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A Guide to Good PowerPoint Design

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1 A Guide to Good PowerPoint Design
Presentations A Guide to Good PowerPoint Design

2 Considerations Human Factors Graphic Design Learning Principles
Audience Content Requirements

3 Basic Design Principles

4 Text Use dark background, light text or at least high contrast
Sans serif font Never <20 pt Avoid >6 lines of text on a slide Phrases, never sentences!

5 Graphics Use same background throughout
Keep it simple, one graphic per slide Should enhance content Consistent style Limit to 2-3 main colors

6 Slide Layout Vary for interest
Keep main elements in same place (title) If idea has more than one slide indicate this in title (con’t, 3 out of 4) Left justify buttons Strive for overall balance

7 Overall Organization Should flow from one idea to another logically
May be hierarchical or sequential Indicate when changing directions Show concept map prior to content Considerations Principles Examples

8 Special Effects Just say NO!

9 Learning Content Know your audience Divide into chunks (9 ± 2)
Minimize cognitive load Give examples, then non-examples

10 Slides that Suck

11 Give Credit! APA reference page for last slide
Citation on content slide (Crepeau, Cohn, & Schell, 2009)


13 Tiny tired graphics These tacky pictures are too small to really see and I’m giving a presentation on what?!

14 Font Overload I love to talk and whenever I talk I like to have lots of text on my page so everyone can see how smart I am and what a really good talker I am. Don’t you just wish I would shut up? I am going to read all of this to you because I obviously think you are not smart enough to read this yourself. Don’t you wish you were as smart as I am? THIS IS ALL VERY IMPORTANT. YOU WILL WANT TO READ EVERY DETAIL I HAVE PLACED ON THIS SLIDE BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T YOU WON’T PASS YOUR BOARDS AND then you will be very unhappy and work at a fast food restaurant the rest of your life which is not bad but not exactly what you wanted to do when they asked you in kindergarten.

15 Slides that Succeed

16 83 %

17 One Person CPR: Step 3 Sternum, two fingers above xyphoid Depress 2”
20 times

18 Professional Dress


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