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People are our greatest assets Hiring and Recruiting We are in the PEOPLE business.

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1 People are our greatest assets Hiring and Recruiting We are in the PEOPLE business

2 Tools for a Good Hire Placing The Right Ad. Phone Screening. Reference and Background. Follow – Up McQuaig Survey. Carpenter/Salesman's Test. The Presentation Book.

3 Where do I find everything?

4 The Team Members Starting Out: Owner Office Manager (prior to orientation) 1 st HRS ( 2 days min.prior to orientation) Remodeling Consultant (TBD) As You Grow: More HRSs Production Supervisor (Your 1 st HRS)

5 The Hiring Process Assess the need – Recruit - Place the ad/look ask for referrals ANSWER the phone / log the calls Screen the Applicants/Weed out GAME TIME – Interview Hire the BEST

6 Assessing Your Needs How do I know when to hire? When do I start hiring? Do I need an Office Manager to start? How many HRS do I need to start? When do I start my HRSs?

7 Answers Placement of ads and hiring 4 weeks Office manager 6 weeks before Sales – review needs with Regional Director

8 Recruiting:Where to Find Team Members Newspaper Ads Networking with suppliers Networking with subs Networking with team members (bonus program) Vehicle Signs / Job Signs Internet – Monster for office Your Web Site

9 Newspaper Ads Place ads we give you! Ads work ONLY if you make them work! Put the logo in the ad (Rachel) Answer the calls Look for people outside your area!!

10 Other Methods Suppliers – They will work some of the time Your Team- Referral bonus plan in place $500 per hire / given $250 after 90 days and $250 after 6 months PER referral that stays!

11 Other Methods Trucks – Have a truck at the office when you interview! Use truck signs/ drive the truck until you hire! Internet – good for Sales and OM Use your website

12 The Interviewing Process A.Goal: Not to hire, only to qualify. B.Key Questions 1.Are you currently employed? 2.Why are you seeking employment? 3.Do you have reliable transportation? 4.What tools do you have? 5.What attracted you to call? 6.What are you current wages and what are you seeking? 7.What is your time frame? C.Use the phone application form. D.Resumes or work history. E.How to set up an interview. 1.At your office (block out 2 hours). 2.Specific time during business hours. The Phone Interview

13 Weeding Them Out DO NOT disqualify on location! Start the selling process on the phone! Answer or return all calls before the end of the day! Leave a cell number to reach you!

14 Interview Process (cont) Prepare (forms, presentation book, pens). Review phone application. Thank them for being on time. Ask stage 1 questions to get a feel. Meet in a quiet place (phone off). Ask for resume **not necessary for HRSs**. Talk 20%, listen 80%. Ask them to fill out application and background check form (leave the room). The Face to Face Interview

15 Face to Face (cont) Reflect and prepare additional questions. Look at completed application. Discuss job history. Key question!! Why did they or why do they want to leave their last job? Ask applicant stage 2 interviewing questions. Presentation book (20 minutes). SELL SELL SELL Watch body language. Ask yourself 3 questions: Can they do the job? Will they do the job? Will they fit?

16 Using the Presentation Book Sells the whole company ! Answers questions before they are asked Sets you apart from the pack You can download updates on red house.


18 How to Decide McQuaig survey. Always check them out. BR/Drug/ References. Call former employers. Review qualifications. Their history of job changes ? Second interview. Bring in someone else to interview them. Ask….Are they looking for a job or a career ?

19 Check Em Out McQuaig – Sales, PM, Office manager Carpenters/ Salesman's test – CIS/ drug/ background checks Criminal MVR SS trace References Employment verification / education Credit

20 Taking Them OFF the Market Carpenters – looking today gone tomorrow Sales – 2 or 3 interview process Office manager – 2 – 3 interviews Project manager – 2 interviews over a week

21 Hiring the Carpenter Wording to take them off the market Like to make you an offer Pending a background check Like to discuss a start date and brig you in to meet… Do you like what you hear? Lets discuss bringing you on board, what do you think? Once everything clears we would like to make you part of the team

22 Organization: Have a process and follow it. Know when you need to hire. Time: Be willing to spend the time to find the right employees. Investment: Hiring right pays for itself. Good employees are not cheap. Commitment: Treat hiring with as much value as anything else you do. Stick to a process that works. Summary

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