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Friday 20th March Of Mice and Men Character Analysis Success Criteria:

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1 Friday 20th March Of Mice and Men Character Analysis Success Criteria:
I can explore 4 key characters in M&M I can share this knowledge with the class

2 Character Analysis Candy - A Curley - B Curley’s wife - C Slim - D
You are going to be exploring 4 of the characters in Of Mice and Men by considering their introduction into the novel: Candy - A Curley - B Curley’s wife - C Slim - D There are questions in your booklet to encourage your analysis. However, you should apply your wider understanding of the character and close analysis. We need 8 groups. You will spend 10 mins in your first group exploring the character you are given. Then you will split up and join another group to explore a new character. You should be able to explore all characters. The final character will be presented back to the class very briefly.

3 Candy “old swamper” “yes sir, Jesus we had fun. They let the nigger come that night” “ya see, the stable buck’s a nigger” “a tall stoop-shouldered man” “The old swamper looked quickly at him” “The old man came slowly into the room.” Owns an old dog Gossip Racial comments (poorly educated) Feels he should have killed his own Feels he will soon be as worthless as his dog Weak Old eccentric

4 Curley “his hands closed in to fists”
“His glance was … calculating and pugnacious” “let the big guy talk” “that glove’s fulla vaseline” “head of tightly curled hair” “Curley’s married a tart” “like the boss” “he’d slough me” “what the hell are you getting’ into it for” “well nex’ time you answer when your spoke to” “thin young man with a brown face” Cocky Always scrappy Threatening Aggressive Bullies Lennie Unhappy marriage Only married guy on the ranch Goes to brothel Doesn’t allow his wife to speak to other men Thinks he’s the boss Taunts others Cautious to new people

5 Curley’s Wife “she’s purty” “Don’t you even look at that bitch”
“What a tramp” “Showin’ her legs” “Lennie’s eyes moved down over her body” “she smiled archly” “her hair hung in little rolled clusters like sausages” “leaned against the door frame” “She had full rouged lips” “never seen no piece of jail-bait worse than her” “’Cause she’s a rat trap” “I seen ‘em poison before” Flirtatious Red Playful Winks at the men Lonely Attractive Dangerous Doesn’t look too hard for Curley it is just her excuse for talking to the other men

6 Slim “this was Slim, the jerkline skinner” “Prince of the ranch”
‘“Hope you get on my team” he said. His voice was very gentle.’ “His hatchet face was ageless.” “his hands large and lean” “long black, damp hair straight back” “capable of driving ten, sixteen, even twenty mules with a single line to the leaders” “capable of killing a fly on the wheeler’s butt with a bull whip without touching the mule” “Understanding beyond thought” Mysterious Unbelievable Almost too perfect Respected Cool Just, fair Kind Wears a Stetson hat Majestic Everyone trusts him tall

7 What’s in a name? Curley curly hair suggests a wild character
Curley’s Wife No name! A possession belonging to Curley Carlson Candy sweet guy Slim matches his build The Boss No name – authority in title and naming him would lower that authority – no familiarity Lennie Small Lenny Small, the last name appearing to be an outright joke about his frame. Leonard is a Germanic name meaning, "lion brave." Lenny Small, as we see, is anything but "lion brave" and constantly demands direction and drive from George. George Milton The name "George" dates back to the times of the Greeks and is derived from the Greek word, "georges", meaning "earth worker." Soledad lonely Crooks crippled

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