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Google & YouTube Advertising Solutions

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1 Google & YouTube Advertising Solutions
Suzanne Spence Display Specialist Christy Scott Agency Lead 1 1 1

2 1 2 3 4 Agenda Getting Creative with Google Search
Reaching the right audience: scale with precision and control. 3 The coolest things done on YouTube 4 Working with you to innovate. 2 2

3 Search Is a Core Behavior
Google Confidential and Proprietary 3 3

4 Searches occur year round

5 Search provides consumer insights

6 Product launches and offline advertising increase search volume

7 Google’s Paid Search Offering: AdWords
Top sponsored ads: Up to 3 listings Sponsored “Paid” Advertising Advertisers can bid on these positions You can’t pay for a specific placement… so how is ad rank determined? Side sponsored ads: Up to 8 listings 7 7

8 A Closer Look at the Ad Auction
Ad Position is determined by... Relevance Quality Score is determined by a combination of factors, including: Click-through-rate on (clicks divided by impressions) Keyword and ad text relevance Landing page quality Quality Score X Willingness to pay Max CPC is the highest $ amount an advertiser is willing to pay for one click on their ad Max CPC Ad rank… which denotes ad position = 8 8

9 Google: Keyword Advertising
Advertisers select relevant keywords Users search on those keywords Google ranks ads (ad auction) Winning ads appears Marketer only pays when ad is clicked What terms should a car insurance provider target? cheap Geico car insurance SUV insurance car insurance great rate insurance good finances driving safety cars Narrow Broader/generic 9 9

10 Marketers Are Using Search Throughout the Buying Process
Associate with consumer lifestyle Neutrogena increases awareness of its product to target buyers… golfers “golf”  Neutrogena 10 10

11 Marketers Are Using Search Throughout the Buying Process
“Jason Reitman”  HP Project Direct Capitalize on celebrity spokespeople HP generated brand association between its “Project Direct” film competition and filmmaker Jason Reitman, driving users to YouTube 11 11

12 Marketers Are Using Search Throughout the Buying Process
Getting into the consideration set Paid search drives purchase intent for hybrids “fuel efficient car”  Honda In a recent study, when Honda appeared in both paid and organic top search results: Purchase intent up 8% points 16% points less likely to purchase brands not on the search results page Source: Enquiro Search Solutions, Inc., July 2007. 12 12

13 Marketers Are Using Search Throughout the Buying Process
Driving Sales 54% of consumers who research purchases online start at a search engine “think pad laptop”  Lenovo Search is most cost-efficient channel CPAs for search are the lowest of any media channel (12% the cost of direct mail) Source: AvenueA/RazorFish, July 2007; Piper Jaffray: “The New eCommerce Decade: The Age of Micro Targeting,” Oct 2006. 13 13

14 Search provides creative insights
Nothing compares to TELUS TELUS Promises To Go The Extra Mile To Make You Happy! Learn More 5.2% Clicks Compare at TELUS Get a new phone at a great rate Check out our special offers now! 3.1% Clicks Compare Cell Phones Great Coverage & Competitive Rates Shop New Phones at TELUS Today 1.9% Clicks

15 Measure Your Search and Online Advertising through Google Analytics

Your Own Agency Toolkit 16

17 Agenda 1 Getting Creative with the Google Search & Content Network. 2 Reaching the right audience: scale with precision and control. 3 The coolest things done on YouTube 4 Working with you to innovate. 17 17

18 Our advertising solutions are three fold
Google Reaches over 99% of Canadians Online EVERY DAY (23.9M) Search & Web Utilities Google Content Partners YouTube YouTube - As compared to TV Scale Reach #1 Search site in Canada 23.3M Canadian UVs to Google/month 92% reach to Canadians #1 entertainment site 17M UVs / month 70.3% reach Canadians online Google has an Ad Network. A very very large one. Source: comScore Media Metrix, Jan 2009 18 18

