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PARROT INSTANT MESSENGER Presented by: Team Pirate Captains.

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1 PARROT INSTANT MESSENGER Presented by: Team Pirate Captains

2 Outline I -- For the User II -- Development Details III – Program's Growth IV -- Analysis

3 Part I For the User

4 Parrot IM A desktop application that connects you to friends on multiple networks, and offers useful, fun features such as tabbed conversations, programmable chatbot, chatlog and buddy search, and custom UI.

5 Spell Checker, part 1/3

6 Spell Checker, part 2/3

7 Spell Checker, part 3/3

8 Buddy Search, part 1/5

9 Buddy Search, part 2/5

10 Buddy Search, part 3/5

11 Buddy Search, part 4/5

12 Buddy Search, part 5/5

13 Chat Log, part 1/3

14 Chat Log, part 2/3

15 Chat Log, part 3/3

16 Bug Report, part 1/5

17 Bug Report, part 2/5

18 Bug Report, part 3/5

19 Bug Report, part 4/5

20 Bug Report, part 5/5

21 Account Menu, part 1/3

22 Account Menu, part 2/3

23 Account Menu, part 3/3

24 Theme Selection, part 1/5

25 Theme Selection, part 2/5

26 Theme Selection, part 3/5

27 Theme Selection, part 4/5

28 Theme Selection, part 5/5

29 Part II Development Details

30 Architectural Diagram (old)

31 Architectural Diagram (final)

32 Statistics and Software Metrics CategoryAlpha ValueBeta ValueFinal Value Pure Source Lines61961309216713 Pure Comment Lines486660715722 Source with Comment Lines3883106 Blank Lines303452315594 Total Lines141342447728135 Model Classes1329 View Classes83152173 Controller Classes72832 Total Classes122215235 Number of Files102254289 File Size3.69 MB7.44 MB12.45 MB Methods62011801338 Attributes323489611 Test Cases60317353

33 Unimplemented Features We implemented 89.7% of our planned features However, we did not implement: – Advanced/Simplified Modes – Spam Filter – Language Localization

34 Known Bugs Critical Issues Twitter Server rejections on heavy load MSN Add/Remove Friend is delayed, and sometimes does not successfully communicate with the server Rare authentication failure logging into Google Talk Major Issues Friend Avatars are sometimes mismatched Log-in occasionally slow (up to 15 seconds)

35 Quality Assurance Automated testing Unit testing Asserts that each method works properly Integration testing Tests all features of the program. Usage testing User Acceptance testing Allows the public to give feedback on the program. GUI testing Access of all GUI buttons to ensure correctness.

36 Part III Program's Growth

37 Buddy List Progression AlphaBetaFinal

38 ChatWindow Progression AlphaBeta Final

39 Customizable Themes

40 User Feedback – Profile Manager Alpha Final

41 User Feedback (on the GUI) Its not bad. Yeah, its pretty good. The sign-in panel looks beautiful. It feels sluggish when you try to log in. A fresh IM that I have never seen before! I dont think chatbot is a useful tool. Search bar was difficult to find. (on the buddy search) Wow, this is cool! I like using the graphics customization feature. Great design!

42 Part IV Analysis

43 Challenges Library Issues Smack (for XMPP) had authentication bugs JOscar (for AIM and ICQ) had poor documentation MSNM (for MSN) rarely threw exceptions on errors Insufficient Project Management Activities Did not use activity networks or Gantt charts Few internal deadlines

44 Hindsight We should have... spent more time designing before implementing adopted and understood MVC sooner organized ourselves by tasks instead of subgroups We are happy we... developed a GUI mockup very early held frequent face-to-face meetings devoted so much time to Parrot IM

45 May we answer your questions? Thank you! -on behalf of Jihoon, Ahmad, Jordan, Rakan, Vera, Wei, Kevin, William, Chenny, and Aaron

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