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AT for OT: The Computer Jennifer L. Kraft, MSSE/Tech for SPED Education Technology Facilitator, Kennedy Krieger HS SMART Exemplary Educator & Master Trainer.

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1 AT for OT: The Computer Jennifer L. Kraft, MSSE/Tech for SPED Education Technology Facilitator, Kennedy Krieger HS SMART Exemplary Educator & Master Trainer Discovery Educator Network, Member

2 Discussion Points Operating Systems Hardware Software Internet Toys/Gaming

3 Operating Systems PC –Windows –Linux Apple –Mac MS-DOS

4 PC - Windows Microsoft Product Created in 1985 as an add-on to MS- DOS Graphical user interface - based off of the Macintosh design 90% of users choose Windows as their OS Current version is Vista NOT XP

5 PC - Linux Unix like OS One of the most prominent examples of open source development and free software –Anyone can use it, modify it, and distribute it Goal of the GNU project is to produce a Unix- compatible operating system consisting entirely of free software, and most general-purpose Linux distributions rely on GNU libraries and tools written to that effect GNU Project – GNOME for Special Education

6 Apple – Mac Apple started graphical design interface for operating systems in 1984 – they were first Current Version is Mac OS X Mac OS X is a multi-user, pre-emptively, multitasking, Unix-like operating system built on technology that had been developed at NeXT through the second half of the 1980s and up until Apple Computer purchased the company in early 1997

7 MS-DOS Yes, it still exists Operating system commercialized by Microsoft Originally released in 1981 Development was ceased in 2000 Key product in Microsoft's growth from a programming languages company to a diverse software development firm, providing the company with essential revenue and marketing resources Today it is still used in various embedded x86 systems due to its simplistic architecture, minimal memory requirements, and minimal processor speed requirements

8 Specialized Hardware Switches –Big Red –Jelly Bean Mice –Roller Ball –Target Mice Touch Screens Touch Monitors

9 More Specialized Hardware Keyboards –Big Keys Keyboards –Intellikeys SMART Technology Products –SMART Board –Sympodium –Airliner Wireless Slates

10 More Specialized Hardware Devices –DynaVox –Vanguard Word Processors –Writers –AlphaSmarts

11 Switches Big Red Switch –Produced by AbleNet, Inc.AbleNet, Inc. –5 surface –5 colors –$43 Jelly Bean –Produced by AbleNet, Inc.AbleNet, Inc. –2 ½ surface –5 colors –$43

12 Mice Kid Trac Mouse –Can be purchased from Mayer JohnsonMayer Johnson –USB or Serial –2 buttons with a drag lock –$79 Trackball Mice –Can be purchased at Staples, Walmart, etc.Staples –USB or PS2 –Ball in different places –Buttons in different places –$20 - $120

13 Touch Screens & Touch Monitors Touch Screen –Can be purchased from RJ Cooper and Mayer JohnsonRJ Cooper –Clips onto the screen –Can be put on regular monitors as well as notebook monitors –Acts as the mouse –$200 - $300 Touch Monitors –Can be purchased through Mayer JohnsonMayer Johnson –Touch Screen is built in –LCD Monitor –15 and 17 –$619 - $889

14 Keyboards – Big Keys Big Keys Keyboard –ABC or QWERTY set-up –Black with white, white with black, or colors –1 square keys – 4 X larger than normal –$159 - $179 –USB Adapter $19 –Can be used with Mac or Windows

15 Keyboard – Intellikeys Can be purchased from Intellitools and RJ CooperIntellitools –Programmable keyboard –Can be customized to any program –Comes with standard overlays: Mouse movement Numbers Letters –$395

16 SMART Technology SMART Board –Giant Touch Screen –3 Types: Rear Projection Front Projection For flat-panel displays –Write notes and save for later –Control the computer from the screen –Range of sizes and costs

17 SMART Technology Sympodium –Designed for presentations –Use a pen to control what is occurring on the screen –I feel better for students with special needs –What is projected on screen, is also on the sympodium –3 different devices

18 SMART Technology Airliner Wireless Slate –Blank whiteboard –Wireless –Has overlays for some of the pages –This is what they target for special needs –What is projected is not what is on the slate –One size –Fairly cheap

19 Devices DynaVox –Number of Different Devices –Step Scan or Direct Access –May contain Universal Controls –Can hook-up to computer to use when word processing, searching the Internet, etc. Vanguard –Number of Different Devices as well –Step Scan or Direct Access –May contain Universal Controls –Can hook-up to computer to use when word processing, searching the Internet, etc.