19 Follow The Audience 2.3% of page views are served by top three sites
Canadian Page Views All Other Sites 97.8% …but 44% of display dollars are allocated to them Canadian Online Display Advertising Spend OPENING MSN Sympatico, Yahoo & Canoe are top sites (reactive speaking note) but only 1%, .15% and .98% PVs In 2008, almost half of all online marketing dollars were spent on just three web sites. However, only 2% of page views actually occurred on these sites. This demonstrates there’s a severe disconnect between where internet users are spending their time, and where marketers are spending their dollars, trying to reach them. 28% 10% 6% All Other Sites 56% 19 Source: TNS Dollars Spent, May 2008, IAB Canada 2008 online spending projection. Page Views: comScore Media Metrix, May 2008. 19

20 Leveraging Premium through Niche content
Mass Media Partners 92% reach of Canadian Internet users (22.1M) Flexible site placement; targeting options #1 Online Advertising Network Niche Media Partners 20 20 Note: Data represents Google Search and Content Network, including Google properties. Canadian Data. Sources: comScore Media Metrix (July 2008); comScore custom analysis (February 2007), *Total unduplicated reach of Google Sites and Google Ad Network combined, February 2007 20 20

21 Contextual Targeting for Relevance & Scale
USE WHEN: Achieve massive, network-wide reach Speak to potential customers in the moment Total addressable market is large, and dispersed across the web Context + Placement Placement Context First, contextual targeting. [BUILD] The benefit of using contextual targeting across the content network is that you’ll achieve significant scale, and still stay relevant, ensuring you speak to potential customers real time, as they read about a relevant topic. It works best in situations where your target audience is large, and dispersed across the web in many places. The wide net you’ll cast with contextual targeting will allow you to capture your target audience. That said, which of our target audiences segments qualify? How about [BUILD] people who are interested in lowering their heating bills, or anyone who’s reading about space heaters, for example? By simply choosing relevant keywords related to this topic, you can cast a wide net across the web and show Blanket with Sleeves ad on a page like this [BUILD] 21 21

22 Placement Targeting: Keeping Amateur Astronomers Warm
The “Amateur Astronomer” Pack Placement Targeting So in this case, you would target a set of sites like this on the content network where amateur astronomists and star gazers spend time reading about this topic. And you can rest assured that a large percentage of the users on these sites fall into this group. [BUILD] Here are some best practices for placement targeting: [READ SLIDE] BEST PRACTICES: Choose sites with a high composition of your audience to stay targeted (ads not contextual) Group related sites together and optimize creative for each audience 22 22

23 Do Both to Pinpoint Your Audience
You want to reach those reading about… But only on these sites… Context + Placement What if context is important to you, but you still only want your ad on a specific set of sites? Google allows you to do both. You can mix contextual and placement targeting so that your ad delivery is contextually relevant, but is still restricted to a set of sites. This combination is ideal for advertisers who want control over where their ad appears, and those who have a very specific target audience – in this case, campers who not only care about staying warm outdoors, but those who are on specific web sites. While this gives advertisers a lot of control over where their ad appears, one drawback is that it can severely limit volume. So this targeting combination is ideal for advertisers who have a very limited total addressable market. If volume is ultimately important, contextual targeting should be the solution. USE WHEN: You want to control where your ad appears Have a very specific target audience and you only want to reach them if they care about a given topic Limited total addressable market 23 23

24 Be targeted and be in control
CONTEXTUAL (Keywords) PLACEMENTS (Hand-select sites) Both Geography In addition to these targeting methods, you have the ability to target any geography and time of day or day of week to more effectively reach your audience, as well as exclusions that allow you to block specific sites or categories on which you don’t want to show or are underperforming. Time Exclusions (Site & Category) 24 24 24

25 Multiple solutions: GCN Blasts = 50 m impressions
tagline Youtube/videoview09 25 25

26 Agenda 1 Getting Creative with the Google Search & Content Network. 2 Reaching the right audience: scale with precision and control. 3 The coolest things done on YouTube 4 Working with you to innovate. 26 26

