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President/Coach/Manager Meeting Saturday, October 27, 2007 Dassel-Cokato Schools 9:00 am.

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1 President/Coach/Manager Meeting Saturday, October 27, 2007 Dassel-Cokato Schools 9:00 am

2 MN Hockey District 5 Officers MN Hockey District Director Doug Kephart 71052 CSAH 18 Dassel, MN 55325 H 320-587-7768 F 320-587-5108 Term start: Appt 7/07 Term out: 2007/2008 District 5 President Tim Hanson 1860 60 th Ave. NW Willmar, MN 56201 H 320-235-9472 Term start: 2007/2008 Term out: 2008/2009

3 MN Hockey District 5 Officers District 5 1 st Vice-President Brian Johnson 710 Maplewood Avenue Litchfield, MN 55355 H 320-593-0323 Term start: 2007/2008 Term out: 2008/2009 District 5 2 nd Vice President Doug Foster 612 3 rd Street SW Albertville, MN 55301 H 763-497-8071 Term start: 2006/2007 Term out: 2007/2008

4 MN Hockey District 5 Officers District 5 Secretary Kurt Lofrano 4238 Eaken Ave. SE Delano, MN 55328 H 763-972-2300 Term start: 2006/2007 Term out: 2007/2008 District 5 Treasurer Robert Hantge 899 Hwy 15 South Hutchinson, MN 55350 W 320-587-2128 Term start: Appt 8/07 Term out: 2008/2009

5 MN Hockey District 5 Officers D5 Supervisor of Officials Steve Kirshbaum 2269 Zane Avenue Stewart, MN 55385 H 320-562-6352 F 320-562-6352 D5 Coach-in-Chief Paul Willett 1370 Fox Street Delano, MN 55328 H 763-972-5888

6 MN Hockey District 5 Officers District 5 Girls Coordinator Doug Foster 612 3 rd Street SW Albertville, MN 55301 H 796-497-8071 D5 Tournament Coordinator Tracy Gurneau 139 B Mindy Lane Montrose, MN 55363 H 763-675-3979

7 MN Hockey District 5 Officers USA Hockey Registrar Glenn Young 703 Park Ave. Litchfield, MN 55355 H 320-693-8571

8 Dates to Remember District Meetings –First Wednesday of the month through April Start at 7:30 pm at Daniels restaurant in Cokato Final Scheduling Meeting –September 26, 2007 Any association adding, dropping, or changing classifications after this date will be assessed a $300 penalty

9 District League & Playoffs League play for teams above the Squirt level can start on November 10, 2007 –League play must be completed by February 12, 2008 Squirts and 10B can start December 1, 2007 and be completed by March 9, 2008 District playoffs will be between February 17 and February 24 –Championship weekend is at Hutchinson February 23 and 24, 2008

10 Game Administration The home team is responsible for filling out score sheets before the game –Game #s and Association names MUST be on the score sheet If this information is missing, the home Association will be charged $10 for each occurrence The winning team must submit the original copy (white sheet) to the proper D5 Board member within 5 days via US mail –If the score sheet is postmarked later than 5 days, a $50 penalty will be assessed to the Association

11 Bantam & Squirt Score Sheets Tim Hanson 1860 60 th Ave NW Willmar, MN 56201

12 Pee Wee and D5 Girls Score Sheets Brian Johnson 710 Maplewood Ave. Litchfield, MN 55355

13 Fines/Bills Any fines or bills that are not paid to the District means that Association will NOT participate in District, Regional, or State Playoffs

14 Home Team Responsibilities Assigning of minor officials: –Visiting team timekeeper –Home team timekeeper –Home team scorekeeper ALL MINOR OFFICIALS MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER

15 Time of Game 5 minute warm-up will begin immediately after 1 team takes the ice In D5, all PW (A/B) and Bantam (A/B/C) games will consist of three 15 minute periods of stop time, not to exceed 1.5 hours of elapsed time All other games will be 12 minute periods of stop time and not exceed 1 hour

16 Time of Game All games should be played out on stop time, unless the arena has time conflicts If the time remaining on the arena clock does not allow for the 3 rd period to be stop time, the following procedure will be used: –Running time will commence when the arena and time clocks show the same time remaining –6:25 on arena; 5:00 on time clock; Running

