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Covenant and the Triune God of Grace Perichoresis May 5 2009.

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1 Covenant and the Triune God of Grace Perichoresis May 5 2009

2 Overview…. Where are the Torrances coming from? Common themes and correlations Theological method – Christology Covenant/Contract What does all this mean for our life in Christ?

3 Background quotes Gods self-revelation as Father, Son and Holy Spirit both creates the framework within which it is to be solely understood, and generates the very forms of thought and speech with which it is to be grasped and articulated.[1][1] [1] T.F Torrance The Christian Doctrine of God – One Being, Three Persons (Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1996), 21. [1]

4 Our knowledge of God consists of the Man Jesus Christ.[1][1] [1] T.F Torrance, The Mediation of Christ, 9. [1] The heart of the New Testament is the relationship between the Father and the Son in the Spirit (J.B. Torrance).

5 –there is no other God behind the back of Jesus Christ (T.F. Torrance).

6 When we look into the face of Jesus Christ and see there the very face of God, we know we have not seen and cannot see God anywhere else or in any other way but in him, for he is God himself become human, and there is no God except the God who has come and meets us in Jesus. Who and what God really is could not be revealed to us or known by us except in and through the Incarnation…it is in Jesus the incarnate Son of the Father that we human beings may really and joyfully know God in his divine nature.[1][1] [1] T.F Torrance, The Christ Who Loves Us in G Dawson and J Stein (eds) A Passion for Christ: The Vision that Ignites Ministry (Edinburgh/Lenoir: Handsel Press & PLC Publications, 1999), 13. [1]

7 God is not one thing towards us in Jesus and another thing in himself

8 5 key areas The basis of a covenant vs contract The motivation The person & role of Jesus & the Father, in the Spirit (kind of important) Our place and role The place of obligations

9 CovenantContract BasisRel of uncond love Cond. Rel; promise to act MotivationFamilialLegal JesusMediator, fulfils covenant Agent of salvation FatherShows Fatherhood via covenant Becomes father if we enter contract UsParticipate by the Spirit Independent; Create rel w God via conversion ObligationsEnabled by rel and met by Jesus Create and define the rel

10 the concept of homoousion…gave expression to the underlying oneness in being and activity between the incarnate Son and God the Father upon which everything in the Gospel depend[s] [1] [1] T.F Torrance, The Christian Doctrine of God, 168-169. Italics added.[1]

11 [we need to] conserve evangelical faith in the oneness between what God is toward us in Jesus Christ and what he is in his own Being as God. If that relation in being and agency is cut, then the whole Gospel…collapses.[1] [1] The Mediation of Christ, 9, italics added.[1] relations between things have to do with what they actually are – Mediation, p 2-3.

12 JB – Defining covenant inner meaning of the Christian Gospel: God has already bound himself to humanity in Jesus Christ in covenant love, and God has already bound humanity to Himself in Jesus Christ in covenant love - Jesus is the mediator a promise binding two people or two parties to love one another unconditionally.[1] [1] J.B. Torrance, Covenant or Contract? A Study of the Theological Background of Worship in Seventeenth Century Scotland (1970) Scottish Journal of Theology 23(1), 54.[1]

13 [d]ivine covenants have their source in the divine initiative, in the loving heart of God. God conceives of the covenant, God announces it. God confirms and establishes it and carries it through to fulfillment, and the motive is love.[1] [1] J.B Torrance, Covenant or Contract? 55.[1]

14 Covenant Content: Relationship of unconditional love Motivation: Familial/relational Jesus: Mediator, fulfils covenant Father: Declares his Fatherhood of us via his covenant – one sided Us: Participate in the covenant established by F S SP Obligations: Enabled by relationship

15 Jesus, in covenant Mediator of a new covenant of universal range in which he presents us to his Father as those whom he has redeemed, sanctified, and perfected forever in himself.[1] [1] T.F Torrance, The Mediation of Christ, 76-77.[1]

16 [Jesus] offered to God a perfect confidence and trust, a perfect faith and response which we are unable to offer…Through union with him we share in his faith, in his obedience, in his trust and his appropriation of the Fathers blessing; we share in his justification before God…it is the faith of Christ alone that justifies us…we in faith flee from our own acts even of repentance, confession, trust and response and take refuge in the obedience and faithfulness of Christ.[1][1] [1] T.F Torrance, Theology in Reconstruction (Michigan: Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1965) 159-160. [1]

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