27 Google’s advertising solutions
Google Reaches over 99% of Canadians Online EVERY DAY (23.9M) YouTube Google 92% reach to Canadians #1 Search site in Canada 23.3M Canadian UVs to Google/month #1 entertainment site 17M UVs / month 70.3% reach Canadians online Content Partners Search & Web Utilities - As compared to TV Scale Reach Source: comScore Media Metrix, Jan 2009 27 27

28 YouTube in Canada Canada* 17,024,000 70% Country YouTube
Unique Monthly Users Reach Canada* 17,024,000 70% United Kingdom 20,608,000 56% Spain 9,258,000 50% Germany 18,428,000 48% United States 81,000,000 42% Italy 9,569,000 45% France 13,140,000 37% Every minute 17 hours of video are uploaded 10% of all Internet bandwidth 300 MM unique users 6th largest web property 180% y/y page view growth The company's Media Metrix service found 88 per cent of Canadians who use the Internet viewed a video online in January; during that month Canadians watched close to 3.1 billion videos. ComScore tracks online habits in a manner similar to how Nielsen tracks television watching — through detailed analysis of a viewer base of about 25,000 Canadians. The United Kingdom followed Canada with 81 per cent of online users watching video during the month, with Germany (79 per cent), France (78 per cent) and the U.S. (77 per cent) rounding out the top five countries. ComScore Canada vice-president Bryan Segal said the results show Canadians are "high adopters of technology.“ In Canada, half of the videos watched were through YouTube ( *ComScore, March 2009 **ComScore, “Canadians glued to YouTube, study finds”., March 13, 2009. 28 28

29 YouTube Canada audience is mainstream
Profile of Canadian Visitors 17M users (70.1% reach) 51% male, 49% female* 67% are between 18 and 54 years old 64% have a HHI $60K+* 3 hours and 45 minutes watching per month** Mainstream audience 29 Source: ComScore Media Medtrix, February 2009 29 29

30 Premium Partners On YouTube
Canadian Brands Who Have Recently Partnered with Premium User-Generated Content Partners HappySlip LisaNova renetto blamesocietyfilms derrickcomedy GoPotatoTV Blunty3000 Picnicface Valsartdiary thewinekone callmejules24 lonelygirl15 nalts TheHill88 Daxflame WilliamSledd Brookers MarkDayComedy VenetianPrincess theresident Zipster08 GiR2007 cubefar Paperlilies Whatthebuckshow Danielbeast spricket24 hymnofone Expert Village Zanzibar19 kevjumba soccerstar4ever smpfilms You probably know YouTube for user generated content however, YouTube is a huge destination for premium content example. We have over 3,000 content partners. This gives an example of some of the content partnerships we have from large Canadian companies right down to YouTube celebrities that have developed a sizeable audience and have great content. We only monetize partner content so Ads on YouTube are only ever shown around vetted and safe content. You never risk an ad being shown next to 'the cat playing a piano' video. Not that we don’t like cats… 30 30 30 30

31 YouTube Content Partners
Entertainment Sports Music News & Politics Autos & Vehicles Fashion Comedy Pets & Animals Science & Technology Select Partner Pack Film & Animation People & Blogs Travel & Events YouTube Stars How to & Style 31 31

32 YouTube Advertising Options
Placement Options Creative Options Exclusive Opportunities Homepage InVideo (new!) Brand Channel Premium Content Video Contest Talk to buzz Targeting Promote Your Video Search Results Display (standard IAB sizes) Sponsorship 32 32

33 Tipoff – Notable Firsts on YouTube
Slam Dunk breaks new ground on YouTube First Sports Competition on YouTube First Co-Branded Program produced entirely in HD First program to use external annotations First program to use amplification partners - Chris Bosh, Jalen Rose, Team Flight Brothers - Approx 28,500 subscribers combined Best Sponsor integration in a Co-Branded Program 33 33

