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Lessons from Collaboration david beining director LodeStar Astronomy Center, University of New Mexico

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1 Lessons from Collaboration david beining director LodeStar Astronomy Center, University of New Mexico

2 Overview of LodeStar Programs & Personas As a daily planetarium & museum Educational Mission Community Service As a UNM academic center Art, Science & Education Research As a community resource and center Entertainment Economic Development Digital Plaza

3 LodeStar Mission Primary Mission –Expand communitys science literacy through informal education based in astronomy Secondary Mission –Support and augment UNM formal programs Core Values –Serve community through available means & needs –Create a culture of Exploding the Frame

4 Dome Theater SkyVision/DigitalSkyHD by Sky-Skan 17M, 25-degree tilt dome 5.1 audio 150 seats

5 L* as a UNM Center Digital art courses for students Computer Science (Maya) Media Arts (video & digital arts) Research for faculty & researchers Immersive science visualization Real-time system development Rendering, data management, etc. Art & art education programs –Arts Technology Center Artists-in-Residence programs Lectures, workshops & events Show clips by UNM staff Will animate for food

6 As community center Productions by local pros & others Art, Entertainment, and Education For L*, for self, for export Community event center Student/Community presentations Flicks on 66 Digital Film Festival Rio Grande Chapter of SIGGRAPH Economic development in digital arts Real-world production opportunity Digital Pueblo Project, DAWGStars, etc.

7 As art house The immersive cognitive environment offered by digital domed theaters offers unprecedented opportunity for artists to expand narrative; break from the expected traditional visual codes of scale, time and ground; and work at the foundation of building a breakthrough aesthetic in a new medium. –Danae Zoe Falliers, Assoc. Director Arts Technology Center Courtesy: Gronk w/ Hue Walker

8 As art house With UNM & Larger Community –UNM faculty, instructors & students Danae Falliers, Arts Technology Center Bryan Konefsky, Mary Tsongias, etc., CFA –Other universities faculty Santa Fe Institute, UC-Berkeley, Stanford, Mills College –Professional artists & media producers Gronk, Lynette Wallworth, Gregg Stephens, etc. Michael Stearns, Brad & Andrea Carvey, etc. Courtesy: Gail Wight, ATC Artist-in-Residence

9 Starting Collaborations Encouragement by IMAX Pros –Ben Shedd & Michael Stearns Identifying key supporters –Faculty & Instructors Pro producers as lecturers & models Orientation to technologies –Processes, vocabulary, specs, etc. Events & meetings –Increase dome time –Class reviews, public show

10 Building Understanding Ben Shedds talks & writings Playtime for key instructors & artists SkyVision & in-house library Instructional materials –Fulldome animation –Production manual Student orientations & review sessions Talks & screenings Courtesy: Ben Shedd, Princeton

11 Working with Students Full-Dome projects optional Encourage experimentation Theater tour & shows Techniques & specs Instructor direction L* staff support Little dome-time during production Closer to real-world Courtesy: Mark Nava, UNM

12 SOP for Collaboration Orientation to medium Screenings Primer document Camera Rigs Folder Sets Feedback Loops Spitzs Glom

13 DomeFest A place for sharing & experimenting 2003 & 2004 Programs –See tonight @ Sky-Skan Festival DomeFest 2005 –Submissions 11 Feb 05 DomeFest 2008 –IPS, Chabot?

14 Standard Thoughts (by Nat Handy) –Agree on mediums moniker--needs branding –Were all in this medium development together –Most standards will evolve through experience –Double-edged digital sword: Flexibility –Story first, distribution second –Redesign part of production budget –Leave legacy (analog) standards behindnow –Collaborative spirit and practice –Support creativity, experimentation & diversity –DomeFest as resource/opportunity

15 Arrow to the Sun Gerald McDermott & LodeStar Character-based Community-driven Not for every theater –Design –Style/Spirit

16 Links –LodeStar –DomeFest –Fulldome Users Group (coming) –Arts Technology Center –Digital Pueblo Project –Ben Shedd –me

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