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LITURGICAL YEAR Ordinary Time –Christmas

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1 LITURGICAL YEAR Ordinary Time –Christmas

2 Liturgical Year Cycle of feasts and seasons in the Church
Celebrating events of Jesus’ life and presence in the Church Jesus’ life, death, Resurrection, and Ascension

3 Ordinary Time Liturgical Color Occurs twice in the year Purpose Green
Growth, hope, and life Occurs twice in the year Between Christmas and Lent Between summer and the fall Pentecost-Feast of Christ the King Purpose To recall the life of Jesus Reminded that God is always there to help us live as Christians

4 Advent First Sunday 4 week period Liturgical Colors
Liturgical Calendar year begins 4 week period Prepare for the birth of Jesus Liturgical Colors Purple Sorrow for sin and preparation Pink Joy and happiness for the coming of Jesus.

5 Symbols of Advent Advent Wreath Circle of greens 4 Candles Jesse Tree
Reminds us that God has NO beginning and No end 4 Candles 3 purple 1 pink One candle is lit each week Jesse Tree Displays Jesus’ family history Helps us understand our faith

6 Christmas Birth of Jesus Liturgical Color
Celebrating the world’s greatest gift Liturgical Color White Glory, joy, and innocence

7 Celebrating the Feast Giving gifts Decorate with lights
God gave us the most perfect gift of all: His Son, Jesus Decorate with lights Jesus is the Light of the World Send warm greetings Savior was sent to fill our world with peace and joy

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