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NACMA Monitoring Trends in Collegiate Athletics

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1 NACMA Monitoring Trends in Collegiate Athletics
GMR Marketing // © GMR Marketing 2009

2 There’s a New Generation of Players in College Athletics
2 // © GMR Marketing 2009

3 Overview Overview of Trends in the Collegiate Marketplace
New Technologies Social Media Integration Microsites New Media Sonic Branding Fan Generated Content and Licensing Strategic Positioning Contact Information 3 // © GMR Marketing 2009

4 New Technologies New Technologies FanVision Devices
University of Michigan Crowd Cameo LSU Athletics, Big Ten, Pac-10, WAC, MAAC iPhone / iPad Applications Kansas, Minnesota, Cal, Boston College Apps – Pitt Mobile Network App Coming Soon: QR Codes Augmented Reality Oski on Your Desk (Cal) 4 // © GMR Marketing 2009

5 Social Media Integration
Twitter Outdoor Messaging – Marquette Scoreboard Features - Virginia (Scoreboard) Promotions - Penn State (Tweet Night, Like It Day) Foursquare University of Michigan Facebook ESPNU College Town Interactive Facebook Tabs Raiders’ Locker Interactive Facebook Games WCC Shoot2Hoop Video s 5 // © GMR Marketing 2009

6 Microsites Microsites University Athletic Department Microsites Rock Chalk Saturdays Interactive Site Marquette Mini Plans Team Microsites Conference Microsites Special Events Microsites The Big Chill at the Big House Wisconsin Outdoor Hockey Event Player Microsites 6 // © GMR Marketing 2009

7 New Media Networks Benchmarking the Success of the Big Ten Network Model ESPN3 ESPN 3D New Programming ESPN Goal Line / ESPN Buzzer Beater ESPN College GameDay Expanded University Owned and Operated Content University of Texas TV Network (coming soon) Expected to formally launch in August 2011; will include programming from all of the school’s athletic teams; talks of interest in airing (1) football game and a handful of basketball games on the network Texas could expect $3MM annual revenue from the network Texas Tech Athletics – Reality Show 38- episode series called “The Ride” (airing weekly from Sept. 4 – May) Provides an inside look at the athletic programs on campus 7 // © GMR Marketing 2009

8 Sonic Branding Sonic Branding
Schools are benefiting from establishing a collection of original, custom music copyrights which they own / control (without any financial investment / risk) Schools are enjoying marketing/branding benefits in addition to establishing a new income stream (digital downloads, CDs, sponsor integration, licensing, ringtones, broadcast / in-game royalties) Added content for broadcast, social media platforms, & website that drives revenue back to the school University athletic departments that have invested in the sonic branding space include Texas, Ohio State, and Florida Texas – Get Hooked Ohio State – The Buckeye Way 8 // © GMR Marketing 2009

9 Fan Generated Content and Licensing
Fan Generated Music Videos Univ. of Wisconsin – Teach Me How to Bucky 650,000+ views; produced by Zooniversity Music Drove iTunes downloads and merchandise sales Univ. of Oregon – I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack) 630,000+ views; produced by supwitchagirl Licensing Hot Licensed Products: ESPNU College Town Facebook Game, Collegiate Snuggies, Victoria’s Secret PINK Collegiate Collection, Old Navy/Best Buy Collegiate Products, Upper Deck Trading Cards Knights Apparel emerged as the #1 College Apparel Licensee in 2009 (not Nike or adidas) 62% of Collegiate merchandise is now sold in Q3/Q4 (only 18% is sold in Q1) Women’s, youth, and infant/toddler apparel are quickly growing categories (23.8% of apparel sold) 9 // © GMR Marketing 2009

10 Strategic Positioning
Northwestern – “Chicago’s Big Ten Team” Campaign Intended to drive awareness, ticket sales, fan interest Includes (7) billboards, transit, radio, print, and online components Memphis – “Hometown Pride” Campaign “Home Grown”, “This is Memphis Football”, “M-Town Pride” Pac-10 Rebranding, conference expansion, realignment New focus on becoming 1st college conference with an international marketing plan (with plans to air Pac-10 games in Asian countries) Big Ten Network – “Give Big” Campaign Cause marketing initiative highlighting a remarkable service effort by University representative each week on the Big Ten Tailgate Show Promoting efforts via Facebook, Twitter, and a microsite 10 // © GMR Marketing 2009

11 Contact Information For More Information Brian Gainor GMR Marketing 5000 S. Towne Dr. New Berlin, WI 53151 P: E: 11 // © GMR Marketing 2009

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