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Inside Messaging EMS MMS IM September, 2002

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1 Inside Messaging EMS MMS IM September, 2002
Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

2 Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS)
Beyond the text Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

3 EMS Overview: EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) is a logical evolution in both form and function from the basic SMS structure. EMS allows the mobile phone user to personalize and express themselves with styled text, pictures, ringtones and more. EMS is is built on the already existing SMS infrastructure which has its set of standards already in place. EMS takes text messaging and makes it a multimedia experience… Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

4 How it works: SMS Header (Phone Numbers, Date/Time) User Data Header (EMS Media) Text (Up to 160 characters) Sound Picture Predefined Animation In an EMS message, the enhanced media is transmitted in the User Data Header. The text is stored in the normal text area of the SMS. Phones unable to translate EMS will only see the text portion of the message. This is because of the way the EMS message is encoded. Short messages have an area of data that precedes the text called the User Data Header (UDH). The size of the header is not fixed, and in a standard (normal) SMS message is zero. Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

5 A picture says a thousand words…
Step 1: Select your picture. It can be a single image or an animated one. The fine print: A number of predefined animations are stored on the mobile phone that can be included. They are the basic emotions (emoticons) which signify things like “I am happy” or “I am sad”. Only the reference to the animation is transmitted in the EMS message. Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

6 The message comes alive with the sound of music…
Chimes (high) Scooby Doo Chord (high) Fanfare Notify Smooth Criminal Step 2: Select your sound. Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

7 One from column A, one from…
1. Select your graphic Happy I just sent my first EMS message! 3. Enter your message and click send… I just sent my first EMS message! Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

8 …and that’s what it’s all about
I just sent my first EMS message! Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

9 Content of Message – Percentage Changes
UK SMS Source: Continental Research (The Summer 2002 Mobile Phone Report) August 02 Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

10 Content of Message – Actuals
2001 2002 UK SMS Source: Continental Research (The Summer 2002 Mobile Phone Report) August 02 Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

11 EMS Feature Evolution EMS Rev 4 • MT and MO w/concatenation
• Content Forward Management • Tie ringer tones to phonebook EMS Rev 5c • Nokia Smart Messaging Support EMS Rev 5a • Enhanced Graphics and Sounds (scalability) • Compression • DRM: EMS Standard message header “do not forward flag” for all content types • Color and greyscale support • Profiling via ringer tones and icons EMS Rev 5d • UPI • Nokia Ring Tones • MIDI Forward • MO Compression EMS Rev 5b • SP-MIDI support EMS Rev 5e • vCard/vCalculator • Text Formatting Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

12 MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service
Enables users to send text, colour photographs, colour graphics such as maps & logos, voice and music audio files, and even video Unlimited message size, with even the first devices supporting messages of over 30Kb per message Uses the Multimedia Message Service center (MMSc) for message delivery Uses open standard that are widely supported by Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, etc. Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

13 Mobile Messaging Use Cases
1.Person-to-Person: Messaging between people in order to communicate non-verbally 2. Portal-to-Person: Using Messaging as a way for service providers to deliver content to your handset: e.g. a screensaver 3. Person-to-Portal: Interaction between users and servers / databases – e.g. sending an MMS to participate in an MTV DJ show Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

14 MMS Will Eventually Feature in All of Our Products
MMS A 96 x 65 MMS B 128 x 128 to 120 x 160 MMS C 176 x 220 – 240 x 320 Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

15 Mobile Messaging: Evolutionary Path - Global
Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

16 MMS is Agnostic to Transport
Cellular Network 2G Internet / E Mail Backbone MMSc 2.5G / CDMA 1x Backbone SGSN =Serving GPRS support node GGSN = Gateway GPRS support node MMSC = Multimedia messaging service center Future Backbone Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

17 The Message Itself: Message Size: Minimum supported 30 KB No maximum
Content Types: Text: us-ascii utf-8 & 16 Image: JPEG (JFIF) Still & Animated GIF WBMP Audio: AMR (iMelody & MIDI) PIM: vCard vCal Message Size: Minimum supported 30 KB No maximum Presentation: ‘Slide Show’ & attachments supported ‘MMS SMIL’ (‘multipart related’) Attachments (‘multipart mixed’) Digital Rights Management Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

18 SMS Messaging Process SMSc (Message is ‘Stored’ in the SMSc
1. Originator sends message 2. SMS centre forwards message SMSc (Message is ‘Stored’ in the SMSc until it can be ‘Forwarded’) Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

19 Standard MMS Messaging Process
1. Originator sends message 3. Recipient fetches message (automatic) WAP Get WAP Post WAP G’way MMSc PP G’way WAP Push over SMS WAP Push over SMS SMSc 4. Delivery report 2. MMSc informs handset Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

20 Interoperability MMS is a 3GPP / Wap Forum Open Standard
Further enhanced by the MMS IOP Group: Device Vendors: Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung (applied), Magic4 MMSc Vendors: CMG, Comverse, Ericsson, Logica, Nokia, Openwave, etc. Remit: solve interoperability issues between handsets and servers Method: MMS Conformance Document (version 2.0) Development of test cases Testing House concept Joining Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Testing: Motorola has completed interoperability testing with CMG in network Bilateral testing now well advanced between vendors Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

