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Emerging Technology Assessment DRM by Group C3 Digital Rights Management.

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1 Emerging Technology Assessment DRM by Group C3 Digital Rights Management

2 Digital Rights Management - Group C32 Definition & Brief History Copyright and data protection: –Which subscriber has what type of access to which content for what period of time Two main applications: –Content producers (entertainment, news…) –Business content (records, documents…) History: –Increased digitisation of content in last 10 years –Growing concerns over Piracy 50 %97%Peru 80 %85 %Ukraine 88 %90%China VideoMusicCountry Market share of illegal copies (est. 2001). Source: IIPA

3 Digital Rights Management - Group C33 Definition & Brief History A set of technologies - No standard Examples! –CD, DVD, SACD –Apple iTunes, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Real Player, Adobe Acrobat… –Databases and application servers (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, BEA…) How? Blend of cryptographic technics and limitations on actions performed on the player

4 Digital Rights Management - Group C34 DRM Impact on Persistent Business Needs Customer / Brand –Closer to consumers, alternative models, easier Cycle Time –Reduced time-to-market, scale easily, tracking Resources –Online models = less resources per customer Cost & Capital –Protect assets, generate new opportunities EDI or Media, the impact is positive.

5 Digital Rights Management - Group C35 Controversial Issues Different paradigms: Techies vs. Media –Broadband, bandwith, P2P, free software –Copyrights, protections schemes, DMCA lobbying ROUND 1 1 - 0 ROUND 2 0 - 1 X

6 Digital Rights Management - Group C36 Controversial Issues No agreed technological standard –Wont profit the incumbents yet –But necessary to grow in the future Time Market share Based on standard technology Based on proprietary technology Apple, Microsoft, Real and Sony should stop trying to steal market share and start working on compatible standards. As the dominant player, Apple has the least to gain from this, while Microsoft has the most Paul Jackson 25/08/04, Forrester

7 Digital Rights Management - Group C37 The Future of DRM Absorption by the infrastructure –Web services, Windows Longhorn, Players… Standardisation – limited set of norms Industry consolidation (food chain)

8 Digital Rights Management - Group C38 The hype cycle The moment you were waiting for…

9 Digital Rights Management - Group C39 Conclusions 1.Consolidation and standardisation in this industry are inevitable. 2.Digital Rights Management technologies are increasingly impacting businesses. 3.Entertainment companies already rely on such technologies to protect sources of revenues. 4.DRM will be at the heart of Media businesses. 5.As EDI is implemented, companies will rely on DRM solutions integrated in infrastructure.

10 Digital Rights Management - Group C310 Q&A So far, we spared you this… Consumer-oriented protection and control of intellectual property distributed in digital form from misuse or copyright infringement, usually focused on anti-redistribution mechanisms. -Gartner

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