20 Word Processors AlphaSmart –3 Different types AlphaSmart Dana Neo –Rugged –Transfers information to computer –Can be carried with student –Long battery life Writers –Similar to AlphaSmart –Can give a level to writing –Includes games –Can create spelling lists

21 Software: Writing Boardmaker Plus Classroom Suite Clicker 5 Writing With Symbols 2000 Microsoft Word Co:Writer Write:OutLoud WordQ SpeakQ for WordQ

22 Boardmaker Plus Interactive Boardmaker Much friendlier to program than Intellitools Dont need disc to run, just to start Lots of templates to get you started Just change templates – dont recreate if you dont have to! Examples: –BookBook –RecipeRecipe Purchase from Mayer JohnsonMayer Johnson

23 Intellitools Classroom Suite IntelliPics, IntelliMath, and IntelliStudio combined into one Dont recreate – use IntelliShare or Templates Can use IntelliKeys with this Intellitools is creator - $299.95Intellitools Examples –PuzzlePuzzle –BookBook

24 Clicker 5 Similar to Boardmaker Plus and Classroom Suite Can be used for higher functioning students Personally prefer… Purchase through Crick - $199Crick Examples –Hungry CaterpillarHungry Caterpillar –OrganizerOrganizer

25 Writing With Symbols 2000 WWS 2000 is a program with three primary purposes: Allows teachers and parents to make picture materials Allows individuals who don't recognize text to write with pictures Allows text users to have a talking word processing program with a pictorial spell checker Purchase through Mayer Johnson - $199Mayer Johnson Examples –Fact Sheet

26 Microsoft Word Yes, Microsoft Word has some special features!!! –Create Templates Your students will never have to Save As again! –Create Forms Drop Downs Text Boxes Check Boxes –Auto Text (Typing Shortcuts) kki = Kennedy Krieger Institute tx = Thank you –See Handout for More!!!!

27 Co:Writer Word prediction program Uses Linguistic Word Prediction intelligence Has topic dictionaries You can create your own topic dictionaries as well Purchase from Don Johnston - $325Don Johnston

28 Write:OutLoud Talking word processor Allows students to hear what theyve written Helps them make corrections Typically write more Purchase through Don Johnston - $99Don Johnston Pair it with Co:Writer to make the students more successful

29 WordQ Similar to Co:Writer Weve had more success Suggests words for you to use Provides spoken feedback to help you find mistakes Carefully thought-out design with only essential functions Purchase through Quillsoft - $185Quillsoft

30 SpeakQ for WordQ Plug-in for Word Q Adds the benefit of writing by speaking Can train SpeakQ to recognize your speech using texts provided that match your reading level or you can write your own training textsSpeakQ Innovative training interface makes training simple. Just listen to the computer speak and repeat after it! Two Dictation Modes: –Speak and select - spoken words are displayed as a list of choices enhanced by word predictions; select from the list of words or phrases, or type letters to further refine the suggestions –Speak continuously - spoken words are typed directly into your document as you say them

31 Software: Reading Kurzweil 3000 Read Please Toolbar eReader Aspire Reader Jaws PDF Aloud Read & Write Gold

32 Kurzweil 3000 Comprehensive reading, writing and learning software solution for any struggling reader, including individuals with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder or those who are English Language Learners Scan Documents into program –Highlight information –Find out definitions –Use a thesaurus –Take notes –Teachers can input notes for students –So much more Very expensive Can be used during some high-stakes testing as an accommodationhigh-stakes testing

