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PowerPoint Tips for CERT Instructors

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1 PowerPoint Tips for CERT Instructors
Paul Lufkin Palo Alto Fire Department PowerPoint Tips v5.PPT

2 Why PowerPoint? De facto standard for presentations
Basic CERT slides from FEMA are in PowerPoint FEMA slides need to be localized & customized PowerPoint is a powerful tool if you know a little about how it works PowerPoint® is a registered trademark of Microsoft

3 Controlling Your Slides’ “Look”
PowerPoint has several mechanisms for controlling the “look and feel” of a presentation Design Templates Masters Slide Layouts

4 Design Templates Design templates contain color schemes, slide and title masters with custom formatting Changing the design template replaces the slide master, title master, and color scheme of the original After you apply a design template, each slide you add has the same look * Tip: Create a “look” then save as a template File, Save As…, Save as type: Design Template * PowerPoint 2002 and later allow multiple designs in single presentation!

5 Masters Slide master controls the format and placement of the titles and text you type on slides Title master controls the format of the title slide Masters also hold background items, such as graphics you want to appear on every slide Any change you make to a slide master is reflected on each slide in the set You can change any individual slide to look different from the master

6 Slide Master Tip: Change the location & color of the page number on the Slide Master via View, Master, Slide Master Placeholders Page Number Placeholder

7 Slide Layouts PowerPoint comes with 24 pre-designed slide layouts. For example: Most commonly used: layout that has placeholders for a title and bulleted text Another has placeholders for a title and clip art The title and text placeholders follow the formatting of the slide master Tip: After pasting text from Word, re-apply the slide layout to fix font and font size Format, Slide Layout, Reapply

8 Headers, Footers & Page Numbers
To turn on or modify Footer or Page Numbers Select View, Headers & Footer…

9 Outline Bulleted Lists
Slide layout is “outline bulleted list” Bullets and fonts change on sub-topics Like this… …and like this Tip: Turn bullets off to create a subheading

10 Numbered Lists New feature in PowerPoint 2000
Will get “interesting” results if played back on PC with PowerPoint ’97 Select from Toolbar Tip: Right click in tool bar area to select additional tool bars. Numbering is in Formatting toolbar Numbered Lists

11 Clip Art and Pictures Inserting Clip Art & Pictures
Search for clip art by topic keyword May need “custom installation” Default install doesn’t put clip art on PC Web sites with topic search also available Tip: Connect to Microsoft’s free Web site: Insert, Picture, Clips Online

12 Inserting Pictures Scale large digital photos outside of PowerPoint
Use Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro Don’t “drag and drop” pictures into slides Makes resulting files much larger Tip: Insert pictures via: Insert, Picture, From File…

13 Notes Pages Use to add reminders and supplemental information for instructors Print by selecting Print what: Notes Pages from Print control panel Tip: To make them more readable, format Notes text to be 14 points or larger Tip: Switch to notes page view (View, Notes Page), to draw or add a picture to Notes

14 Handouts 6 Slides per Page Saves paper, but hard to read
Same slide size as 6-up Room for notes 2 Slides per Page Easier to read Less efficient use of paper Better for reference materials

15 Handout Examples 6 Slides/Page 3 Slides/Page 2 Slides/Page

16 Handouts Without Backgrounds
Tip: Disable printing of slide backgrounds Select File, Print,Check Grayscale 2 Slides/Page without Background Grayscale checkbox

17 Handouts: Preview Preview how handouts will look in black & white before printing and duplication PowerPoint’s conversion from color to gray-scale can sometimes be surprising Tip: Select View, Black and White or click on toolbar Grayscale Preview

18 PowerPoint Do’s… Use meaningful titles Use readable size text
Tip: Set properties via File,Properties Summary tab

19 …and PowerPoint Don’ts
Moderation is the key when using animation and sound effects Avoid “fly-in’s” …that seen to come …from every direction

20 Disabling Animation When given an “exuberant” PowerPoint presentations, you can temporarily disable the animation effects Tip: Select Slide Show, Set Up Show…, Check Show without animation

21 Importing Outlines From Word
Create a presentation by importing an outline from Word Tip: In Word, open the document, select File, Send To, Microsoft PowerPoint Insert an outline into an existing presentation Tip: In PowerPoint select Insert, Slides from Outline

22 PowerPoint Resources: Books
Beginning to Intermediate How to Do Everything with PowerPoint Ellen Finkelstein, 433 pages, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media, March 26, 2002, ISBN: ,$ (Amazon) Advanced PowerPoint Advanced Presentation Techniques Faithe Wempen, 600 pages, John Wiley & Sons, July 5, 2004, ISBN: , $ (Amazon)

23 PowerPoint Resources: Web
Microsoft PowerPoint Homepage Indezine PowerPoint Links Techniques And Tutorials Insert and Play Movies in PowerPoint 97/2000 Presentations

24 Paul Lufkin (650) 494-1316
Questions? Paul Lufkin (650)

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