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Getting The Crowd To The Cloud By Steve Healton AA, BS, MCP, MCSE, CCNA, UFO, OMG.

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1 Getting The Crowd To The Cloud By Steve Healton AA, BS, MCP, MCSE, CCNA, UFO, OMG

2 What is this? ZERO AA BS PHD

3 Introducing Steve Healton


5 You need something to handle the cloud. Roncos New Cloud-O-Matic Manager

6 It slices, it dices the cloud, but wait theres more S.A.S. o Software As Service Getting people/students to the cloud Organize the use of the cloud in the classroom.

7 Cool tools

8 Microsoft fuels the cloud - 70% of Microsoft staff doing cloud-related activities Steve Balmer at University of Washington

9 What this generation expects & demands from education


11 Using SKYDRIVE in the Classroom

12 Advantages of the Cloud in the Classroom The network is the computer – Sun Internet 2.0 SAM = Great o Get SAM if you can SKYDRIVE Works Well


14 Advantages of the Cloud in the Classroom PAPERLESS WORK o Save Money Save paper: Could be up to $300 a year o Paperless tests o Turn in homework on line COMMUNICATIONS o Share information on line o Communicate with students in real time – Anytime o Share Videos & web links to enhance learning o Give students additional learning aids on the fly

15 Advantages of the Cloud in the Classroom ASSINGMENTS o Students can turn in Homework anytime from anywhere o Turned in assignments are DATE STAMPED o File names organize assignments o Assign Homework when students are absent TESTS o Dont have to hand out paper o Change tests minutes before you give them o Each student gets a different test o Tests are self correcting o Tests gives information why the student got the wrong answer

16 You could be here, checking homework that was turned in. YOU

17 to get a Skydrive

18 How to Use SkyDrive in the Classroom Students Computer Students SkyDrive Departments SkyDrive Instructors Computer

19 Create TWO SkyDrives Students Departments o Not in the teachers name, but your department. o A departments SkyDrive allows all teachers to use it. o Allows a substitute (if they know how) to completely take over

20 Add student to Hotmail Contact List Have student add Departments ID to their Hotmail Contact List

21 Setting up SkyDrive Create File Folders For all Students For individual class For Each student For Tests

22 Setup SkyDrive Files All Students One for each student Group by file name HW = Home Work Then by Class Aft = Afternoon Then Students name Suggest last name first Link Student ID to file Set share options on file Only the student and you can get to this file.

23 Student saves files by Class name first then chapter then what assignment it is. Self files for the instructor Students can see if they turned in the assignment


25 Create the file for SkyDrive

26 Set up Scramble and Number of Questions You can set it up with higher security, Even what time to take it and passwords However it will not set up quantity of questions.

27 When the LAN test is done. Students have to print the test to turn it in

28 HTML Test will mail to the instructor

29 Mapping to SkyDrive with XP Unzip DumpUlrs.exe Open up a command window

30 Map Network Drive – Online Storage

31 Use SkyDrive Microsoft Office 2010 Save directly to SkyDrive Links Students and Instructors Saves the instructor time o Distributing tests o Grading tests o What Homework has been turned in. What students expect from the modern teacher Grade from home with out taking a ton of paperwork o Grade while camping


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