33 ReadPlease Developer of award-winning text-to-speech software for Windows® based operating systems. Reads any text you see on your screen - all purpose text-to-speech software. ReadPlease is freeReadPlease ReadPlease Plus is $59.95 –Low vision large controls option –Fast forward and backward –Highlights text while reading –Dock Mode - will dock at the top of the screen –Add your own words and pronunciations –Play can start anywhere in a document –Adjustable pause between paragraphs –Hot-key controls for all functions –AT&T Natural Voices compatible –More languages (Lernout & Hauspie Voices),

34 eReader eBook store with 17,000 titles Can create your own eBooks eReader is softwareeReader eReader Pro and eReader Studio have costs associated (sale at time of creation) Can use on Smartphones Has educational purchasing programs

35 Aspire Reader Developed by CAST – Center for Applied Special Technology Three modules: –Digital Talking Book Player Provides access to DAISY 3.0, NIMAS, and DAISY 2.02 books via human-recorded or computer-generated speech. –Accessible Web Browser Reads any W3C- or Section 508-compliant webpage –Accessible Editor Allows users to create and read Rich Text documents Many other features

36 JAWS Most popular screen reader worldwide Provide access to todays software applications and the Internet The JAWS interactive talking installation makes it easy to get started without sighted assistance.JAWS Supports all standard Windows® applications without the need to do special configurations. Enhanced support has been added for todays most popular applications, including Microsoft® Office, Corel WordPerfect® Office, and IBM Lotus® Notes®. Supports Internet Explorer with special features: links lists, frames lists, forms mode, reading HTML tables and graphic labels and more. Includes a unique scripting language for further customization with nonstandard Windows applications and proprietary software. New tools for easier customization without the need to write scripts.

37 PDF Aloud Plug-in to Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader which allows accessible PDF files to be read with synthesized speech Individual words can be read with the text being highlighted, paragraphs or the entire document can be read in one session

38 Read & Write Gold Features – –Speech feedback –Spanish Translator –RealSpeak human quality voices –Speaking phonetic spell checker –Audible Homophone support –Context speech enabled word prediction –Audible Dictionary with sample sentences –Word Wizard –Scanning from paper or a saved image –Pronunciation Tutor –Speech Input –Speech Maker for portable text e.g. MP3 –Fact Finder quick specific web searches –Fact Folder stores your collected data –One word display with speech feedback –Speech enabled calculator –Logging of student progress –Internet compatible Very expensive – has books to go with it

39 Software: Organization Inspiration/Kidspiration SMART Ideas Time Liner

40 Inspiration - Kidspiration Allows students to create diagrams or outlines Can add hyperlinks to websites or files Students can add notes to information located in diagrams Includes many templates 8.0 includes text-to-speech option Picture supports as well Purchase from resellers or order from Inspiration - $70 - $100Inspiration Examples –ChinaChina –Around the World in 80 DaysAround the World in 80 Days

41 SMART Ideas Similar to Inspiration Students can create graphic organizers and Outlines Does not have text-to-speech Made to work with SMART Boards Purchase from Smart Technologies - $100Smart Technologies

42 Website that provides the opportunity to create diagrams and outlines Benefit is that the work can be shared via the internet Has some tools to work on design options Free!!!!! Go to website - GliffyGliffy

43 Time Liner Visually organize information on a time line or number line Organize any type of sequential information - from hourly to yearly to geologic, or create a custom number line Multiple vertical and horizontal display formats Publish through Tom Snyder Productions - $75Tom Snyder Productions Example: –The Chinese DynastiesThe Chinese Dynasties

44 Software: Multimedia unitedstreaming PowerPoint/Keynote PhotoStory 3/iPhoto Movie Maker/iMovie Audacity/Garage Band iTunes

45 unitedstreaming Digital video-based learning resource for schools Library contains: –5,000 Full length videos –50,000 Video Clips –Images –Sounds –Articles Download and play resources Closed Captioning available

46 PowerPoint – Keynote – SMART Notebook Presentation programs PowerPoint – PC; Keynote – Mac; SMART Notebook – multiple operating systems – used with SMART Board Considered persuasion technology Text, graphics, movies, and other objects are positioned on individual pages or "slides" Many people misuse – as I am today – make it interactive!!!!

