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Do you want to be a Resident Advisor?

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1 Do you want to be a Resident Advisor?
Residence Life at the University of Redlands

2 What is a Resident Advisor?

3 What is an RA? The Resident Advisor position is an exciting and challenging opportunity because those selected are seen as an essential part of the success of living on campus at the University of Redlands.

4 What is an RA? RA’s are assigned to live and work on specific floors of 10 – 50 students to promote a strong community experience. While job responsibilities may vary according to the characteristics of the hall, the RA reports directly to the Resident Coordinator (RC) or Resident Director (RD).

5 What is an RA? RA’s are generally responsible for creating and maintaining a living environment conducive to the academic success and physical, emotional and social well being of residents. This community development involves helping your peers, programming, crisis management, policy enforcement and administrative duties.

6 What does it take to be an RA?
Be committed A willingness to work hard with other staff members as a team Be able to function as a listener, friend and problem solver Have a Cumulative GPA of 2.3 or higher Be available to hold the position for Fall and Spring semesters as well as May Term Be in good Judicial Standing MOTIVATION!

7 What are the benefits? Opportunity to meet many new people and perhaps life long friends. Employers recognize the RA experience as giving students a strong competitive edge in the job market. A single room at the double rate A $500 per year room credit First year RA’s are paid approximately $200 twice a month Not charged for collective hall damages

8 What do RAs do? Develop and implement programs for your hall and floor
Be a leader, community-builder and role model for your hall, your floor and the campus Return early in the fall for RA training Be on duty starting at 9pm

9 What do RAs do? Provide campus resource information to residents
Encourage community building and a safe living environment Work closely with Facilities Management to coordinate service requisition requests from residents Enforce University policy in your hall

10 Outside Involvement and Employment
RAs are encouraged to be involved in campus activities, but outside responsibilities should not interfere with their job as an RA RAs are expected to be available and visible to the residents in the hall and on their floor RAs are not permitted to have outside employment or another on campus job

11 Training All first year RAs and alternates are required to take Res Life 101 in May Term RAs arrive on campus approximately two weeks early in the fall for RA training Attend CRAM – a weekly on going training meeting Attend Southern RAP – an annual Southern California RA programming conference

12 How do I become an RA? Interested people must first complete an application. Candidates then have an individual interview which is conducted by a panel of current Residence Life Staff members. Candidates chosen to move on participate in a group interview with all other candidates, which is conducted in a round robin method.

13 How do I become an RA? The selection committee will then meet to decide the status of each candidate and will be assigned to one of three categories; hired, alternate, not selected. Those hired will be assigned to a specific staff. Alternates are placed in a pool to serve as possible candidates should a position become available. Those not selected are encouraged to get feedback as to how they may improve their chances for later selection.

14 What else do I need to know?
The selection process will open Monday, January 10, Applications will be available online, in the Student Life Office and from your current RC or RD. If you have any other questions, call the Student Life Office at extension 4053 or us at

15 Picture yourself as an RA!

16 Picture yourself as an RA!

17 Picture yourself as an RA!

18 What’s next? Click on the link at the end of the show to download an application packet including recommendation forms. Completed applications must be returned to the Student Life Office no later than Thursday, January 27, 2005. You will sign up for an interview when you submit your completed application. Come join our team!

19 Click here for your application packet!
Come join our team! Click here for your application packet! [end of show]

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