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”57 Years in the Jet Stream”

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1 ”57 Years in the Jet Stream”
Bob Krone: Mr. Tamiya, Mr. Hirooka, Mr. Makino, Mr. Fred Medel, Mr. Richard Poulsen, and you Tamiya Modelers who have travelled from afar to Be here for Tamiya-Con XI. Thank you for your invitation to be your guest speaker today. It’s a pleasure to be amongst the worlds finest model creators. I would like to introduce m co-pilot, Sue Krone …she flies with me Everywhere. And I want to acknowledge those Distinguished Flying Cross members here today .. Please stand .. Thank you for coming. Can everyone hear me? Loud and clear? I have titled my talk today “Models I’ve Liked for 50 Years” Actually, it’s been 53 years..I started fling in 1953

2 MENU 1. Planes I Flew 2. Combat Planes & Flying:
The Reality that Models Model 3. Space 4. Questions So these are the main subjects I’ll talk about today. And you Will have an input into how much detail we go into anything.

3 North American T-6D Specs & Performance Span, 42 ft Length, 29 ft
Height, 11 ft Weight, 5,617 lbs Armament, smoke rx Engine, PW, R-1340, 600 hp Crew, 2 Max Speed, 206 mph Cruise Speed, 145 mph Range, 1,000 miles Ceiling, 23,200 ft Here’s my first airplane…. Pretty awesome for a 23-year old Guy who had never flown in an airplane before. Bob Krone flew, Pilot Training, Marana Air Base Arizona, 1953

4 North American T-28 Specs & Performance Span, 41 ft Length, 32 ft
Height, 13 ft Weight, Armament, 2, 50-Cal guns, 1800 lbs stores Engine, Wright R-1820 1,425 hp Crew, 2 Max Speed, mph Cruise Speed, 230 mph Range, 1,060 miles Ceiling Then I graduated to the North American T-28 ….a little bigger and Heavier and could fly over mph. Bob Krone flew pilot training 1953, Big Springs, Texas

5 Lockheed T-33A Specs & Performance Span, 37 ft Length, 37 ft
Height, 12 ft Weight, 15,000 lbs Armament, cal machine guns, nose Engine, Allison, J-33, 5,400 lbs thrust Crew, 2 Max Speed, mph Cruise Speed, 455 mph Range, 1,000 miles Ceiling, 45,000 ft. At Big Springs, Texas I get my first jet flying… in the T-Bird …. Bob Krone flew pilot training 1953, Big Springs, Texas

6 And you will recognize this model of an F-84G, my first fighter
Jet … getting my first weapons training at Luke AFB, AZ in early I also flew a “Cold seat T-33” there with 50-cal machine guns in the nose. 2006 Tamiya Catalog

7 Lt Jack Harper With F-84G 50 Cal Ammunition, Turner AFB, GA 1954
Here’s my squadron mate, Jack Harper, holding 50-cal ammo with the F-84G behind.

8 F-84F Thunderstreak Then, in early I was assigned to the 31st Strategic Fighter Wing at Turner AFB Georgia for my first operational squadron…. It turned out to be my Longest USAF assignment years to 1958… and I transitioned into the swept wing F-84F, Thunderstreak.

9 F-84Fs, Turner AFB, Georgia 1954-1957
Specs & Performance Span, ft Length, 43 ft Height, 15 ft Weight, 27,000 lbs Armament, 5, 50 cal machine guns, Rx, 6,000 lbs bombs Engine, Wright J65 7,220 lbs thrust Crew, 1 Max Speed, 685 mph Cruise Speed, 535 mph Range, 1,900 miles Ceiling, 44,450 ft Here are the specs for the “Super Hog” and pictures I made at Turner AFB. Georgia as a First Lieutenant. F-84Fs, Turner AFB, Georgia

10 Here is an airborne shot with the gun sight on an F-84F

11 Fifty-Four Years Ago 31st Strategic Fighter Wing - F-84Fs
Lead Crew of the Year Lt. Bob Krone I may be one of a very small group of fighter pilots that earned A Strategic Air Command Lead Crew of the Year Trophy. General Curtis LeMay was the SAC Commander and for a few years he Tolerated fighters as part of his command. We trained to act as Escorts for the SAC bombers and we had a nuclear mission.

12 RF84F - Thunderflash Specs & Performance Span, 33’ Length, 47’
Height, 15’ Weight, 25,390 Armament, 4/50Cal Machine Guns, wing Engine, J-65-W-7 7,800 lbs thrust Crew, One Max Speed, 629mph Cruise Speed, 542mph Range, 2,000 miles Ceiling 39,390’ And here is the Republic Aviation’s first USAF fighter plane to be Designed as a recce fighter… the RF84-F. Note the big difference between the F-84 and RF-84F … the intake changed from the nose In the F-84 to the wings in the RF84 .. And that design you will See again in Republic’s F-105D. …my favorite model. I had the privilege of flying ag RF-84F across the Atlantic from Farmingdale, Long Island .. Republic’s plant .. To Volkel Air Base in the Netherlands in May RF-84F, High-Flight, Republic Aviation, NY to Denmark