17 Time of Game IT SHALL BE THE TIMEKEEPERS RESPONSIBILITY TO WATCH FOR, AND NOTIFY, THE REFEREE(S) WHEN RUNNING TIME SHOULD COMMENCE There shall be no overtime except during playoffs If a team is leading by 6 goals at any time after the 2 nd period, the clock will go to running time

18 Penalties Minor = 2 minutes Major = 5 minutes Misconduct = 10 minutes Game Misconduct = Ejection from game and the following league game

19 League outside of District 5 Occasionally, District 5 is unable to secure enough teams at a certain level to support a league within District 5 When that happens, an Association may be required to participate in a league sponsored by another District If that happens, it shall be the Associations responsibility to familiarize, and notify ALL necessary individuals of that leagues rules and requirements

20 District 5 Game Information Score Sheets –All coaches must be listed on the sheet before the start of each game with the head coach first –Coaches CEP information, signature, game number, officials names, and association NAMES must be listed –The original (white) MUST be mailed to the designated D5 Board member within 5 days by the winning team

21 District 5 Game Information Warm-up Period –5 minutes, beginning with first team stepping on the ice –With 1 minute remaining, the timekeeper will sound the horn for teams to gather pucks and go through their pre-game rituals –Both teams will have their starting line-up at center ice for the face-off when the horn sounds –Players will not gather in front of the net at the beginning of periods 2 and 3

22 District 5 Game Information Coaching Cards –All coaches are to have and carry a USA Hockey Coaching Education Card in their possession while on the bench for all games

23 District 5 Game Information Game Times –Teams are to be on the ice by scheduled ice time and 5 minute warm-up will begin as soon as the first team takes the ice –If the scheduled start is delayed by an arena delay, then the start time will be determined by the referees, who will notify both teams coaches as to start and finish time

24 District 5 Game Information Game Times –Bantam & Pee Wee games will be 15 minute stop time periods, with a resurface between the 2 nd and 3 rd periods 1.5 hour time limit –All other games will be 12 minute stop time periods 1 hour time limit

25 District 5 Game Information Time Out –Each team will be allowed a one minute time out per District 5 game 6 Goal Differential –3 rd period will go to running time if there is a 6 goal separation

26 District 5 Game Information Excessive Penalties –If a total of 16 penalties have been called at anytime during the game, the game may go into running time with the clock stopping only for injuries –If at anytime after 2 periods of a game have been played and the referee feels the game is getting out of control, or a total of 20 penalties have been accumulated, they will have the option of calling off the game

27 District 5 Game Information Excessive Penalties –Referees and Coaches of both teams are required to submit a report within 24 hours to the following people: Doug Kephart, MN Hockey Director, 320-587-7768 Tim Hanson, D5 President, 320-235-9472 Steve Kirshbaum,Supv. Of Officials, 320-562-6352

28 District 5 Game Information Overtime –No overtime except for playoffs Leaving the Ice Surface –Visiting team will leave the ice surface first

29 District 5 Game Information Minor Officials –Announcer, Timekeeper, Scorekeeper and Penalty Bench Attendants –The number of minor officials should not exceed 4, one person can announce as well as do the score sheet –The visiting team shall be allowed to have 1 person work as a minor official –All minor officials shall be at least 18 years old

30 District 5 Game Information Announcer –Announce only penalties, scorer and assists as instruced by the referee Timekeeper –To assist the referee(s) with the time of game and penalty times –Do not sound the horn for any other reason as to signal the end of a period, or during a stoppage of play to get the referees attention

31 District 5 Game Information Timekeeper –Make notice to referee when game needs to go to running time –Do not put up penalty time until referee has announced the penalty Scorekeeper –Record all goals, assists and penalties exactly the same as reported by the referee –Do not designate teams as H or A or V

32 District 5 Game Information Penalty Bench Attendants –Players are to sit down during their penalty time and should only be let of the penalty bench door –Notify referee of any profanity directed at minor officials from penalized players –Do not provoke players –Players are to wear helmets with facemasks down while on the penalty bench

33 Play of Game Home team will furnish both the warm-up and game pucks All players must wear full internal mouth pieces –1 st infraction = misconduct –2 nd infraction = game misconduct

