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14 BILLION years ago…………..and this concept continues to be the holy Grail of Science.

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1 14 BILLION years ago…………..and this concept continues to be the holy Grail of Science


3 Matter is neither created or destroyed Where did the first matter come from? Popcorn lab…..Was matter conserved? Established in 1789 by French Chemist Antoine Lavoisier States that mass is neither created nor destroyed in any ordinary chemical reaction. Or more simply, the mass of substances produced (products) by a chemical reaction is always equal to the mass of the reacting substances (reactants).

4 The secrets s of our past and the secrets of our future are locked into this one moment of time matterCities, forests, air, water, and yes; even people are made of matter and this matter originated on Earth as a result of the BIG BANG Dark Matter

5 Big Bang….the defining moment of our Universe. Every stars, planets, every atom, every blade of glass………….. every drop of water originated from the Hydrogen from the Big Bang….

6 How do we see the Past…?? As we travel deeper into deep space, we are actually seeing the past and getting closer to being able to witness the beginning of time. We arrive back at the moment that the Universe began?

7 Why are we here? Where did we come from? Why did it bang? What bang What was there before the bang? Where did energy come from? Does the Universe have a definite beginning and a definite end?

8 Greatest Mystery of all time? Origin of Big Bang Learning more and more thanks to technology…Hubble! Are we just one bang out of many big bangs……..many other Universes?

9 Discovery: First Evidence of Big Bang 1920- things started changing 1929- Edward Hubble from Mt Wilson observatory ( LA): discovered that galaxies are not stationary…they are moving away at VERY high speeds.

10 Hubbles LAW: the Universe is Expanding Must have started from a single point How do we know it is expanding? Like watching a video tape on rewind. Going backwards to see what happened?

11 Basics….. What is a light-year? If a star is billions of light- years away, then it took a billion years for its light to reach Earth. If we can see far enough away, we can see the beginning of the Universe Winding back the clock is only the first step.

12 Before Big Bang? Before Big Bang? Something out of Nothing How can something arise from nothing? (ancient philosophers) Laws of Physics contradicted? The first matter was infinitely small, dense, & intensely hot ( a millionth of a billionth of a centimeter in diameter)

13 Creation: First Force All forces as we know it took shape First: Gravity Space started Expanding- faster than the speed of light (breaking the law of physics: Speed of Light) Millionth ( X4) of a second for the Universe to expand from size of an atom to baseball…… Nothing can go faster than the speed of light but empty space in NOT matter…it is NOTHING

14 Plank Time….. (one second = a billion X5 Plank times) How small is Plank time? There are more units of Plank time in one second that all the seconds that have passed since the Big Bang. 31+ million seconds in a year and it has been a billion years since the BB

15 Phase Two: Energy into Matter Phase Two: Energy into Matter Charless Law & Ivory Soap As super heated molecules move faster ( faster that light) and spread out, they begin to lose density as they spread out. Thus cooling Condensing into matter

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