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Hotel Distribution. China Central Television (CCTV), is the predominant state television broadcaster in mainland China. CCTV has a network of 19 channels.

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1 Hotel Distribution

2 China Central Television (CCTV), is the predominant state television broadcaster in mainland China. CCTV has a network of 19 channels broadcasting different programmes and is accessible to more than one billion viewers. CCTV is a 24/7 news channel broadcasting across five continents in more than 140 countries and regions. On air since September 25, 2000, the channel has won a growing audience more than 150 million subscribers globally and seeks to establish itself as one of the world's most influential media outlets. CCTV currently operates 7 International Channels in 6 languages, The Channels available to hotels are: Chinese (Mandarin) and English. CCTV NEWS Current Situation

3 CCTV NEWS Challenge Our aim is offer the hotel industry and particularly top-end hotels the opportunity to show CCTV in the guest bedroom TV systems for the benefit of your clients

4 China receives an incomparable international interest; ranging from individuals in top-management to simply anyone with a keen interest on current affairs and business developments: Enable your guests to be up to date with the latest events in China and the world for decision making and staying ahead of competitors Enable your guests to know everything about the largest consumer market (19.4% of the world population) - a company that is not already doing business in China is certainly considering to do it CCTV NEWS Hotel Distribution

5 CCTV NEWS World Wide 24 satellites 9 cable TV providers 6 over-the-air TV networks

6 EUROPE + RUSSIA AFRICA ASIA subscribers = viewers USA + CANADA CCTV NEWS subscriber numbers Over 100 million viewers globally

7 Audience profile: Age: 25 – 54 Income: Average - high (index high on luxury goods, finance, travel and technology purchases) Social status: C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO) and senior governmental officials, managers, decision makers Gender: Chiefly male Language: Fluent English Interests: International affairs, especially with Chinese focus CCTV NEWS subscriber numbers

8 CCTV NEWS Corporate Profile With its focus on China, CCTV NEWS delivers a variety of choices for overseas viewers, including: news programs (China 24, Asia Today, News Hour, BizAsia and Sports Scene ), discussion and opinion (Dialogue), feature programs (Rediscovering China, Travelogue, Nature & Science), and lifestyle programs (Culture Express).

9 Biz Asia Daily news on the latest Asia business and financial events with special regards on companies, technology, investing and management. Keep up on China and India news & other Asian markets. News Hour The one-hour program is broadcast daily at 12:00 a.m. Beijing Time, 04:00 GMT. It keeps a close watch on major news-making events within China and around the world. It also pays attention to business news, entertainment and sports, aiming to provide full coverage of all the latest CCTV NEWS Programmes

10 Travelogue Each episode takes the viewers to a new destination in China or around the globe and let them experience the sights, sounds, and culture that the location has to offer. It often features places beyond the popular tourist destinations in order to give a more authentic and in depth look at local culture. Culture Express Culture Express is dedicated to giving viewers updated reports on Chinese cultural news and events. Each of the seven segments deals with a particular aspect of Chinese culture with special regards to the Chinese business culture and how to interact during business exchanges. CCTV NEWS Programmes

11 CCTV NEWS Satellites and Networks Eurobird 1 - Europe (28,5°E) FEC: 2/3 Symbol Rate: 27500 Frequency: 11662 MHz Polarisation: H Astra 1M - Europe (19,2°E) FEC: 5/6 Symbol Rate: 22000 Frequency: 11538 MHz Polarisation: V Hot Bird 6 - Europe (13,0°E) FEC: 3/4 Symbol Rate: 27500 Frequency: 11034 MHz Polarisation: V Nilesat 101 - Middle East (7,0°W) FEC: 5/6 Symbol Rate: 27500 Frequency: 12015 MHz Polarisation: V Telstar 18 - Asia (138.0°E) FEC: 1/2 Symbol Rate: 41250 Frequency: 12538 MHz Polarisation: V China Sat 6B - China (115,5°E) FEC: 3/4 Symbol Rate: 21374 Frequency: 4116 MHz Polarisation: H Thaicom 5 - Indochina (78,5°E) FEC: 2/3 Symbol Rate: 30000 Frequency: 12313 MHz Polarisation: V Intelsat 10 - China (68,5°E) FEC: 7/8 Symbol Rate: 19850 Frequency: 4064 MHz Polarisation: H Networks CCTV is on: Indovision - Indonesia Dailoq Tv - Sri Lanka Austar - Australia Sky Network TV - NZ SKY - UK/Ireland Astro - Malaysia Freesat - UK Sky Italia - Italy Dish Network - US Direct TV - US Yes - Isreal D Stv - South Africa Thor 5 - Europe (0,8°W) FEC: 7/8 Symbol Rate: 28000 Frequency: 12418 MHz Polarisation: V Intelsat 9 - America (58,0°W) FEC: 7/8 Symbol Rate: 27690 Frequency: 3880 MHz Polarisation: H Eutelsat W7 - South Africa (35.9°E) FEC: Symbol Rate: 22000 Frequency: 11637 MHz Polarisation: V Galaxy 3c - US (95,0°W) FEC: 3/4 Symbol Rate: 20760 Frequency: 11780 MHz Polarisation: H

12 Tel: +86-10-68509473, 68507842 Fax: +86-10-68511149 Email: Web: Hotels: Please contact Mr Dev Anand, Hotel Distribution for CCTV at or on +44 (0)20 8788 7293

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