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Narrative Budgets Telling the Story of Your Ministry The United Church of Canada L'Église Unie du Canada Eastertide 2013 Welcome! If you can see this,

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1 Narrative Budgets Telling the Story of Your Ministry The United Church of Canada L'Église Unie du Canada Eastertide 2013 Welcome! If you can see this, you're connected correctly. The workshop will start at the top of the hour. In the meantime, please use the flip chart to the left of this pod for some informal chat. Simply type your comment in the white space at the bottom of the flipchart, and press Enter. You might start by mentioning where you're from.

2 Introductions Introducing the facilitators How to use the space Opening prayer

3 Mighty and tender God, Creator and giver of life and all things We give our thanks and praise We are especially thankful for the blessings of this day … Mighty and tender God, We ask your blessing upon our work and ministry, our response to your call to be the Church To celebrate Gods presence To live with respect in Creation To love and serve others To seek justice and resist evil To proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen, our judge and our hope. Mighty and tender God, In your loving purpose help us to use and share the gifts you have given us to contribute to your mission. In all things give us the grace and wisdom to accept your will. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

4 Using a Narrative Budget to Communicate Mission Movie Clip

5 Small Group Discussion CGAs see more than numbers, they see the impact and opportunity behind them (1) What is the mission of Steam Whistle Brewery? (2) How are the numbers used to communicate the mission in this commercial? (3) This is not a commercial for Steam Whistle Brewery; it's a commercial about accountants. What kind of role is this commercial trying to highlight for the accountants in a business? In a church?

6 Facilitated Discussion via The flipchart 1.How are these two budgets different from each other? 2.What can you learn about the mission of the congregation from each one? 3.What is God doing through this congregation, and how do you know? 4.In a sentence... what is a narrative budget?

7 A Narrative Budget...... does not replace a line item budget for accounting purposes... is a communications tool to transform a line item of money & expenses into an exciting and enlivening picture of ministries and missional expressions of the congregation... recognizes that you do not give money to the church; you give money through the church to translate God's mission into action

8 Sharing the Story Looking at More Detail STRUCTURE WORSHIP LEARNING Christian Development / Faith Formation / Christian Education / CARING Pastoral Care (including Welcome / Fellowship / Hospitality and also care of the Property) REACHING OUT Community Presence / Outreach (including M&S / support of local initiatives)

9 Sharing the Story Looking at More Detail FOR EACH AREA 1.Describe your Ministry Provide a list; Focus on IMPACT. 2.Show your Ministry - Photograph(s); Charts 3.Testimonies Quotes / Video 4.Treasure - Financials Total cost; percentage of the total budget; $x of every $100 supports … 5.Time # of volunteer hours; % of staff time 6.Future focus How you be involved; What more we could be doing

10 Where & how could you use this sort of tool in your congregation? Internal Stewardship campaign - posters Annual meeting Thank you's with tax receipts Highlight ministry areas: 1/month; 1/week prior to the AGM; bulletin insert Use the areas as the agenda structure for meetings Create a childrens edition Planning tool; use at congregational conference Volunteer recognition External New members' program Visitor's info Website Grant applications Advocacy initiatives Communication opportunity with silent or lapsed members; wider community empathetic to the UCC Share with presbytery and ecumenically

11 Five Benefits 1.Communicates complex financial information for a broader audience 2. Links vision, values & ministry with financial priorities 3.Helps develop a deeper understanding of stewardship 4.Inspires members in their giving because they can see how their generous gifts make a difference, and change lives 5.Encourages members to discuss the needs of the ministry more deeply, tell others about the work of the congregation, and see their own stewardship as an expression of their faith

12 Small Group Exercise (1) Make a list of all the activities in your own congregation that fall within a particular category (2) How are lives being changed by this part of your church's work? Try to identify 5 different ways and write one sentence about each (3) What percentage of the following (approximately!!) is used to make this happen Minister's or Program Staff's time Administrator's time Office Supplies, Paper, phone, copying etc. Building: room use, heat/light, repairs

13 Reporting Back What did you learn about your church as you began to create a narrative budget? What questions emerged for you in this process?

14 Follow up By the end of the week you will receive a package of materials including this presentation and some extra enrichments to help you on your way. Financial Development Officers are there to help

15 Financial Development Officers Heather Mclean – London Lisa Di Veto – Hamilton Deb Hopper – Toronto Keith Stam – Quinte, Manitou Paul Sales – Montreal, Ottawa Pam Harrison – Maritime Clyde Flight – Newfoundland & Labrador

16 Evaluation Thank you for joining us this evening! Please take a few moments to help us improve this presentation for the next group, by adding any comments/suggestions you may have about the PROCESS, and CONTENT, and let us know what was your MOST VALUABLE LEARNING Susan Graham Walker

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