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Dead to Sin Alive in Christ

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1 Dead to Sin Alive in Christ
Romans 6:1-14

2 A Question Romans 6:1

3 The Train of Thought Does God delight in forgiving and justifying ungodly sinners through the atoning sacrifice of Christ? Does God receive glory when He displays His mercy and grace in saving ungodly and undeserving sinners?

4 The Train of Thought Does God find pleasure in exercising His limitless mercy and grace? Does God’s mercy and grace abound where sin abounds?

5 The Train of Thought The Final Step
Well, if all of these are true, and they are, should we continue in a life of sin so that God’s mercy and grace might abound and be gloriously displayed?

6 Paul’s Response Romans 6:2

7 Slavery in a Garbage Heap
Someone commits a crime. He is sentenced to slavery under a slave master in a garbage heap. The king notices the slave. He pays the penalty of the crimes committed, an atoning sacrifice. The slave is redeemed and set free. He is made a child of the king.

8 Slavery in a Garbage Heap
Should the son continue in the garbage heap under the abuse of the slave master so that the king would need to show ever increasing levels of mercy and grace, and thus, receive additional praise? “BY NO MEANS!”

9 Paul’s Argument We Have a New Life in Christ
Romans 6:3-10

10 The Background to Paul’s Argument
We were slaves to sin. Sin was our master. Sin commanded and we obeyed. The relationship was abusive. Only death could break the master-slave relationship.

11 The Background to Paul’s Argument
We died with Christ. We were raised to a new life. The master-slave relationship was broken. Sin may still demand that we obey, but we don’t need to listen because the relationship has been broken and we have a new and perfect master, Jesus Christ.

12 1 Argument / 3 Statements Verses 3-4 Verses 5-7 Verses 8-10

13 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old (the master-slave relationship with sin) has gone, the new (freedom and relationship with Christ) has come!

14 Our Response Romans 6:11-13

15 Our Response Concerning Sin
Count yourselves dead to sin. Don’t let sin reign in your mortal bodies so that you obey its evil desires. Don’t offer any part of your body to sin as an instrument for wickedness.

16 Our Response Concerning Christ
Count yourselves alive to God in Christ. Offer yourselves to God as those brought from death in sin to life in Christ. Offer every part of your body as instruments of righteousness.

17 Paul’s Conclusion Romans 6:14

18 Summary Exhortation Colossians 3:1-14

19 Dead to Sin Alive in Christ
Romans 6:1-14

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