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Hazardous Materials for RACES Responders And a Few Other Horrors…. Alan Whitman, K6ZY 2005.

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1 Hazardous Materials for RACES Responders And a Few Other Horrors…. Alan Whitman, K6ZY 2005

2 Designed to Help You Keep Safe By: Recognizing Potential HazMats Knowing Something of Dangers of HazMats Recognizing Other Hazards Recognizing Your Limitations Giving You Some Tools to Keep Safe

3 Sources of HazMats Industrial Sites Transportation Accidents Fires Earthquakes Terrorist Incidents

4 Dangers of HazMats Fire and Explosion (HandiTalkies NOT Intrinsically Safe) Corrosives Poisons and Carcinogens Simple Asphyxiants Oxidizers Radiation Pressurized Containers

5 Recognizing HazMats

6 Business Type (Occupancy)











17 Placards Used In Transportation Contain Four Pieces of Information – Color – Symbol – Small Digit at Bottom Corner (Class of Material) – Name/UN Number



20 Plusses and Minuses Can Sometimes Be Very Specific About Material Often Are Generic In Their Warnings Not Used On Small Quantities (Some Exceptions)

21 NFPA 704 Signs Used on Buildings, Tanks and Pipelines Four Color-Coded Quadrants Numbers From 0 – 4 White Quadrant for Other Hazards


23 Plusses and Minuses Give Overall View Of Hazards At Facilty Can Apply to Specific Material (On Pipeline or Tank, e.g.) Usually Refer to Group of Chemicals Inside a Facility

24 Other Signs, Labels and Markings Individual Packaging Labels Building Markings Warning Signs Etc.


26 Routes of Entry Inhalation Ingestion Absorption Through Skin, Mucous Membranes Injection

27 Other Issues Hazardous Materials Incidents May NOT Be Identified as Such The Focus of the Incident Commander May Be A Single Issue, Whereas HazMats Usually Have Multiple Hazards

28 Other Hazards at Industrial Sites Punctures, Cuts and Abrasions (Nails and Sharp Objects) Building Collapse Cave Ins Confined Spaces Electrocution Etc.





33 Protective Gear SCBA and Air Purifying Respirators – These Are NOT To Be Used By People Who Have Not: Been Medically Evaluated Been Fit Tested Been Trained In Using the Equipment HazMat Suits – Same Kinds Of Limitations As Respiratory Gear

34 Protective Gear (Cont.) Gloves (Chemical and Leather) Boots (Especially Steel Shanked) Hard Hat

35 Incident Commander Should Know You Are There Your Role Should Be Clear May Be Acting As Safety Officer, As Well

36 Safety Officer Make Him/Her Aware You Are There and Why Ask About the Hazards and How You Should Protect Yourself Follow Directions Report Hazards

37 Experts And Their Limitations They Cant Know Everything May Be Focused On a Particular Problem Familiarity Breeds a Casual Attitude Take All Expert Advice With Care

38 Your Limitations Lack of Protective Equipment Lack of Training Not Part of the Regular Team May Not Be Fit Enough

39 Three Ups of Approach Upwind Upstream Uphill

40 Decon Usually Just Washing Dont Forget Clothing May Be Full Decon at Scene or Hospital

41 Think About Your Situation Be Aware of Your Surroundings Look For Hazards Try to Anticipate How Things Might Change Report Dangers

42 Actions to Keep Safe Safe Approach Keep Your Distance Use Protective Clothing You Have Dont Eat, Drink or Smoke Listen to the Safety Officer Know Your Limitations DECONTAMINATE

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