13 North American F-100D/F Specs & Performance Span, 39 ft Length, 54 ft
Height, 16 ft Weight, 38,048 Armament, 4 M-39, 20mm cannons, 5000 lbs ext stores Engine, PW J-57, 16,000 lbs thrust Crew, 1/2 Max Speed, 926 mph Cruise Speed, 590 mph Range, 1,970 miles Ceiling, 55,000 ft In the Summer of our 31st Wing changed from SAC to the Tactical Air Command and from F-84Fs to the F-100D Super Sabre. After a year flying the Hun from Georgia, followed by a year as a General’s Aide-de-Camp in Korea, I returned to F-100 flying at Itazuke Air Base, in Fukuoka, Japan from … including being a member of the Fighter-Weapons team. Bob Krone flew Turner AFB, Georgia ; Itazuke AB, Japan

14 F-100 & KC-135 Probe and Drogue Air Refueling
Air refueling was a continual challenge throughout my flying career. Here is a KC-135 Tanker and an F-100 with a probe and drogue Air refueling system. F-100 & KC Probe and Drogue Air Refueling

15 F-100 Super Sabre Turner AFB Georgia 1957

16 Pipers & Cessnas Bob Krone flew Aero Clubs 1954 - 1963
I obtained an FAA Commercial Pilot’s License in and flew Small civilian planes in aero clubs until Mixing the Piper and Cessna flying with jet flying added tremendously to my airborne Perspectives. Bob Krone flew Aero Clubs

17 North American F-86A Specs & Performance Span, 37 ft Length, 37 ft
Height, 15 ft Weight, 13,791 lbs Armament, cal Rx, lbs bombs Engine, GE J-47, 5,200 lbs thrust Crew, 1 Max Speed, mph Cruise Speed, 540 mph Range, miles Ceiling, 49,000 ft Lieutenant General Bob Lee, selected me from the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing in Georgia to be his Aide-de-Camp for 13 months in Korea, where had been appointed to be the Chief of Staff, United Nations Command, The #2 military leader in Korea. The Republic of Korea Air Force, ROKAF, was flying F-86’s. All it took was a letter from General Lee And I flew the F-86 with the ROK pilots. Bob Krone flew Osan AB, Korea

18 Army Cessna 0-1, Bird Dog Specs & Performance Span, 36 ft
Length, 25 ft Height, 9 ft Weight, lbs Armament, smoke Rx Engine, Cont , 213 hp Crew, 2 Max Speed, 150 mph Cruise Speed, 115 mph Range, miles Ceiling, 20,300 ft During the same year in Korea the U.S. Army let me fly the 01 Bird Dog. There were no rules for flying in South Korea Then except you can’t fly north over the DMZ. Bob Krone flew K-3 Korea

19 Douglas C-47 Specs & Performance Span, 95 ft Length, 64 ft
Height, 17 ft Weight, 33,000 lbs Armament, none Engine, 2 PW R-1830, 1,200 hp Crew, 6 Max Speed, 232 mph Cruise Speed, 175 mph Range, 1,513 miles Ceiling, 24,450 ft When I went to work on my Masters Degree at the University of Pittsburgh in , it was the Gooney Bird that I flew Bob Krone flew Pittsburgh, PA

20 North American T-39 Specs & Performance Span, 44 ft Length, 44 ft
Height, 16 ft Weight, 18,650 lbs Armament, none Engine, 2 PW,J-60 3000 lbs thrust Crew, 2, 7 passengers Max Speed, 538 mph Cruise Speed, 500 mph Range, 1,348 miles Ceiling, 42,000 ft This little North American jet-liner was fun to fly out of Randolph AFB, Bob Krone flew Randolph AFB, TX

21 Bob Krone checked out in the F-4 at Eglin AFB,FL, 1967
Max speed – 1,400 mph, Ceiling – 59,600 I checked out in the F-4 in in Florida, but my all-time favorite Airplane was the F-105 Thunderchief. 2006 Tamiya Catalog

22 Republic F-105D/F Specs & Performance
Span, 35 ft * Max Speed, mph Length, 64 ft * Cruise, 778 mph Height, 20 ft * Range, miles Weight, 52, * Ceiling, 51,000 Engine, PW, J-75, 24,500 lbs thrust Crew, 1,2 Armament, M61 Vulcan 20mm cannon, 12,000 lbs ordnance Bob Krone flew George AFB, CA; McConnell AFB, KS; Korat Air Base, Thailand


24 You choose the subject(s) and the order
COMBAT FLYING MENU The F-105D, My combat airplane The North Vietnam Scene, Ending the Bombing Halt Mission Bob Krone’s Meaning of the Vietnam War You choose the subject(s) and the order

25 Korat Air Base Thailand Hanoi

26 Korat Air Base, Thailand

27 Mekong River -- Thailand-Laos Border

28 F-105D - Vietnam

29 Southeast Asia – Vietnam War
Battle Damage - Captain Fred de Jong’s F-105D Thunderchief



32 I Missile Radar Homing and Missile Launch Indicator – F-105D – April 1966

33 Napalm 2000 Pound Bomb GAM 63 B - Bullpup Sidewinder AA


35 500 Pound Bombs 450 Gallon Tank

36 The 469th TFS Presents The Mission Trophy to Bob Krone 3 Jun 1966, Korat Air Base, Thailand

37 Bob Krone Medals Silver Star Bronze Star 4 DFCs 11 Air Medals
100 Missions to North Vietnam – 125 Total SEA Missions

38 Major Bob Krone’s 100th Mission over North Vietnam, USAF Video, 3 June 1966

39 Bob & Sue Krone at Air Force One - 19 March 2006


41 Any Questions ?

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