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Campaign Plan Webinar: Paid Media Contact: Dean Nielsen,

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1 Campaign Plan Webinar: Paid Media Contact: Dean Nielsen,

2 Understand the different forms of paid media and how to use them to get your message out to your voters. Goals for this Session

3 Your Plan:

4 You should not invest in paid media unless you can dominate the medium, or purchase enough to break through the clutter. Your plan should detail the print, radio and/or television outlets with which you plan to place ads. Paid Media

5 Television Radio Newspapers Specialty Press Paid Media

6 Do not purchase TV ads unless you have the resources to produce quality spots that will run with enough frequency to ensure that your targeted audience sees your ads at least three to four times. Four primary factors impact the costs of buying television ad space: The size/total viewership of the media market. The time of day you will run your ad. The length of the spot itself. The frequency with which it will run. A. Television

7 As a general rule, drive time radio during morning and evening rush hour is the most effective. You should plan and budget enough resources to place ads on several stations during prime time slots during the final weeks of the campaign. B. Radio

8 As a general rule, newspaper ads are most effective in small town and rural communities. Your ads should be professionally designed, well placed within the paper, and run often enough to break through to the reader. C. Newspapers

9 Running ads in specialty publications is not a stand- alone strategy but serves as a good compliment to your overall media plan. Contact these outlets early. D. Specialty Press

10 Contact: Progressive Majority

11 Contact: Progressive Majority

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