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2 The Visible Light Spectrum

3 Questions about Vision and Color
Why is the sky blue? Why did those pants look green in the store and brown at home? Why does her skin look orange? What is WHITE LIGHT? What is a Black Light? How do we see color? What are the PRIMARY COLORS OF LIGHT? What are the other colors called? What are the PRIMARY PIGMENTS (or primary colors of paint)? And, what do pigments do?

4 Light and Color What (wave measurement) affects the color of light?
What range of EM waves can humans see? How many distinct colors do we have cells to “see”? How do we see other colors? Do we see an object (non-emitting) because of the absorption, reflection or transmission of light? Color addition applies to EM waves OR pigments? Color subtraction applies to EM waves OR pigments? Why is the sky blue, and why are sunsets red?

5 Objects can be: emit light (luminous)
transmit light (transparent or translucent) reflect light (opaque) To understand these ideas, and how materials can do each of these things, read PCR lesson 2c

6 Primary colors of light and COLOR ADDITION
Red Blue Green Red + Blue = Red + Green = Blue + Green = Red + Blue + Green =

7 Primary Pigments & COLOR SUBTRACTION
Magenta (Named for what they Yellow REFLECT, NOT for what Cyan they ABSORB) In white light, Magenta + Yellow = Magenta + Cyan = Yellow + Cyan = Magenta + Yellow + Cyan =

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