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OPEN SOURCE AND OPEN WEB Janani L Alagu Alagappan.

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1 OPEN SOURCE AND OPEN WEB Janani L Alagu Alagappan

2 What is it??? Public software Non-Proprietary software Open Viewing Editing Sharing Redistributing

3 Open source Definition Granting Software licenses Source code being available to everyone No copyrighted restrictions No discriminations against persons Improvisation of the original code Promotion of newer versions too as open Free redistribution

4 Developed by volunteer community Passionate programmers EXAMPLES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu GNU/Linux Fedora Android Open source software THE BRAIN CHILD OF MANY KNOWLEDGABLE CONTRIBUTORS

5 Brief History IBM Initially made free software,later proprietary FREE SOFTWARE MOVEMENT Richard Stallman's GNU project

6 Imagine if the net we use today was PROPRIETARY? Will you be happy?? Can you even dream of a day WITHOUT INTERNET?? Would you be buying a software? A game? An OS? A player? THINK!! Time to THINK!!

7 If Open source wasn't there Basic tools would be unavailable People fail to realize its potential Not all can afford to buy software Leads to Software Piracy Though its bought, no modifications can be done Creativity of people is curbed

8 Now when its OPEN First preference to the people Right to modify Improves the code Better Quality Better collaboration More innovation More creativity Prevents Piracy

9 Open Source Movement Promoting open software usage Development of people,society and mankind as a whole. Knowledge Sharing After all Its FREE !! Human nature of getting attracted to free things isn't a thing to be surprised of. And when it is for a good cause should you even rethink ?


11 Misconception!!!! Looking only the outer picture.. Can you believe it INTERNET Today is not very OPEN as We THINK…. Face the fact…

12 Todays Scenario Each Corporation is trying to promote their own Technology as De-facto Standard e.g. Interactive Applications by Flash, Silver-light Technology/implementation is always being kept hidden from public. So, deploying the same content across Multiple – Platforms is a problem. E.g. – There is no Flash plugin for iOS devices today :(

13 Problems Centralization of the control over technology Dictatorship Monopoly Loss of creativity

14 Who is the victim? We have proprietary web applications at the moment… The one suffering at the end is Is ULTIMATELY YOU AND ME!!!!

15 Crux of open web SHARING SOMETHING THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT,WOULD ENABLE QUICKER AND BETTER IMPROVISATION. ' Sharing something that you already know about, would enable quicker and Sharing something that you already know about, would enable quicker and better improvisation ' - something I reckon is the crux of Open Web.


17 We gain… Web standards open for anyone to Look into Manipulate Improve Contribute Improvise

18 Wondering what is this..

19 Open web in the true sense

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