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Forests; a natural resource

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1 Forests; a natural resource
Importance Wood [n] Shade [n] Provide [v] Provide [v] Fruits [n] Fuel [n] Types of Forests in Pakistan Mangrove [n] Alpine [n] Riverain [adj] /Bella Irrigated [adj] Coniferous [n] Area= 4.5% Fuel= substance used for producing fire or energy

2 Mangroves Timber [n] Habitat [n] for birds
Firewood [n] Provide [v] Provide [v] Habitat [n] for birds Food for local livestock [n] Provide [v] Habitat [n] for fishes and shrimps Livestock = Animals kept for use or profit Habitat= Environment for living things Firewood = Wood for fuel Timber= Type of wood used for furniture making

3 Coniferous; Alpines Timber [n] Soil [n] from flowing [v]
are [v] Protect [v] Provide [v] Timber [n] Soil [n] from flowing [v] Add [v] Attract [v] Called [v] Habitat [n] for birds and wildlife [n] SOIL EROSION [n] Tourists [n] MONEY!! [n] BEAUTY [n] Bring [v]

4 Riverain/Bella Shishum [n] Babul [n] Furniture [n] MONEY!!! [n]
Commercial [adj]= involving buying/selling in market MONEY!!! [n] Linear [adj]= in straight line

5 Irrigated Commercial [adj] firewood Timber [n] Fill in the verb
Commercial forests are __________ [v] by man while domestic forests _________ [v] naturally.

6 Deforestation [n] Less Oxygen [n] Floods [n] Soil Erosion [n]
Causes [v] Causes [v] Soil Erosion [n] Less Beauty [n] Silting [v] Causes [v] Blockage in rivers Deforestation [subj], Silting [object]

7 Solutions Silt Traps Bhal Safai Flood Warnings Afforestation

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