34 Putting up Big Numbers Slam Dunk channel was extremely successful as a content destination Channel Views: 653,167 Subscribers: 2,469 - #46 Most Subscribed All Time (Sponsors) - #2 Most Subscribed Auto Program (Sponsors) Slam Dunk Channel Video Views: 1,205,579 - Total Comments: 1,594 - Total Shares: 189 - Total Favorites: 1,111 Chris Bosh Launch Video Views: 738,600 Nissan Video Views: 109,561 - The Gift 2 video views: 72,709 34 34

35 Partner Integration Amplification Partners added significant exposure to the program Partner Totals Channel Views – 142,624 Video Views – 351,712 Cboshtv Channel Views – 45,681 Video Views – 116,597 Jalentv Channel Views – 12,714 Video Views – 73,546 TeamFlightBrothers Channel Views – 84,229 Video Views – 161,569 **All data on this slide covers 3/19/09-6/30/09** 35 35

36 Contest Performance There was strong participation and viewership throughout the program Submission: 96 Views of Accepted Submissions: 2,016,146 - 1st place, Billy Doran: 501,398 views - 2nd place, Keith K: 82,357 views - 3rd place, MeanDuck: 56,707 views Comments: 3,323 Favorited: 1,337 36 36

37 PR & Blog Pick-up Significant PR pick-up - True Hoop is the largest NBA blog in the world ** Featured on 3/19/09** 37 37

38 Winner Appearance on ESPN First Take!
Billy Doran was featured on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday 7/15, live from ESPN’s Bristol, CT campus: 38 38

39 Co-Branded Homepage Summary
Homepage/Video Info: US Views: 194,238 Comments: 221 Favorited (# of Times): 163 Ratings: 1,230 # of Stars: 4 out of 5 39 39

40 Final Campaign Performance Report
Partner Watch: Partner Content Partner Watch: Automotive Content 40 40

41 Search Results Sports: 300x250
Final Campaign Performance Report Search Results Sports: 300x250 Run of Search A18-49: 300x250 41 41

42 Old channel layout This is what brand channels looks like in the old design All brand channels will be migrated to the new layout on 7/29/09 If you would like to migrate before then, click on ‘Edit Channel’ then click ‘Upgrade my channel’ 42

43 New channel layout This is what our brand channel looks like in the new layout All elements of your existing brand channel will be transferred across automatically: Videos Custom background image Banner & display ad Gadgets Most editing is now done in-page Options for editing the whole channel are at the top of the page Options for editing individual modules are at the top right of each module You may need to alter the following (more details in subsequent slides): Colors Background image Layout of elements If you want to revert to your old layout (before 7/29), just click “Revert. I want my old channel back” 43

44 Agenda 1 Getting Creative with the Google Search & Content Network. 2 Reaching the right audience: scale with precision and control. 3 The coolest things done on YouTube 4 Working with you to innovate. 44 44

45 High Impact Homepage Placements
Be First! Tandem Masthead Masthead Expandable Masthead

46 Volvo YouTube Homepage Impact
YouTube users who were exposed to the Volvo Homepage ad were: 1597% more likely than unexposed YouTube users to view Volvo content on YouTube 1095% more likely to visit the Volvo site 654% more likely to conduct a Volvo branded query on a search engine 16x more likely to view Volvo content on YouTube 11x more likely to visit the Volvo site 7x more likely to conduct a Volvo branded query on a search engine

47 New Offerings For Complete Campaign Execution
Plan Ad Planner Conversion Optimizer Optimize Create Expandables Context-aware display ads Website Optimizer Coming soon AdWords Display Ad Builder CPA Auto-Optimization Measure Buy & Target Pre-roll, post-roll, interstitial video ads Speaking notes: Channel reservations Google Insights Coming soon Frequency management View-through conversion reporting Early Beta Interest-based advertising

48 3 Things to Remember 1 Someone is searching for you & your competitors: don’t miss the chance to connect with them! 2 Don’t waste beautiful creative on the wrong people: target the right audience 3 Get us in early to brainstorm: big opportunities with video & YouTube in Canada 48 48 48 48

49 Thank you…Questions? 49 49 49 49

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