47 PhotoStory 3 - iPhoto iPhoto allows you to import, organize, edit, print and share digital photos Both allow you to create slideshows that incorporate images, music, and narration iPhoto is a part of Macs iLife PhotoStory 3 is a free downloadPhotoStory 3 Examples: –IntroductionIntroduction

48 Movie Maker - iMovie Video editor that can be used with digital video Film capture by a digital camera via FireWire is automated, with both programs allowing users to chop up their videos, add special effects, and reorganize them Can utilize videos from unitedstreaming or other videos that are on your hard drive Movie Maker is part of Windows XP iMovie is part of iLife –Example: DEN CommercialDEN Commercial

49 Audacity - Garageband Music-creation and podcasting application Garageband contains 1000 pre-recorded loops Garageband is part of iLife for Macs Audacity is a free, Open Source, cross platform digital audio editorAudacity

50 iTunes Digital music (and more recently video) jukebox that handles MP3 and AAC music files, MPEG-4 and H.264 video files as well as other media formats Synchronizes music iTunes can be downloaded for free, but music and videos must be purchased There are also several other digital music jukebox

51 Internet Open Source Multiple Resources World Wide Wow! Dont be afraid to use it, you never know what youll find!

52 Open Source Web 2.0 Wikis Blogs Podcasts

53 Web 2.0 Phrase coined by OReilly Media in 2004 Second-generation of Internet-based services - such as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies Allow people collaborate and share information online in previously unavailable ways Can also be considered the Read/Write Web as you can easily update or make changes to many of the technologies considered Web 2.0 EVERYONE can participate in some form or another!!!!

54 Wikis Collaborative Webspace where anyone can add content and anyone can edit content that has already been published. Can be password protected Wikis are being used to create textbooks and resource sites Great way to get students involved in research projects! Wiki for my staffWiki Wikispaces is giving away free Wikis to Educators – sign up now!!!!Wikispaces

55 Blogs Easily created, easily updateable Websites that allow an author (or authors) to publish instantly to the Internet from any Internet connection. Can be interactive –Students and teachers can converse (like a discussion board) –Add to information already published Beginning of 2006, listed almost 25 million blogs Adding over 70,000 new blogs and 1 million posts per day!!!! (Thats a lot of writing going on!)

56 Blogs My blogblog Students Poetry Blog Free Blog Sites: –BloggerBlogger –Class BlogmeisterClass Blogmeister Free Set-up through David Warlicks Landmark Project Most protected

57 Podcasts Allows students to write in different media. Students can become part of the Read/Write or Web 2.0 craze. Audio/video files are easily published and distributed via the Internet. Lectures can be recorded and podcasted or vlogged for students who need to hear/see things more than once. Room 208 – was a ¾ class that created their own Podcasts and a vlog on how to Podcast!Room 208 vlog

58 Resources Wikipedia – yes I use itWikipedia Bloglines – Blog AggregatorBloglines Delicious – My Social Bookmark SiteDelicious Book: –Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web tools for Classrooms by Will RichardsonWill Richardson Closing the Gap – Resource for adaptive technologyClosing the Gap Education Podcast Network – Developed by David WarlickEducation Podcast Network David Warlick

59 Toys Leap Pad Products –LMaxLMax –LittleTouch Leap PadLittleTouch Leap Pad –Leapster TVLeapster TV –Leap Pad Plus WritingLeap Pad Plus Writing –Leap Frog Fridge MagnetsLeap Frog Fridge Magnets Read With Me DVD InteracTV DVD

60 Gaming Teamspeak –Allows people to speak with each other over the Internet –Used in Role-Playing games such as World of Warcraft for players to speak with one another while they are playing the game –Alleviates typing during game play –Meet my Crew the Noseless Marauders Can also use VentriloVentrilo –One staff member says clearer and more options

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