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Nazis in Power essays To write a good essay it is really important you know what the question wants you to do. Sort the past paper questions into theme.

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1 Nazis in Power essays To write a good essay it is really important you know what the question wants you to do. Sort the past paper questions into theme 1 or theme 2 questions Theme How did the Nazis stay in power? deal with the named factor and compare it to other possible reasons in order to arrive at an appropriate, balanced conclusion. Theme How complete was Nazi power over the German people? Describe and evaluate each of the various pieces of evidence involved in order to come to a balanced conclusion.

2 Essay types 2000 – Theme 1 – deal with factor, German economic policy , then compare with other factors which kept the Nazis in power, ie other popular policies, use of propaganda, terror, 2001 – Theme 1 - what is the factor to deal with first? 2002 – Theme 2 – describe and evaluate how much each of the domestic policies affected the German people, ie evaluate the economic , social and political policies 2003 – Theme 2 2004 – Theme 2 2006 – Theme 2 Theme 1 2009 – Theme 1 2010 – Theme ?

3 Essay plan Theme 1 To what extent was Nazi control due to factor x? (popularity of Nazi policies, propaganda, terror, persecution of Jews, one party state) Write down which factors need analysis for the 2009 essay Now try writing an introduction for the essay

4 An example Introduction
Set the context: Between 1933 and 1939 the Nazi Party governed Germany as a totalitarian ‘ one party, police state. Describe the issue given in the question: The totalitarian ideal required total obedience and no opposition to the state by the people. Nazi policies aimed to rebuild Germany’s national pride and devastated economy after the First World War through domestic policies which would create work for racially ’pure’ Germans in all sectors of industry, especially armaments and foreign policy which would regain lost territories and expand into eastern Europe to create what Hitler envisaged as the ‘Thousand Year Reich’. What are you going to write about: These policies were popular with many Germans however, the Nazis also used other methods to ensure they stayed in control and achieve their aims. This essay will attempt to assess the extent to which not only the popularity of their policies kept control but also the use of terror, indoctrination through the use of propaganda and the persecution of Jews and political opponents.

5 Development The popularity of policies. Domestic Policies
Economic policy K: Government building schemes, eg Autobahns, Housing K: Armaments production K: Farmers’ debt reduction A: Very popular, why? Hitler fulfilling policy promises Increased employment, (Unemployment in 1932=30%, by 1939=0.5%) Work and Bread slogan, rebuilding German national pride through building armed forces. Writing off farmers’ debts to Jewish bankers, returning land to the German people . However, wages low, determined by German Labour Front (DAF) only trade union allowed.

6 Development Social policies
K: KdF (Kraft durch Freude) Strength through Joy. Picnics, Holidays, people’s car A: Popularised image of how well Germany was doing under Hitler’s new domestic policies. However mainly illusory (propaganda) rather than widespread increase in standard of living. Goebbels’ use of media convinced many life was getting better under the Nazis. K: Persecution of Jews A: Through effective propaganda the Nazis convinced the majority of Germans that the Jews were to blame for their economic problems and there was support and acceptance for actions such as, Nuremberg Laws in Kristallnacht 1938 Removal of Jews from professions, eg medicine, law, civil service. Seen as taking strong action against Germany’s “problems” – the threat of Jewish Marxist (Communist) takeover

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10 Development Foreign Policies K: Lebensraum K: Rhineland, 1936
K: Anschluss, 1938 A: popular because fulfilled Hitler’s promises to re build and expand Germany. Destroying VPT. Rebuilds belief and confidence in the German people after the harsh treatment after defeat in the First World War

11 Development Other reasons Nazis maintained control Gleichschaltung
Lack of opposition because of Terror/violence Eventual support from the Army Effective propaganda Protestant and Catholic churches did not oppose the Nazis except for individuals who refused to accept Nazis and preached against it. Eg?

12 Conclusion We can see Nazi control of Germany through two main themes. Firstly through mass support from German people because The Nazis were seen to be fulfilling their promises of rebuilding Germany from the chaos of the Weimar government and the unjust treatment of Germany after the First World War. Employment was rising, many Germans believed they were better off and they were being governed by a strong, confident leader, Hitler, who had stopped any threat of a Communist revolution in Germany and through his foreign policy was taking back lands seen as rightfully belonging to Germany . Much of this support was won through the use of very effective propaganda. The second theme by which Nazis held control was by ensuring any opposition to the regime would be dealt with through threats and acts of violence, arrest, torture and exile to concentration camps carried out by the state run secret police, the Gestapo and SS. The combination of widespread support in an environment of fear secured Hitler’s Fascist Nazi police state thankfully for only 12 years but at a dreadful cost to human society.

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