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Images in Plane Mirrors

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1 Images in Plane Mirrors

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3 Virtual Image Appears to be a light source behind the mirror
This is an apparent light source Light can’t travel through mirror, so vase is a virtual (reflected) image

4 Virtual Image source mirror apparent source

5 Locating an Image We can use light rays and the Law of Reflection to show where plane mirrors produce a virtual image distance from object to mirror is the same as from the mirror to image The object-image line is perpendicular to the mirror Let’s take a look…

6 Locating an Image Object-image line object image normals

7 Try one yourself! Pick an object point
Now draw in the light rays and find the image! Pick a view point

8 Lateral Inversion Let’s look at words in a plane mirror! Write your name in block letters and hold it up to the mirror What do you see? What would this image look like? Z

9 Lateral Inversion In a plane mirror, each letter is flipped horizontally and the letters are in reverse order. This property is called lateral inversion …but why would anybody use this?


11 Image Characteristics
Use the acronym “SALT” to examine properties of an image: S – Size of Image(compared to object – larger, smaller or same size) A – Attitude of Image (upright or inverted) L – Location of Image T – Type of Image (real or virtual)

12 Images in Plane Mirrors
Compared to the object, an image in a plane mirror is always: S – the same size A – laterally inverted L – behind the mirror (same distance as object is to the mirror) T - virtual

13 Activity In your lab group, work on Investigation 11.8 on Pg. 494 And/or Hmwk. Pg. 493 #1-5,7,9,10

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