21 Commercial Launches Austria: Mobilcom, Q2 02 Finland: Sonera, Q2 02
Germany: D2 Vodafone, Q2 02 Hungary: Westel, Q2 02 Norway: Telenor, Q2 02 Portugal: TMN, Q2 02 Telcel (Vodafone), Q2 02 Switzerland: Swisscom, June 02 United Kingdom: T Mobile, June 02 Vodafone: Hong Kong: CSL, Q2 02 Singapore: Q3 02 China: Q3 02 Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

22 720i – Photo Messaging Photo Messaging Experience Key Features
Photo capture and send Browse Photo Album and send MMS IOP Conformant Large Color Display Camera Accessory Auto Download MO Features Text JPEG MMS SMIL Up to 30kB Single Page MT Features Text JPEG GIF 87/89a WBMP MMS SMIL 30kB Multiple Pages Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

23 725 – Imaging Solution A Complete MMS Experience Key Features
Full MMS Client Wallpaper, Screen Saver, Ringer Tones Fully Interoperable (MMSIOP) Message Size Indicator Filters for Blocking Delivery Reports Camera Accessory Auto Download of Messages Easy to Use MO Features JPEG GIF 87/89a WBMP BMP AMR Multiple pages Up to 30kB MT Features JPEG GIF 87/89a WBMP AMR MIDI 50kB Multiple Pages Additional from T720i Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

24 Instant Messaging Motorola Confidential and Proprietary Mobile QQ
QQ Chat Refresh Buddy QQ QQ Inbox Send Message Information Setup QQ EXIT SELECT Mobile QQ QQ Chat Refresh Buddy QQ QQ Inbox Send Message Information Setup QQ EXIT SELECT Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

25 Instant Messaging will drive the messaging explosion…
Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

26 Overview Capability Community Individual messages
EMS Text Icons Simple animations Basic sound MMS Rich image animations Complex audio Video SMS Simple text Capability Community Chatting Sequential display of sent & received messages One-to-one conversation use nickname Presence Who is available to do what availability willingness Communication capability Buddy list Address /URL Group invitation notification Instant Messaging Presence is the key enabler Across the access networks (wireline & wireless) Overview SMS was the first messaging available from devices. SMS messages are similar to Instant Messages on desktop world. Only difference between SMS and IM is that user knows that an IM recepient is available or unavailable. However, many people think of instant messages on mobile phones as SMS. EMS enhances SMS - still no knowledge of other users. MMS is a rich messaging environment – still no knowledge of other users. Instant Messaging – just a way of messaging –doesn’t need to be limited to just text – could be SMS, EMS, or MMS-like messages. Presence is an enabler already present in wireline IM systems. Presence can change wireless messaging. However, presence is not just limited to instant messaging applications. Presence is a key to any communications, anytime, anywhere, with anyone, on any device. Individual messages No presence information Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

27 Who Benefits from the Instant Message Solution?
Consumers The IM solution will work from any device, be it a mobile phone or desktop PC, on any network Service Providers Need to deploy a single server solution that will address multiple customer needs while interoperating seamlessly across multiple devices Device Manufacturers Only a single protocol to implement to support a common set of widely adopted features, low power consumption, storage space, memory and cost Application Developers A common framework upon which can be built new services for presence, messaging, group and content delivery Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

28 ARPU ## ARPU $$ Instant Messaging CHAT
Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

29 Carrier is cornerstone of solution
IM Strategy Support open standards and interoperability through ,3GPP2, and SIP “Total Mobile Experience” - consistent, intuitive, and compelling user experience Enable enhanced revenue generating capabilities through value added applications Carrier is cornerstone of solution Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

30 Instant Messaging Solution Overview
IM Client IM protocols IM protocols IM Desktop Clients Mobile Network Operator IM Server Operator Billing System Existing SMS and WAP Handsets Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

31 IM Features and Functions
Instant Messaging Send and receive instant messages Text, Vcard, Vcalendar, EMS, MMS Privacy / Blocking Presence Publication and subscription of presence attributes Definition of interoperable presence attributes Contact list Group Chat Public and private chat rooms Messaging via chat rooms Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

32 Introduction to the Wireless Village
Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

33 Wireless Village Background
Operators invested heavily in 3G spectrum and require new services in a timely fashion to recover their investment. At the end of 2000 Motorola identified a need for an interoperable mobile Instant Messaging and Presence Service that supported 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks and avoided industry fragmentation Motorola approached Nokia and Ericsson – leveraging the three companies expertise in wireless devices, networks and applications and proven track record for collaboration in the standards arena. The Wireless Village was formed in April 2001. Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

34 What is the Wireless Village solution?
The Wireless Village initiative’s Instant Messaging and Presence Services (IMPS) includes four primary features: Presence Client device availability, user status, location, client device capabilities and searchable personal statuses such as mood and hobbies Instant Messaging A familiar concept in both the mobile and desktop worlds; Interoperable mobile IM in concert with other innovative features to provide a new user experience Groups (or Chat) A fun and familiar concept on the internet Shared Content Allows users and operators to set up their own storage area where they can post pictures, music and other multimedia content to share with others Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

35 WV Objectives and Status
Build a set of specifications for mobile Instant Messaging and Presence Services Version 1.0 of specifications published in London on February 13,2002 Specifications include the following: Features and Functions Architecture Client-Server Protocol (CSP) Command Line Protocol (CLP) Server-Server Protocol (SSP) Static Conformance Documents Enable interoperability of clients and servers Launch event in London featured 10+ companies in successful interoperability demo Interoperability Test: 6/02, 9/02 Over 170 supporter companies including handset manufacturers, network equipment providers and operators Motorola Confidential and Proprietary

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