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Matthew Southgate – CHAS Business Development Manager.

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1 Matthew Southgate – CHAS Business Development Manager

2 Aims of Todays Presentation Overview of CHAS Introduce SSIP Opportunity to ask questions about CHAS & SSIP

3 Overview of CHAS History –Started 12 years ago –Firstly within London, then in 2002 launched nationally –Local Government owned and managed (Merton Council) –Standards governed by National Management Board

4 Overview of CHAS Aims of the scheme –Reduce duplication and bureaucracy within the prequalification process SSIP Founder Member –Mutual recognition between H&S pre-qualification schemes Links with Trade Associations

5 Overview of CHAS –Help to improve H&S compliance Identifies areas of weakness and gives guidance (not advice) on how to rectify, common areas: –Risk Assessment (suitable & sufficient) –Competence & training of employees –Suitability of policy and arrangements –Monitoring, auditing & review

6 Overview of CHAS Current Status –29,500 contractors on the CHAS database

7 Overview of CHAS Current status –406 registered Buyers 150+ local authorities 60+ main contractors 40+ housing associations 40+ universities 90+ businesses

8 Overview of CHAS Current status –Largest H&S prequalification scheme in the UK –Critical mass to really assist contractors with the pre-qualification process

9 Overview of CHAS Uses a common standard – applies the CDM 2007 Core Criteria Application forms –Appendix 2 - 5 or more employees, incorporating designer, CDM-C and principal contractor roles –Appendix 2A - less than 5 employees –Appendix 2B - care service providers

10 Overview of CHAS Assessment fees –<5 employees - £85 + VAT –5 employees - £160 + VAT –Additional fee to achieve Accreditation (<5 £55 + VAT or 5 £60 + VAT) Robust quality assurance process

11 Safety Schemes In Procurement Background –Merlin Report (Dec 05) Third Party Supplier Accreditation Study Uncoordinated and presented barriers –Glover Report (Nov 08) Accelerating the SME Economic Engine: through transparent, simple and strategic procurement Sensible levels (from National Standards) need to be set for prequalification

12 Safety Schemes In Procurement –Donaghy Report (July 09) One Death is too Many: inquiry into the underlying causes of construction fatal accidents Prequalification groups should co-ordinate their efforts and agree on acceptable transferability –PAS 91 (09/10) Prequalification Spec Standardising prequalification Stakeholder meeting in June both SSIP & CHAS used as good examples of applying a threshold standard

13 Safety Schemes In Procurement Key Aims of SSIP –Facilitate mutual recognition between H&S prequalification schemes –Advise and influence buyers about H&S competence standards –Embrace the core criteria as a threshold standard

14 Safety Schemes In Procurement Registered Members

15 Safety Schemes In Procurement Affiliated Members

16 Safety Schemes In Procurement Applications Received Considering joining

17 Safety Schemes In Procurement Umbrella organisation – not a scheme All registered members are audited Currently 3,000+ Buyers and 50,000+ Suppliers Drive down costs & reduce bureaucracy within prequalification

18 Safety Schemes In Procurement The Future –Encourage wider membership –Educate Buyers & Suppliers –Embrace Trade Association schemes

19 Summary CHAS –Reduce duplication –Improve health & safety SSIP –Umbrella organisation –Drive down costs & reduce bureaucracy within prequalification


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