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This is my cyberbullying powerpoint

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1 This is my cyberbullying powerpoint
By : Shale Ponting

2 cyberbullies Cyberbullies are not necessarily bad people they might be good people just making bad decisions. Some cyberbullies can bully you through private chat or they could post it so everyone can see. Most cyberbullies wont be bullies in real life, because when you are behind a screen it makes you feel a lot safer. A lot of bullies try to bully you to the point when you have to retaliate, and then you might end up getting in trouble for retaliating.

3 The bystander The bystander is one of the most important people. The bystander takes a huge part of cyberbullying. they can do so much to help or do so much to make it worse. The bystander can either help the bully and join in with them, or they can stand up not only for you but to everyone else being bullied by the bully.

4 Looking for help. Looking for help can hurt or help. The first step would be tell your parents its happening. they will help you as much as they can. If the bullies continue to pick on you go talk to an administrator they will most likely talk to the students picking on you. Here is where hurt could happen because, if the administrator spoke to the student the student might end up calling you other names such as rat snitch and so on and if this happens go tell the administrator again. At this point the administrator is probably going to talk to the bullies parents. and if it doesn’t stop there help yourself. How do you help yourself? To help yourself you should just kill the bully with kindness because all bullies want is a reaction and if you don’t give them one they will eventually have to give up.

5 Flaming. Flaming is when people are in a group chat or private and they often use CAPS and exclamation marks. The people flaming often swear and use racist comments and etc… the reason they call it flaming because its like a fire and it goes on and on. They also call it flaming cause people get really mad and uncontrollable.

6 Pseudonyms A pseudonym is a fake name in which can be used to harass people or make people feel better. With a pseudonym you still cant be fully anonymous it is possible to trace it back to a specific person

7 Anonymity Being anonymous is not always good because you might feel your never going to be found but your never fully anonymous anything said or searched on the internet can be traced.

8 Masquerading. Masquerading is when a bully acts as if they are someone in which they aren't. Some of the bullies will go so far as to make a fake address. Even some bullies will somehow get ahold of your passwords somehow. so never tell anyone your passwords because they might tell someone else and it might adventually get to the bully. This is a scene from cyberbully these girls are talking to a fake guy named james.

9 cyber stalking Cyber stalking is when you stalk someone online and it can also lead to stalking in real life.

10 Outing. Outing is when you send texts or instant messages that are mean or rude in public and in front of your friends and possibly will point and laugh.

11 Excluding. Excluding is when you do not let someone join in with you on something. A lot of times when people get excluded is when kids don’t have a phone and other people do.

12 Blocking/reporting. If you are ever being cyberbullied and you don’t want the bully to be able to talk to you you can hit a block button. Most websites use them and or have them.

13 How it affects people. Bullying hurts people so much and it can lead to self harm and even suicide so before you bully someone think how would you feel if they committed suicide. This is a picture of Amanda Todd she killed herself due to cyberbullying.

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