34 Play of Game All players Squirt/10U and above MUST wear a manufactured neck guard –Inside the District: 1 st – referee sends the player off the ice 2 nd – referee issues a misconduct –Outside the District: 1 st – one week suspension for player and coach 2 nd – three week suspension for player and coach 3 rd – one year suspension for player and coach

35 Play of Game All players on the bench must wear their helmet at all times, whether in uniform or not If an Association has more than one team at a level, the Association then must have one team participate at the highest level offered by District 5

36 Cumulative Penalties If during the course of the season any player or team official is ejected from a total of 3 games, league officials will notify the player and players coach in writing that said player or team official is on probation for the remaining season If individual receives 4 th ejection during the probationary period, he/she will be suspended until a hearing date with the Grievance Committee

37 Abuse of Officials Foul or abusive language or behavior directed towards any game or arena official (referees, minor officials, arena personnel) will not be tolerated from any player, coach, team official, or spectators Coaches are reminded that they can be held responsible for the behavior of players as well as spectators while they are in the arena before, during, and after a game

38 Zero Tolerance All officials are expected to strictly enforce USA Hockeys Zero Tolerance rule regarding profanity coming from the players bench area Any official not assessing the proper penalties for this conduct will be subject to potential disciplinary action from the District 5 Board

39 Spectator Conduct The use of any artificial noisemakers, including, but not limited to: drums, tambourines, whistles, cowbells, etc is prohibited Spectators are subject to the same rules of conduct that apply to the players, coaches, and team officials A team can receive a bench minor for spectator misconduct

40 Game Rescheduling Procedure Initiating team is to contact their Associations scheduler who will then contact the scheduler representing the opposing team to identify an agreeable date/time for rescheduling ALL RESCHEDULING MUST BE COORDINATED THROUGH THE ASSOCIATION ICE SCHEDULER

41 Game Rescheduling Procedure An e-mail confirming the agreed upon rescheduled game needs to be sent to the opposing team contact, the ice schedulers from both Associations, and to After receiving confirmation from the opposing team via e-mail to, the official district schedule and referee schedule will then be updated –Change is not official until posted on D5 web site

42 Game Rescheduling Procedure A rescheduling fee of $25 will be billed to the initiating Association –Exceptions for this fee include games rescheduled due to weather, loss of ice to HS games, school activities, changes in game time BUT not date, or game rescheduling completed earlier than 1 week prior to D5 roster signing day

43 Hazardous Travel If weather conditions seem hazardous to highway travel and a coach questions the feasibility of traveling within the District 5 area, the following procedures should be followed: –The traveling coach must call Doug Kephart of Tim Hanson –The call MUST be made by a coach or team manager, NOT a parent

44 Hazardous Travel Mr. Kephart and Mr. Hanson will retrieve information on travel advisories and make a decision on the game in question If it is decided that the game should be played, and isnt, the game will be recorded as a forfeit The traveling team will be fined for not playing a league game

45 Hazardous Travel If neither Doug Kephart or Tim Hanson can be contacted, call Glenn Young

46 Game Rescheduling Policy Each team is allowed to initiate rescheduling of 1 game during the season The game rescheduling procedure MUST be completed at least 7 days prior to the original scheduled game date If the procedure has not been completed in this time frame, the official District schedule will not be updated, and the game is to be played as originally scheduled

47 Game Rescheduling Policy The following exceptions negate the 7 day requirement and will not count as an initiated rescheduling: –Weather cancellations, loss of ice due to HS games or other arena events, and school activities

48 Game Rescheduling Policy Teams not participating in an official district schedule will automatically forfeit that game Forfeiture of a game will result in the team being declared ineligible for participation in any District, Regional, and State playoff games Additionally, a fine of $150 will be assessed to the offending Asssociation

49 Mites For discussion purposes, Mite teams shall include the girls 8U program Mites will be defined as 7 and 8 year old skaters Termites (Mini-Mites) shall consist of skaters under the age of 7 All Mite teams within District 5 are NOT ALLOWED to play games outside the boundaries of District 5

50 Mites Termites can participate in a maximum of 5 games after January 3, 2008 Mites can also participate in any of the 4 Jamborees that are hosted annually by Associations within District 5 –The goal of the Mite program is to be full-ice by year end Jamborees are designed for last year Mite teams

51 Questions?

52 Have A Great Season


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