold a microphone a hostess a microphone

7 LISTENING Why is Hobo holding a microphone? Because he is going to be the host of a charity show.

8 1.What is Hobo doing? 2.What is he going to be? 3.What does Eddie want to be? 4.What does Hobos think about Eddies wish? Listen to the tape and answer the questions He is holding a microphone. He is going to be a host of a charity. He want to be a host. He thinks Eddie should sleep less and practise a lot.

9 Spring Bud Project Save China s Tigers Project Hope Do you know the names of charities in China?

10 Project Green Hope

11 Project Green Hope Project Hope Save Chinas Tigers Spring Bud Project 1_______________helps schools and students in poor areas. 2_________________ helps young girls return to school. 3_________________ protects tigers and other big cats in China. 4_________________ helps protect rivers and lakes in China. Project Hope Spring Bud Project Save Chinas Tigers Project Green Hope

12 Project Hope What can we do to help them? We can donate things to them. We can raise money for them.

13 They are giving a fashion show. What are they doing? They want to raise money for Project Hope. a charity show


15 1. Hold a microphone 2.advertise on the Internet 3. The host of 4. Only if 5. Practise doing 6. Give out leaflets 7.Return to school 8.Organize a charity show 9.In poor areas

16 1.I have d some money to the Spring Bud Project. 2.You must p a lot if you want to learn English well. 3.Do you want to be a ( )in the future? 4.We can )on the Internet. 5.Daniel wants to learn more about the different (charity) in China. 6.The students want to r money for Charity. 7.Why are you holding a ( )? 8.We should leaflets to ask people to donate money. 9.Would you please help me h the ladder( )? 10.Its better to do more, but talk l.

17 ( ) 1.Jim will go there ____you go with him. A. Only if B. until C. after D. that ( ) 2.---Hi, Xiao Hui, you look tired. What happened? ---I well last night. A.didnt sleep B. dont sleep C. havent slept D. wont sleep ( ) 3. China will be host of the 2008 Olympic Games. A. a B. / C. the D. an ( ) 4. The teacher asked those boys too much noises in class. do not make B. not make C. not making D. not to make ( ) 5.---My spoken English is poor. What shall I DO? ---Thats easy. Practise it as much as possible. A. speak B. speaks C. speaking D. to speak

18 ( ) 6. give the pocket money to the children from Aids( ) families? – What about B. What for C. Why dont D.Why not ( ) 7. We should leaflets to ask people to take part in the activity. A. sent out B. give C. give out D. send ( ) 8.Spring Bud Project helps poor young girls. A. return back to school B. return to school C. return school D. return back school ( ) 9. Why sleep less during the day? A. dont B. not you C. not to D. dont you ( ) 10. Lets sell books money. A. raise B. to raise C. raises D. raising

19 1. We should ask people ___ ___ money. 2. I m you _________ a good host. 3. You must _______ if you want to learn English well. 4. They are money for charity by books. 5. Why you _________ a charity show?

20 Group Work Suppose you are members of one of these charities. Introduce the name of your charity, what you can do, what activities you are going to do to raise money and so on.

21 Homework: 1. Remember the new words and the phrases. 2. Retell the dialogs of the Comic strip.

22 Thank you!

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