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Pick a Suitcase This is Your Case These 4 positions made up George Washingtons cabinet.

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4 Pick a Suitcase

5 This is Your Case


7 These 4 positions made up George Washingtons cabinet

8 Compliment Pick another case Secretary of State Secretary of Treasury Secretary of War Attorney General

9 This act of George Washington established the Supreme Court

10 Pick another case Judiciary Act PLUS 3 binder

11 George Washingtons handling of this event in Western, PA demonstrated the power of the central govt

12 Pick another case Whiskey Rebellion String

13 The concept of staying out of foreign affairs (urged by George Washington)

14 Pick another case Neutrality Grab Bag

15 Incident in which French officials demanded a bribe from U.S. diplomats under Adams

16 Pick another case XYZ Affair Handshake

17 Law passed by Adams to prevent criticism of the govt

18 Pick another case Sedition Act Paper Clip

19 Law passed by Adams to restrict immigrants coming into the US

20 Pick another case Alien Acts Yearbook Time

21 The placing of the interests of a region ahead of the interests of the nation

22 Pick another case Sectionalism Skittle

23 A devotion to the interests and culture of ones nation

24 Pick another case Nationalism Free Answer

25 The acquisition of territory from France under Jefferson for $15 million

26 Pick another case Louisiana Purchase Tissue

27 President Jeffersons decision not to trade with any foreign country

28 Pick another case Embargo Act New Seats

29 US foreign policy of opposition to any European interference

30 Pick another case Monroe Doctrine Penny

31 Proponent of the National Bank to help solve the problem of federal debt

32 Pick another case Alexander Hamilton Acorn

33 Political party formed by Alexander Hamilton in favor of a strong central govt

34 Pick another case Federalists Donuts

35 Political party created by Thomas Jefferson to represent individual rights and strong state govts

36 Pick another case Democratic-Republicans Boston Pic

37 This election ended in a tie between Jefferson and Burr and led to the 12 th Amendment

38 Pick another case Election of 1800 Homework Pass

39 The crisis event that led to the Embargo Act and ultimately the War of 1812

40 Pick another case Chesapeake- Leopard Affair Sticker

41 The forced seizure of American sailors into the British navy

42 Pick another case Impressment Sunny D

43 Southern congressmen who advocated war with Britain

44 Pick another case War Hawks Pen

45 U.S. President during the War of 1812

46 Pick another case James Madison 1pt. Binder

47 Author of the Defence of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812

48 Pick another case Francis Scott Key FEAST!!!!!!!!!!

49 Battle that took place after the War of 1812 where the US upset the British

50 Pick another case Battle of New Orleans 3 goldfish

51 Major General who led US forces in the Battle of New Orleans

52 Pick another case Battle of New Orleans EAGLES Chant

53 QWQW First 5 presidents in order…

54 Pick another case George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson James Madison James Monroe 20 min amnesty

55 James Madison passed this law because the Americans were losing seaman to the British

56 Pick another case Non-intercourse Act Index Card

57 Thomas Jefferson sent these 2 people out to explore recently purchased land

58 Pick another case Lewis and Clark +2 Test

59 Pick another case

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