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To plagiarize or not plagiarize? That is the question.

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1 To plagiarize or not plagiarize? That is the question.

2 Couple questions for you Is it fine to take information off the Internet? Can you take information of the Internet and claim it as your own? What about getting music off the Internet?

3 What is Plagiarism? The act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own Using someones words or ideas on purpose or accident Claming someones words or ideas as your own ideas.

4 Why is that so bad? It is stealing!!! You are taking the persons hard work without giving them credit or paying for the material.

5 Information from Books If information is taken out of a book, you must cite the source Citing the source mean you provide with the reader with the information about the book and author If the information you use is exactly what was written in the book, it must be in quotations

6 Information on the Internet Information from the Internet should be treated just like books It has to be cited Remember, if quotes are not used, put the information in your own words

7 Cutting & Pasting Information Using the tools cutting and pasting is a bad idea, you might forget to change the information into your own words. If you do, remember information is still needed to cite the source.

8 Ok…I know I cant use words, but what about music The music and written material is protected under copyright law. Copyright law is the legal protection an author or publisher has so no one can use their information or sell it without their permission.

9 Movies & Music cont. But…I can get them for free on the Internet or from a friend! I dont have a lot of money. But, did the author give you permission? That is an important question.

10 No one will catch me! WRONG! Consequences Websites shutdown Large fine Jail time

11 So remember…. If you are using someone else's words, be sure to use quotes and to cite the source If you didnt buy or get permission to get the music, it is breaking the law! Be honest!

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